A novel, he raped me for revenge, but I loved him, chapter twelve 12, by Noran Hisham

A novel he raped me for revenge, but I loved him

Chapter Twelve 12

Written by Nouran Hisham

Selim: I mean, yeah, seriously, I’m going

Hour: Give me a present, Selim, I want to go for a walk

Selim: Tell me, how is this age so early without knowing me?

Popul nervous: Okay, Selim, sit back

Salim is stubborn and nervous: No, how can I sit while I know him … and hold his head, oh

Horrible nervous: I’m crying, you’re still out of surgery

Selim sit now

Poplar fetched orange juice and sat down


Al-Suwayfi came from the Arab world and found himself in a place that looked like a forest, full of trees, and in it there was a great and high hill, and beneath it was a sea and a man.

He put his hand in his pocket and covered his face, and he gave his time to Sufi

Al-Suwaifi: Min

The person smiled maliciously and angrily: Swordsman Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally you know I’m here.

Al-Swaify: You are mine?

Person: I’m the one who will tell you the truth of everything, Suvi

I have the flowing

Al-Suwaifi: Oh!

Person: Take the money

Al-Suwaifi: No, once you tell the truth

Person: I will know you, you have a grandson or a granddaughter, who has been hiding or missing for 22 years, and I will tell you something

It will shock you, but not now, and I’ll tell you who organized the murder of “Sulaiman and his wife”, and who killed Raghad, her and her son

Al-Suwaifi was shocked: How do you know all this?

Person: Groaning. This is my job. It’s a shame. The first story is that you have a granddaughter, not a grandson. You know her and live with you in the palace. I think my words are clear and the mystery is easy.

Al-Suwaifi was shocked: Yes, I’m not happy

The person is malicious: and his mouth is not popular, I would like to let you know that Poplar is your granddaughter of about 22 years old Poplar was when 4 years old She was young She was coming out of the nursery.

There’s a good guy who came back from work. He heard the voice of Ayyat. He’s going to see the door. He found it locked and tried to open it until it broke. He took a poplar and his time said everything and considered her their daughter because they

They did not accept the idea very much, but unfortunately this man walked around her after a month. He was “secret and died. As a result, the man mourned for his wife and raised an issue until she was 11 years old. “She returned from class because she met her father or the man she was every day.”

You regard him as her father is dead, she was sad but she apologized until she became an engineer but your grandson is healthy and the blood of “Rha lost her future was raped” by her but she swore to regret the first shock hahahahaha

Al-Swaify was shocked: Yes, he did

Person: I’m telling you about something Mahmoud, not your grandson, not your grandson, Sweifi, I’m laughing at you, hahahaha, you were

You have a young boy who traveled to Hurghada with him and his wife one day. He walked alone on the shore. He met a child who was crying. He went to him. Malik said, Mom said, “Mom took me and gave him a cheek with him.” The leather was bound, she fell stiff, and the fall was stiff, and the fetus lost its capacity.When I knew what had happened, she was dying of her grief for her son on the same day. came to reassure her. He found her hanging. “She committed suicide.” Remember a message or not, remember it for sure, but I will continue (Baba Mahmoud, your grandson, I have written all my property in his name and the palace in it) and you are “free from his sorrow for his wife and son. “

Do you know how to do it?

Al-Suwaifi was shocked and tears fell: No, what do you say?

Person: The third story, do you know who has the mastermind of killing Suleiman and his wife Ezz Al-Sayyad and Mahmoud? I hated your grandson, the third shock, Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Al-Swaify was more shocked and his tears fell more: Yes, no!

Person: the fourth story, I know who for Mo. “T Raghad en haar seun is Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza

Al-Swaify: You are what you say?

Person: Goodbye, Suvi, your grandson’s end is near, hey, hey, he walked, but he heard a bang on the ground, and the Sweefi held his heart.

The person dragged him very fast

And his hand to the driver quickly and said his friend to a hospital ….

And he went up into the mountain, and opened an ointment that was found in it.


When Rital started waking up ahhhhh

Omar first slept on the chair when he quickly heard the sound of a healthy ritual pain

Omar: Ray Rital, you are very happy

Rital: Oh yeah, yeah, Omar, I do not know how to move my legs, Omar.

Omar shocked: Rital my hero Hazar

Rital: I swear by God, I do not know how to set my feet free

Omar: Died very quickly

Dr. J

The doctor: I feel a need

Rital Baayat: No, I do not feel it

Dr Bassef: Unfortunately, miss, she was walking around with a disability because the bullet came in a difficult place, and her legs were many, but she was not scared. It is temporary, and there is also an operation, but it is not possible to do it in Egypt, it must be outside Egypt

Omar fast: Medicine, the recovery rate is what it is, and you can do it when?

The Doctor: It’s better after two months, and the success rate is as follows. I see in this case she is now 80%

Dr Talaa

Rital Baiat: I was left ignorant, “Omar, O Omar”

Omar: Are you not saying that, Rital?

Rital, with more tears: No, I really live ….

Omar took her in his bosom and beat her: You are six girls, Rital, with God, you will be me

Well, he started leading her and beating her while she was in his lap until she fell asleep

Omar: I swear, Rital, that I will protect and protect you, and my life will not leave you.

And I want to protect you, Rital, but I’m sorry for the sick, but I promise to protect you, even if there’s my death in it.

(This is the meaning of the word that the brother is a bond ❤️)

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