A novel, I Married My Cruel Cousin, chapter 8, written by him, Abdel Aziz

A novel, I Married My Cruel Cousin, chapter eight, written by him Abdel Aziz

Zina: What is this, Bassem?

In the name: I

Zina: You brought an Arab to my nation

In the name of: It’s normal, I was crazy like this, and it was a sweet meal

Zina: Beautiful, may God bless you, Lord

In the name of: Of course I said that there is a need for a solution, so keep the first one that drives it

Solution: o beautiful

In the name of: Come on, ride it

Solution: Where are you going?

In the name: I want to go, where are you?

Solution: Go to the amusement park

Zeina: amusement park at 12 o’clock

Hala let go of her hands: I want to go to amusement parks

In the name: No, no, no, I’m Hodiki

Zeina: In the name of no amusement park today, let it be another day

In the name of: I can not make a solution and salvation, they are his love and we will go

Zina: Ok, give her to Al-Muradi, but nothing she says, do not shop for it

In the name of: I’m present, but that means you will not graduate, so you do not want to leave Al-Muradi

Zeina: okay

They arrived at the amusement park and entered, and I preferred to play a lot

Ibrahim: I really want to go to Bern on you, do not deteriorate

Perry: Give me Ibrahim, I’ll throw you in the street

Ibrahim: Wherein?

Perry: The landlord sold the house to another person and he tells me, OK, extend the rent. That’s enough for you. That’s why I’ve been in your seat for a month now.

Ibrahim: Where are you now?

Perry: at home

Ibrahim: I’m here now, do not worry

Berry: Fast!

Ibrahim: Yes, goodbye

Ibrahim came down and arrived at Perry

Ibrahim: Wide toe

Perry: You’ll throw me in the street!

Ibrahim: It does not have to happen, you are not afraid that your house is present

Perry: Where’s my house, Ibrahim, where will they take the apartment?

Ibrahim: And my apartment, do not you keep your apartment?

Perry: But we’m still married, so you’ll tell your family, where are you going to sit?

Ibrahim: Do not worry, they know that I was married to you and that I could sit with my parents until the date of joy

Perry: It will not work

Ibrahim: It will not work Will you prepare yourself?

Berry: The bag is ready. Hurry up

Ibrahim: Bring the bag, put it down, put it on, and go down, waiting for you, in Arabic

Perry: okay

Ibrahim went down and Perry changed and went down

Ibrahim: Hey!

Perry: Hey!

They reached the house and entered the apartment

Berry: The taste of my decoration is o

Ibrahim: She’s not my mother’s choice

Berry: My taste

Ibrahim: It’s okay, we’ll change that now. Go in and rest as I walk away and I’ll see a name. If this is how I can take the key, sit up straight because if you need anything.

Berry Badlaa: You will walk

Ibrahim: Uh

Perry Badala: Where are you going?

Ibrahim: Going home

Perry: You will not sit with me for a while.

Ibrahim: You will not be harassed

Perry: I do not, you miss me, and I did not eat much with you

Ibrahim: I’m going to make a call and it’s going to take a few seconds

Berry: Ok, I want to change my clothes

Ibrahim: okay

Ibrahim in a low voice: It’s good

Person: Oh, the owner of the house has become quiet, and everything is fine

Ibrahim: Well, well, I do not know, he says I’m the one who made him walk

Person: No, I did not give him a present. I said if she knows we did, I will be merciful to your children.

Ibrahim: Share the money, it’s coming tomorrow

Person: I’m okay, goodbye

Perry: You’re all talking on the phone

Ibrahim: I’m talking about work

Perry: Ok

Ibrahim: I’m not hungry

Berry: Do not starve

Ibrahim: Do you like to eat?

Berry: I want an evening like you know in the past ????

Ibrahim: Do you not care?

Berry: It’s me, I miss you, or any Yahima

Ibrahim: You are my bad luck ؏ Long

Berry Hod “Just Ibrahim: You Miss Me Too, Oh, Oh”

Zeina: In my name I want to see a language school next to the house for a solution

In the name: Medicine, wait a minute

Zeina: I do not want to waste a year on her, and she too is bored and wants to get out of the house

In the name of: present, hashof, hudur, present, let’s go

Zina: Oh, where’s this solution?

In the name: She did not stand here

Zina with fear: Oh, where did you go?

In the name of: Deliver a gift to her, stay here

Decorate it with tears: In the name of Shufli, my daughter and a prophet

In the name of Fadl he turns to a solution and then finds that she is playing far away from them as if they were sitting

In the name: why did you come here?

