A novel when the torment ends, chapter 6

A Novel When Torture Ends, Part 6, written by Mayada Khater

Samar woke up and looked around and was terrified when she saw Hamza, who was reciting her poems and holding a knife, walking, workers on his chin.

Samar swallowed her saliva and said with horror: I am where I am

Hamza got up and promised to turn her around, and he was a mint worker, right and left: You are here, my darling, for the place of the blue jinn itself cannot answer you from it.

Samar: Medicine, and bring me here

Hamza: Your black happiness is what brought you here

Samar: What do you mean?

Hamza once grabbed the bed and said in the way I moaned: Because you stole his heart

Samar trembled and said with fear: Whose heart is my heart?

Hamzah stood up and smiled. Hebei’s smile said, “But you came out like a stump. You knew you could save yourself.”

Samar narrowed his eyes: I do not understand what you mean

Hamza will sit down again and walk the coin with his hands, and he said: In short, Mohsen

Samar surprised: Mohsen Mohsen his money

Hamza Bzhaq: You are so stupid and you will disgust me and I do not care about you


Samar shouted: You do not understand what I mean by a donkey, you say any words

Hamza was very irritated and his eyes turned red, and he got up angrily and said: Yes, your mother’s soul

Samar was terrified and regretted what she had said and said with fear: I am sorry, I swear by God

Hamza went to her and put the coin on her neck and said: I can give you to your friend now and rest myself instead of this fool, so blame me so and control

Samar is scared: Medicine, stay away from me

Hamza then struck her with disgust and said: I walk too for a while and think about taking a step outside this house and you will get the shot, so your heart understood and walked

Samar looked at him with fear and said, “O God, what can I do now?”

After an hour, the girls were completely relieved of the anesthesia and could still move, but of course it is difficult for them to walk or run now due to the surgery.

Nour: Since you’re the nurse, Shimo, we’re so hungry we’ve not had a bite since we

Shaima was preparing it and put her head in her hands and thought of the predicament she was in.

Noor: Shemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shaima Faqt: Have a good time

Nour consulted with her hands on her eyes: I say Jaaniyeen

Shaima Buhaira: Medicine and I want to eat with me

Nour: Leave and live your father’s life

Shaima: Well, wait and get out

Mira: I do not know about me, my heart is not comfortable for me from this point of view

Popular: It’s forbidden to you. That’s what she looks like, I mean, Zina

Mira: I do not know, but it’s not a problem, tomorrow we will see

Shaima Talat carefully as she pulls one by one

Mohsen Baroud: Where’s the rest, honey?

Shaima was upset about him and stood frozen in his place

Mohsen: What kind of lips are there?

Shaima: No, no, they were the two girls

Mohsen Beziq: What do you mean by your words, cat?

Shaima swallowed her saliva and said: The girls are hungry

Mohsen: Ummm, tell me about medicine and countries we eat, that is, since you’re a nurse

Shaima: They are practical workers, that is, they drink juices and eat nutritious foods that contain proteins, such as chicken.

Mohsen: You are my soul, and I will see this subject

Shaima believed he said it like that, and it flew to me

Nour Bilhafa: Did you do anything?

Shaima took herself and said: I told someone outside, and he told me he would see

Nour Bazaal: I mean, is he going to see we are pregnant? I mean, should we be fed?

Mira: It’s your girl, you do not care about anything but your stomach. What gives you such a gift?

Nour: What should I do? I mean, I have nothing to die for. I mean, I’m not hungry

Hour with sadness: We are not like that, why are you, my sister?

Shaima fearful: I will stop you

Nour: I have nothing to eat, come tell you, I’m originally honey, and I loved you

Mira prayed to her with a promise and Nour Mahmash and said to her: Come

Shaima went back to her side, and Nour started telling her everything for an hour.

Selim: Mohsen, where are you going?

Mohsen stood up and put his hands behind his head and said: The nurse said they were hungry

Salim Batariqa: I have a longing heart

Mohsen Bezhaq: I think they have not had an hour yet, and they also had an operation and are pregnant.I mean, they have to eat, even about your children who are in them, but if you do not want to, are you free.

