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LONDON / WEST PALM BEACH: LIV Golf on Monday announced broadcast details and a diverse team of experienced players to update the way golf is viewed, in an effort to advance its mission to reach emerging golfers and new fans around the world .

EST (14:00 GMT) ends at 09:00 on Thursday, June 9, with live coverage of the Centurion Club’s historic LIV Golf Introduction available live to consumers on, YouTube and Facebook. LIV Golf Event Broadcasts will be broadcast live on a global list of premium and free leading broadcasters covering 138 regions worldwide.

LIV Golf’s Shotgun Start is a team of 12 teams and 48 players leaving the field at the same time, with more than 50 cameras capturing every moment from start to finish. The broadcast will include footage from 16 different towers, drones and mobile studio cameras, with Tracer technology emphasizing movement throughout the course. Fans will hear the game like never before with 60 microphones connected from the tee to the green on each hole, including the player’s microphone and jade bringing fans into the competition.

Meanwhile, on-screen graphics will showcase innovations in viewing experience, with fans being informed in real time about the leading teams and individuals on the field.

“LIV Golf broadcasts will not be what fans have seen before,” said Will Stacker, LIV Golf’s chief media officer. “As we offer golf coverage tailored for entertainment and access, the innovations we bring to the sport will be available worldwide and distributed to new audiences. And fans can see what we’re working on.

Arlo White, who has been a singer in the American Premier League for almost a decade, is the main caller at LIV Golf. White has called matches to some of the biggest stadiums in the world, including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Major League Soccer, Five Super Bowls and the Cricket World Cup. His worldwide experience in advertising international football and cricket matches has covered BBC match coverage fees in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan and the Caribbean. Wyatt’s famous voice and character appeared on the award-winning program “Dead Lasso”, where he served as the voice for the popular fantasy club AFC Richmond.

Experienced and versatile golf announcer Jerry Folds will be the analyst and color commentator of the LIV golf kiosk. Folds, who has played professionally for more than 15 years, has spent more than two decades as an analyst, stage host, studio presenter, educational series presenter and on-track reporter for networks such as The Golf Channel and NBC Sports. For the past 13 years, Folts has been a reporter on the course for numerous tours, focusing on being the lead voice of the LPGA Tour. In London, the three-person stand Tom Bullitt, a former Asian tour player, will be widely known across the region for complementing the sound of golf. Boulet Golf served as the announcer for major tournaments and helped Marquee expand world golf events to international markets, including the Eurasia Cup, CIMB Classic Cup and CJ Cup.

Su-Ann Hing, a former top golfer from her native Singapore, is a six-time member of Singapore’s national women’s team. He is an experienced golf analyst with networks including Fox Sports Asia, and has hosted major women’s tournaments and Marquee World events for over seven years. Bilingual, Heng was a contributor to Women’s Golf Magazine and has established himself as a talented athlete and an influential voice on the world golf course.

Versatile Troy Mullins will serve as reporter and social influencer at LIV Golf. Mullins, a former record holder for women’s long distance (402 meters) and a regular contributor to the Golf Channel, brings her unique and impressive storytelling skills to the LIV golf courses. Cornell University’s Distinguished Heptathlete, alumnus of the Asia Pacific China Course, will serve as a global golf ambassador for entertainment reporting and content development featuring iconic players and personalities throughout the LIV Golf Invitation Series.

Staker has put together an award-winning team of manufacturers responsible for leading the in-house production team LIV Golf, responsible for some of the most prestigious sports and entertainment broadcasting businesses.

David Hale, the former president of Fox Sports, who heads some of the largest networks, television programs and product innovations in the world, works as a production consultant at LIV Golf. James Watson is Senior Vice President of Global Production, which has hosted worldwide tournaments, including the Australian Open Golf Tournament, the Australian Open Tennis Tournament and the ICC Cricket World Cup. Steve Beam, a nine-time Emmy Award winner and one of the primary directors of sports broadcasting, serves as the director and executive producer to cover live events. Beam, who has hosted all world events, including the Indianapolis 500 Olympics, coverage of the Super Bowl, all six editions of the U.S. Open “Match” at Fox and Turner Sports, has more than three decades of credit.

Will Newell is the creative director of LIV Golf, a live events expert who has provided advertising and aerial assets for major Olympic and sports tournaments around the world. Michael Mount, multiple Emmy-winning documentary producer and producer, executive producer of non-live, social, short and pre-show content. Fox Sports CEO Clark Pierce serves as president of Innovation and Production Partnerships. The original theme music for LIV Golf, released with the opening broadcast of LIV Golf, was composed and produced by Scott Schreyer and NJJ Music, the popular “NFL on Fox” theme writer and producer.

A list of the global networks covering the LIV Golf Invitation Series will be available at this weekend.

LIV Golf Investments is owned and operated by LIV Golf, whose vision and mission is to make a complete and sustainable investment in improving the global golf ecosystem and unlocking the untapped potential of the sport around the world.

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