Solution: play

In the name of: You do not play like that in front of us, you worried about me

Solution: I’m sorry

In the name of: Well, let’s go back to Mama

Solution: I want ice cream

In the name of: Medicine, come

Zeina: That’s it, Hala, you insult me ​​and walk

Hala: I’m sorry, Mami, but I played

Zeina: You did not want to play, we meant

In the name: It’s okay, Zaina, it’s good I taught her

Zeina: Thank God, let’s go, that’s enough

In the name: okay

In the name of: Hala Namat

Zina: The first time you slept like that

In the name of: Aha, let’s come

Zeina: I do not know what to tell you about this lovely exit

In the name: It is not necessary. I will give a solution, I will make it

Zeina: good

They got up and slept in her room

Zina: I like your coffee

In the name: You have to make yourself tired

Zeina: No fatigue, no need

In the name: Umm, did you know that Ibrahim will marry?

Zina: I know this is the first starting point of Hitwig Berry

In the name of: Oh, you’ll marry Berry, you knew they were married to me

Zina: Seriously, I felt that way, but he said no and you’re the owner

In the name: No, I knew in front of a traveler from my mother

Zeina: Oh, may God bless them

Bassem: You are not angry

Zina: No, if I loved him, I would be upset. But I could love Ibrahim, and the biggest one is that he made me a monster.I mean, there’s nothing sweet about being upset with Ibrahim, and I’m very glad he’s getting married.

In the name: The first time I see someone like that, he’s worried about her husband getting married

Zeina: He’s my ex

In the name of: I fired it

Zina: Oh, the lawyer did everything, and I told you, if Ibrahim had done something sweet, I would have been upset, but Ibrahim would hit me every little bit he hated me for something called a passport.

In the name: May God reward you with good and forget all that my brother has done to you

Zeina: If God wills, you will be near me

In the name of: Maqrebish Ai

Zeina: You get married and you make us happy

In the name of: Ha, will God, will God

Zeina: Are you suffocating or something?

In the name of: Me and Min

Zina: You and your girlfriend

In the name: my love

Zeina: Her name is Noor Payne

In the name of: Ha, uh, keep quiet for a while: There’s nothing, Zina, I’m not connected. I said this because my mom and dad keep quiet about talking and my nation and it

Zeina: Oh, but you told them when I came back from travel, what would you do?

In the name of: It’s okay, I’ll tell them we suffocated and we just agreed with each other

Zeina: If God wills, it will be well with him, and he will send you the daughter of halal, Lord

In the name of: If God wills, I’m marginal I want something more

Zeina: No, you’re safe, but I want to see the subject of school

In the name of: Mashi Bai

Zeina: Goodbye

In the name of God, he got in his car and instead turned it around for a while, and then left.

Ibrahim: How are you, Bassem?

In the name of: Alhamdulillah, what are you doing?

Ibrahim: OK, the most important thing is, I want to stay with you in your apartment for how many days

In the name of: Tandoor here and under one

Ibrahim: Forgive me, because Perry left her apartment, and also for how many days are you going, so you said you came to sit here?

In the name of: I do not have a normal objection, but you are not married

Ibrahim: Do you know where?

In the name of: normally I knew

Ibrahim: Oh, but it will not work for you to be bothered by my presence either, because you are not officially married

In the name of: Your house is your normal house I would like a copy of the key, because if I am not there

Ibrahim: I do not know that you brought an Arab

In the name of: Oh, I got it, Alhamdulillah

Ibrahim: Congratulations you are getting married. When do we get married?

In the name: Nour and I disagree and insult each other

Ibrahim: Why is that?

In the name: Is it about doing something we share?

Ibrahim: We said a lot. We did not sit together like that and we talked

In the name of: You were the one who put my side and you do not talk to me

Ibrahim: Do not worry, there is a demon that has entered us

In the name of: You know I’m not mad at you, so it’s normal to be saved

Ibrahim: okay

In the name: What matters is that I ate and did not make dinner for you

Ibrahim: No, I’m not hungry. I’m just going to sleep because I’m going to hate work

In the name of: The company works

Ibrahim: I swear to God, I do not want to be honest

In the name of: May God protect you

Ibrahim: If God wills, you will do well

Bassem: And you are from his family

Zaina stands in front of the TV, a message comes to her

That’s why the party is over, who sent her the message?

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