For what debt do they kill? Al-Watan Saudi newspaper

Why this murder? Is this how the souls of men are lost? Did it become mere numbers for the census, or extras on the edge of the census? They have no value if they perish by famine or bullets because they have simple legal aspirations, and they have no velvet or high-ceiling ambitions, just that they want a livelihood, and some of them. The other was and his family no longer wanted to live in peace, and as a number among the billions of people who did not want to be representatives, nobles or ministers, not even just simple employees on a wheelchair.

Some of them are not this or that, they just wanted the minimum level of humane life. Or a minimum and a minimum, which is a life, and maybe the middle of some of them is just a pen or a book that tells the story of a tragedy or a camera broadcasting a scene.

The world, especially in recent years, has witnessed violence for violence, murder for murder, and the loss of lives without a cause.

Cruel hearts that have no mercy or justice, and the supporters of the advocate of democracy do not matter, because most of the disasters are of their greatest evil.

I will refer to several examples, as wars often arise for reasons that are not valid, and some of them are insulting and insignificant, for example:

1- Al-Mawdah .. Ignorance of some Arab tribes in the pre-Islamic eras led to the fact that if someone gave birth to a girl, his face would turn red, and he went into the dark to seduce this girl buried what no fault but that she gave birth to a female and this criminal did not think that if it were not for the female, he would not be found alive.

It is a great crime that has grown in hearts that do not know grace or humanity until Islam came and honored women and made them sisters for men.

Nor do we miss in the pre-Islamic era that the war of Dahes and Al-Ghabra arose from a dispute over a race between two horses, namely Dahes and Al-Ghabra, which lasted for twenty years, and the War of Al-Basous, which lasted forty years as a result of the killing of a side-camel … nervousness and horrible ignorance.

2- The boats of death .. I previously wrote an article entitled The Bitter Choice in September 2017, in which I talked about this dangerous risk that migrants take with their children, and I mean to say with their children, that a person takes risks for the sake of life precisely because it is for the children, but to take risks with him Lives, meaning that it is the eternal despair in which some unjust regimes ruled them, as happened in Syria. Most of the migrants are from Syria and Africa, and Lebanon has recently joined them.

A statistic was issued for the number of immigrants who became victims of injustice, hardship and the price of beneficiaries who exist on human remains, and who prepare obsolete and drowned boats, and in addition they increase the cargo, and the inevitable consequence is that those souls go to the bottom of the oceans, and then to the whale’s belly. After all they own is a human whale.

I’m going back to the statistics, and I’m sure the reader will be shocked if they look at them. A United Nations report monitored that between 2014 and 2108 56,800 migrants drowned, and so far I could not continue statistics do not collect. .

This is the tragedy of choosing death in the hope of life.

3- Uncontrolled weapons .. The top examples of this come from America.In the year 2020, about twenty thousand Americans were killed as a result of armed violence incidents, as in the following year, 24,000 people were killed in suicides.

And as stated in a study by the University of Cleveland that an average of 100 Americans are killed every day as a result of gun violence, which also caused Americans to buy 23 million guns alone last year.

The question is whether the purchase of weapons was to kill or to protect against murder? The murder continues in America and most of it is in my opinion unjustified, except for complacency in statements and allegations of mental illness and disarmament of weapons. . Otherwise, what did the kids do in a school in Texas until 19 of them were killed in one class with two? Of their teachers, of course, and you will register a psychopath who deserves sympathy and tenderness, as will be defended by lawyers wandering in every valley of injustice.

3- In terms of terrorist groups, sectarian militias and violent fanatics, more than half a million people were killed in 2017, and this murder is still flourishing. From al-Qaeda to ISIS, to the youth of Somalia, to various armed groups in Afghanistan and other countries, and militias such as Hezbollah, the Houthis and Asa’ib and “the accidents.” Wherever the souls of the innocent go, they bring it out to them.

4- Poison Smuggling .. There is no doubt that drugs are one of the leading causes of death for thousands of people, including those who are waiting. Statistics have stated that there are more than 250 million drug addicts in the world. And that there are about 200,000 deaths in the world every year as a result of this plague. And the counter will not stop, as involvement in drugs increases, and the smuggling mafia “works and cares”, but sometimes on your eyes, trader, in collusion with some influential people, especially in South American countries. The annual amounts earned by gangs are estimated at $ 400 billion.

These people die, others get sick, hallucinate and become invalid members of society, so that some in the world can enjoy billions and power.

This is how the world is now. Innocent people are being killed for the sake of personal greed or the policies of countries that are setting wars on fire to develop arms trade and even trade in people themselves.

Human trafficking not only means kidnapping and selling them as slaves, although it has the literal meaning of the word “it is a trade that is currently extinct”, but it means forcing them to do abnormal things like prostitution , begging, selling drugs and other things that fall under duress.

The sums that accrue as a result are estimated at $ 150 billion in profit annually. It is a tragedy and it seems to have no end and the papers of which are ignited by two factors, greed, which the dominant one is, and power.

From the confirmed statistics, 150,000 people die every day, which means 54 million in a year, but on the other hand about 400,000 children are born every day, so we consider that compensation, especially for those killed by those cruel tools … Yes, fate is written, but dirty hands perform these terrifying tasks. And why? It is for greed that can only be satisfied by more murder and more money.

At the same time, I wonder how many of these children will be victims and wood of a fire lit by barbarians, whether from some international influencers, to civilian forces, then to gangs, and ultimately to individual incidents whose causes are not without conflict. about money or tribal, ethnic and religious fanaticism, to individual revenge.

What is this life, and why innocent people are killed for whatever purposes the perpetrators call them, it is an unforgivable sin.

If the death of a person is a great crime and it is, then the killing of the lives and souls of people while they are alive is a crime no less than that, whether it is by wasting their dignity or to placing them under fear and terror by practicing their normal lives freely because of injustice and inequality.

It is a life of slow death in which souls die several times a day.

Is there a way to stop murder in a world where murder is classified as a special hobby for some who do not know mercy ?!

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