Selim vies: You talk to me like that

Mohsen Bezeik: You are from Egypt, I made the decision, and the workers spoke to me in a tone of doubt, and I did not believe myself, and I did not like this.

Selim eng: The story is not like that, Mohsen. The problem is that this girl’s exit is dangerous for us. When she spoke, we were all lost, and then she had no effect at all, and no one was even present except me, you and Hamza. The men stayed outside, but for one second, where is Hamza?

Mohsen worried: Here is Hamza, I sold him, he gets such cigarettes

Selim doubtful: And Malik was afraid of me for this when I brought his biography

Mohsen flees: I do not have to hide, I do not need anything, I’m normal

Selim: Ummm, call him, let him come

Mohsen is still going to the phone, they found out Hamza came in

Mohsen Bahrah: O, o, o, o

Salim Basala: Where have you been?

Hamza: Here you are

Mohsen: I did not sell you to get cigarettes, where is that?

Hamza: Uh, uh, he came out of his pocket, opened it and said, ‘Ahh’

Salim, onions, and then onions, and this is how ????

Hamza: I drank from it while on the road

Selim: You just brought one

Hamza nervous: Oh, of us, I said the stuff of the lawn is here, so I do not have to answer much.

Selim and it is confirmed that the two are the one behind her disappearance: I am going on a journey like this and come and you are going to eat and keep your mind off them and walk

Hamza with fear: We are exposed

Mohsen worried: We looked like that

Hamza: what are we going to do?

Mohsen: Do not dry up, you forget I can give you a present, but let’s see what we can do

Hamza: From you to God, Sheikh, you’re the reason you should have loved her, I mean

Mohsen: I do not agree

Hamza: okay uncle go see where you’re going

Mohsen Mardash him and walk

Hamza explained: I will go to hell because of you, Sheikh, may God forgive you

The general officer was a social worker, and all the competent officers who are in the five governorates are attached to the five girls

General Officer: We need to find these girls as soon as possible

Muhammad: The problem is that there is no wire leading us to them

Murat: There is no driver who is supposed to drive girls to college

Majid: Where is it?

Murat: Unfortunately we still do not know how he disappeared

Emir: No, unfortunately, it is not

They all prayed and said, What?

Amir: Unfortunately we found his body by the sea yesterday

General Officer: This is the same way they met the first girl

Mazen: These people know their job well and as they are meant to be. He said the first is that it is impossible for them to be ‘partners’ or kidnapped because these ransoms certainly have a purpose.

General Officer: Medicine and work.This case has become a matter of public opinion because the five girls from five governorates came and the dialogue grew.We need to find a solution.

Murad stood up and said: We will surely find a solution, but we need time

General Officer: O Murad, to his nation, the girls told them that there were days of disappearance

Mazen: Of course it’s good, do not worry

General Officer: With everyone they have 24 hours You must give me any information that is understandable

Everyone: Understand, regret

General Officer: Come on, may God be with you

The girls were prepared and Hamza found an income

Shaima called him disgusting and angry because he was the one who raised the gun on her

And his light bulb was narrowed because of the pen

And Mira and Nour are normal

Hamza came in, and his eyes were on Hoor

Hear was worried about his appearance and said carefully: You pray for me like this

Hamza with boldness: I’m free, so I want you to have a need

Hear put her hand on her face and say: Stupid

Hamza: I heard you

Popular: Wow, so far

Hamza sits down on a chair and looks forward to staring at Hear

Mira and Nour looked at each other and did not understand anything

Nour: He eats up his nation’s place

Hamza: Mohsen will answer

Nour: You can hurry, I’m starving

Hamza koud; I said he would answer and his time would come

Light narrowed and whispered: What is it?

Samar lay down, and when she felt she could not move, she reassured herself until she got up and was completely unable to do so, but she resisted rescuing herself and kept walking until she came to the door and wept a lot before she got up, but she said to herself: Everything is dead and she came out,

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