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I’m not going to defend Al Jazeera as it is a large media network capable of defending itself. Her voice is powerful, powerful and stronger than anyone who stalks her, or stalks her.

I am not in the process of attacking Alaa Mubarak as a person because of his tweet about Al Jazeera, because he and his brother Gamal died politically and popularly on January 25, 2011 when the spark of the Egyptian revolution began.

I will not exaggerate when I say that they have entered the path of the end, since each of them began to exploit the influence of their head father, to make themselves princes in the government house and take advantage of this verdict in positions, projects and financial, material and political interests.

Mubarak family accusations and cases

The Mubarak family has borne a heavy burden of accusations, cases and bad behavior in the last decade of the rule, and each of them must clear his page. Since Alaa and when Jamal appeared on the public scene, the smell of corruption and abuse of power has begun to spread.

In practice, they are ashamed of the presidential palace case, in which a final verdict has been issued against them entitled: Together with their deceased father, they exploited public money for personal purposes.

There are other cases that have not been settled for various procedural and temporary reasons, but if a special independent judicial committee is ever convened, its purpose is to investigate abstract justice, and a comprehensive investigation of their financial accounts, and the exploitation to do. of their political influence, it can offer cases that are not worthy of those who attack others, and those who claim purity And those who try to get close to people by going to the third degree stands, watching a football game or put in a cafe to play backgammon.

fragile glass house

Mr. Alaa, your house is made of fragile glass, so no one should throw stones at you, and your clothes are thin, so do not approach others’ clothes. Unfortunately, you do not stick to the virtue of silence, and do not possess a degree of social intelligence, and work to expose yourself to criticism and ridicule, and appeal to history that does not decay in aging, what is It not all in your favor.

Your brother Jamal made a statement a few days ago about the family’s innocence on charges of corruption, abuse of influence and profit, related to the funds that the European Union and Switzerland have frozen since March 2011, and the freezing it continued. year after year until it ended with the ruling of the European Court of Justice last April, and you are not overwhelmed with euphoria of joy. The verdict is not conclusive proof of innocence, purity of hands and neatness of clothes. for procedural matters related to the way in which internal issues are dealt with.

The real joy is when you prove complete innocence for yourself, neatness of money, and to gather it from halal sources, and that is the missing dimension in your affairs, and from the first day of your father’s abdication of judgment, it was your duty to make a voluntary offer to examine your financial accounts, and to, through your will, comply with the law “Where did you come from?” this?

Dare to take public money

If you apologized to the people, and proved your innocence to risk public money, or profit and abuse of influence, it would have been a good deed of yours, and it would have been enough to popularize you. forgive, and your involvement in society of course, and the glass house would become a house of respect, and the thin dress would turn into a garment of appreciation. , but it did not happen, but for 11 years you’re trying to prove that you’re on the right side, and that the rebellious people by the millions were on the wrong side.

This does not mean that the current regime has not fulfilled the hope that is based on it, that you lay down as innocent and preserving lambs, or that you make yourself responsible for your father’s regime, and make comparisons with the current authority, so that the result will be in your favor. From the beginning you were neither reformers, nor democrats, nor proponents of change, your plan was to empower your family to rule, and to plan to inherit power, to become a royal family in a republican system .

Alaa and the attack on the island

Al-Jazeera, who is attacking Alaa Mubarak today, and throws the most heinous accusations, without taking into account that the counter-attack is easy, and his tools are available. This channel does not have the large media system that Safwat Al-Sharif established during the era of your father during the revolution.

The failure to confront a media voice coming from afar is not primarily due to the professionalism of this voice, but rather because the people’s voice was the truest and strongest to express the bitter truth, after three decades of Mubarak’s rule, it was enough to establish a state of freedom and prosperity.

You are the son of a president who has been overthrown by a popular revolution, and if there is nostalgia for your father’s era, it’s the forced nostalgia, not the loving willing.

Al Jazeera channels all opinions

Al Jazeera does not create the opportunity, but rather broadcasts it, and if it does, it is a great skill of his to perform his media role.

Agree or disagree with it as you wish, because it is not the ideal channel on Earth, nor is it one ideal channel in the free and democratic world itself. The media is an intertwined human, political, social, cultural and intellectual industry, and these are relative factors that are subject to influence, direction and interests.

But the advantage of Al Jazeera is that it is the channel of the other opinion in word and deed, the channel of all voices; In opinion, analysis, exchange of ideas and their interaction on his screen, and it is useful for the viewer, to listen to everyone, and get an information session on the topic of discussion, and he should choose not to take a one-sided approach to him, and considering it is the right position.

Al-Jazeera is in the diversity of opinions in its content, and in the realistic application of its slogan “The Opinion and the Other Opinion,” the only one among the official Arab channels, and the news channels of well-known capitals, which offers a equal space for all people to express their opinions, views and themselves on screen.

This is a testimony that I think is honest and reliable about the channel, yet you can disagree with it in some of its orientations, and how to produce its news, according to political purposes, and so the whole media is without exception.

The revolution brought down Hosni Mubarak, not Al Jazeera

Perhaps Alaa’s problem with Al-Jazeera is that he sees it as the thunderous sound of the revolution that brought his father to a fall, and he imagines to this day that without Al-Jazeera, Mubarak would have escaped, and would his brother continued to inherit his plan for power, but the Friday revolution of rage forced itself as a decisive and irreversible reality against Mubarak.

Mubarak used his maps to get out of the impasse, but he failed, and the revolution was the inevitable fate, and accordingly the island joined his fast-moving train to cover the events, and the revolution was not dependent on the island not, but the resounding voice of the revolution reached the ends of the earth. As a result, the Arab satellite channels, which had teamed up with it until after January 28, changed their weak stance and participated in the coverage.

Mubarak overthrew himself with the policies of his regime, and the island did not let him down, and the rulers were overthrown from their thrones because of their dictatorship, and the island did not overthrow them.

And if Al Jazeera blew up the Arab Spring, and it was hired and conspired with foreign capitals, to bring down the lands of the region, why did this (artificial) team waste this spring? How did he not like it? And how does he deal with the post-spring regimes, which are stricter than their predecessors in their iron grip on government?

This is all nonsense, and propaganda made of charlatan and superstition to scare people, and intimidate them from dreams of change to freedom and democracy.

Alaa Mubarak was not successful in his attack on the island, and he will not be successful in any attack, on any other subject, because part of his history is not clean.

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