Carry a child in a dream, signs and symbolism

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism Nothing beats that feeling The special moment when a baby is placed in your arms, it is a truly blissful experience. Newborn babies not only bring smiles to our faces, but they cause something deep inside us that causes excess dopamine to be released into our brains..

Research says that this overwhelming feeling of joy at the birth of a child is equivalent to the dopamine released when drugs like cocaine are taken.. Newborn babies give us the great pleasure of pure magic, sparkling hope and new beginnings in our lives … but what does it help in dreams?

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism


Good dreams like to use beautiful symbols to convey messages to you, and in your case, carrying a baby is a positive symbol that suggests happiness from something new in your life. Although it is a symbol that can be interpreted in many different ways.

Children appear in the dreams of women of all ages, even those past the fertile age. This can also apply to men. A child is not just an image of the fulfillment of a wish or a wish, but it symbolizes something much deeper.

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism

Child dream analysis

Before we move on and say that children are simply referring to “something new on the horizon”, we must first explore the context of your dream. Carrying a child can be interpreted differently than carrying a girl child; Or even carry the baby on your back.

Dreams often speak to us in a figurative language that uses symbols and images to show their true meaning. Babies often appear in our dreams that reflect a major change in your life, but where exactly?

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism


Your dream will give you clues such as the gender of the baby, how you bored it and whether the baby belongs to someone else. Thinking about your feelings reflects how you will accept this new birth. Specific details in your dream such as locations, people and feelings will determine whether it is an internal or external gift.

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism

Wear the symbolism of the child’s dream:

  • inner renaissance
  • Development, protection and growth
  • Heal Your Inner Child
  • Unconditional love, benefits and rewards

nice facts:

Newborns have natural aquatic instincts when in the water.

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism

The meaning of carrying a baby girl

Carry a child in a dream, signs and symbolism

Women who dream of carrying a baby girl often refer to their inner growth, a new birth or an inner child. Men who dream of carrying a baby girl are associated with the development of their often unconscious female nature.

When a baby girl appears to a woman, she usually holds the baby in her arms. It is a symbol that reflects the care and preservation of self-love, protection, the weak and needy and a gentle nature. Basically you have made contact again with something that needs your love and protection.

Alternatively, the baby girl may be a manifestation of your personal birth taking place in your life. A new one who will be cared for and loved differently from the past. Changes in your relationships, thoughts or general tendencies can be reflected in the child.

nice facts:

Babies sleep an average of 5,400 hours in the first year. Their taste buds recognize only sweet and sour.

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism

Interpretation of the dream: carrying a baby

Dreams of carrying a baby differ from man to woman. Men can view a child as a representation of their inner child, a new birth or an inner development. A woman may consider the baby to be nourishing for her unconscious masculine qualities.

  • Bravery
  • Leadership
  • independence
  • emphasis

The baby becomes an image of the inner growth that blooms in the beginning of its independent nature. It will be kind of the balance or the yin and yang energies in you.

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung, a boy can be the unconscious masculine side of a woman. The anima of people, once fully integrated, the soul becomes fully.

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism

Take care of your inner child

There is a child within every adult – the eternal child, the thing that is transformed forever, never completed, and asks for care, attention and continued education. It is the part of the personality that wants to be developed and integrated. ” – Carl Jung

Alternatively, the child can be connected to your inner child, and it is the injured or injured child who needs your love and attention. Your past may have hurt this child to become a full-fledged adult.

It can be anything from being separated from your parents, to physical or mental abuse, financial stress or emotional neglect. It can be so simple that your brother gets more attention.

Basically, your dream may be to connect with your inner child or to want to connect with him or her.

Carry a child in a dream watched and symbolism

The child carries on his back

The fact that you are “carrying” a newborn baby on your back may be a metaphor. If there is something behind you, he can feel it and not see.

To carry someone else’s baby

This is a very common dream, but the context may change depending on the child you are carrying. To whom does it belong? What does it mean to you?

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