Ericsson announces main prize winner of “Hackathon Together Remote” competition

Written by: Najwa Taha

Win five teams whose solutions focus on the key areas of Egypt’s Vision 2030, and these teams will be supported by the “Technology Incubators and Business Accelerators” program at the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA).

• The five winning teams presented solutions that address the topics of health care, sustainable environment and education.
• The grand prize winner, Nabta, will visit Ericsson’s headquarters in Sweden to showcase the team’s technology solution and connect with the entrepreneurial community.

Under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), and in collaboration with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Ericsson announced the five winners and the grand prize winner. of the Remote Together Hackathon.
The “Nabta” team came first to win the grand prize in the “Hackathon Together Remotely”, and Nabta is an innovative solution by using artificial intelligence technology in modern smart farming systems, which improves the productivity of agricultural land with the least effort and highest efficiency, which in turn leads to the provision of High quality crops for consumers. The work team included Sarah El Shatby, Noha Mohamed, Rohanda Hamed and Omar Safwat.
The ranking of the winning teams was as follows: Nabta team in first place, followed by “Shaghabak” team in second place and “Poseidon” team in third place, while “Mastoura” team came in fourth place has and “Sanad team” fifth place. . The five winning teams contributed unique solutions in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and addressed key themes in the vision, including healthcare, sustainable environment and education.
The Hackathon competition aims to contribute to finding solutions for tomorrow, based on today’s challenges, to a number of important issues and to work on the development of innovative solutions through technology and the capabilities of the fifth. generation to use.
The five winning teams will receive the necessary support to qualify to join the “business incubator” or pre-technology incubation and business acceleration programs offered by the “Tech Center” at the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA). connect with the entrepreneurial community out there.
Eng Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), said: “We congratulate all the winning teams, and reaffirm our commitment to sponsoring entrepreneurs and information technology innovation to drive the growth of this sector. promote, support sustainable development, and transform Egypt into a regional center for technology and entrepreneurship. The solutions proposed by the participants address the essential needs of our community, and we will support the winning teams to work on expanding the scope of these solutions through our training, mentorship and mentorship programs to help them to turn their ideas into competitive and profitable commercial products. and services. ”
Mahfouz added: “The climate for entrepreneurship and start-ups is growing steadily in Egypt as the volume of investments in startups increases from $ 190 million in 2020 to $ 491 million in 2021. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive five-year strategy in collaboration with the Deloitte Consultation, to support ecosystem capabilities and ensure foreign market penetration, attract funding and more venture capital funds, and gain access to top-priority talent on our business agenda. ”
In turn, Eva Andrin, Director of Ericsson Egypt, confirmed that the “Hackathon Together Remote” initiative strongly encourages innovation to make the most of technology. By strengthening our collaboration with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), the hackathon represents a way to demonstrate the ability of innovation to achieve the goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030. The innovative ideas that come to light are a source of pride for us and the country, and we congratulate the winners and look forward to seeing how their ideas become in reality. ” .

The winning solutions are:
First place: Nabta team
Members: Sarah El Shatby, Noha Mohamed, Rohanda Hamed, Omar Safwat
A statement on the technological solution: Nabta is a solution that uses an indispensable technology in which the use of artificial intelligence is the most important measure in modern smart farming systems, and the main goal of this innovation is to maximize the productivity of agricultural land with the least effort and highest efficiency, which in turn leads to the provision of high yield quality to consumers. Nabta uses a specific method by identifying weeds and harmful pests through pictures, then determines the rate of their spread and the extent of their distribution, and provides a method of communication between farm owners and solution providers through which “Nabta” a can send warning to landowners about the presence of the pest in neighboring countries so that they can take the necessary safety measures.

2nd place: Your Passion Team
Members: Sandra Ehab, Andrew Ramzy, Maryam Abu Basha and Jihad Ahmed
A statement on the technology solution: “Our idea aims to share a better future for the younger generation by helping them find their passion, help them develop their skills and introduce them to the careers of the future to get the job they already love to build the lives they deserve.Our platform combines various technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 5G technology. ”

Third place: Team Poseidon
Members: Youssef Kandil, Zahra El Saadawi, Farah Youssef and Omar Azzam
A statement on the technological solution: Poseidon will lead Egypt and the world to clean and pure water. Poseidon is a clean energy robot boat that will turn a dream into a reality. Poseidon’s main goal is to cross the Nile and get rid of floating and submerged waste, using the latest technology and integrating the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. “Poseidon will tackle water issues in an environmentally friendly way and will lead the Nile in the future that we all want to see.”

Fourth place: Matoura team
Members: Bassam Ramadan, Marwan Zagloul, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Ramadan and Mohamed Othman
Technology Solution Statement: “Mastoura is a personal financial management application that helps you make and plan your financial decisions. Understanding how and when you spend your money depends on the payments you make through the application. The application combines artificial intelligence and digitization of financial operations. Our app is the solution for a more stable financial life, so with Mastoura you will always meet all your financial needs. ”
Fifth place: Sanad team
Members: Ahmed Arnous, Abdullah Omar and Sherif El-Deeb
Technology Solution Statement: “SANAD is an innovative solution that empowers visually impaired people by expanding their understanding of the world by providing a personalized audio experience powered by artificial intelligence. This innovation allows real-time analysis of the face, color and currency of the places around a person and text recognition. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the visually impaired, especially in developing countries, and to remove the boundaries between the visually impaired and the visually impaired, thus supporting them to carry out their daily activities individually, which is in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision. ”

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