“International Information Systems Auditing” and “BIBF” organize the educational program “Data Analysis”

Organized by the International Association of Information Systems Audit and Management – Bahrain Branch ISACA, in collaboration with the Bahrain Institute for Studies BIBF Banking and Finance Today, Tuesday, June 7, the educational program “Data Analysis – Practical Insights for Technology Management Professionals” Information ” , which will be held from six o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock in the evening at the Institute’s headquarters in Bahrain Bay.

The educational program is managed by mr. Ravi Jayasundera, Vice President of the Society – Bahrain Branch, and shared by Mr. Muhammad Bualai, Head of Central Media at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, and Ms. Esraa Al-Shammari, Head of the Strategy and Data Analysis Division at BNET, with Mr Ahmed Al Balooshi, CEO of Advantari Digital.

Mr. Mohamed Boulaye will participate in a panel discussion entitled “The Need for Organizations to Implement Analysis.” Me. Israa Al-Shammari will hold a panel discussion on “Current trends in data analysis”, and Mr. Ahmed Al-Balushi will present a Panel Discussion entitled “The Implications of Data Analysis on Management Staff”.

The “Data Analytics – Action Insights for IT Governance Professionals” program will focus on sharing insights into current trends in data analysis and insights of IT management personnel, in order to improve technology management processes Information in all parties, whether public or private sector. .

In turn, his Excellency, the President of the International Association for Information Systems Audit and Management ISACA, Bahrain branch, dr. Mazen Muhammad Ali, stressed, Big data today is the next generation of computers and the use of IT tools, in order to create added value for them by analyzing them and achieving positive results that offer the parties wider areas for development in delivering the field of its work and more useful services in the face of challenges and the rapid development in the technology and technology sector.

The president of the association added that the educational program will focus on discussing all visions and ideas about data analysis mechanisms and experiences and experiences of IT management specialists, while pointing out the important role that Hawkamah Information Technology plays in big data analysis, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of information related to cloud computing, It therefore contributes to the development of all services for companies and entities using these technologies.

He has d. Mazen Ali, for the importance of focusing the government and private agencies on accelerating management processes in data analysis, why it is of utmost importance to promote appropriate and accurate decision-making,

On this occasion, Ms Maryam Majid, Acting Head of the Center for Digital Transformation and Project Management at the Institute, said: BIBF «The importance of keeping up with modern technologies lies in identifying the promising capabilities that contribute significantly to the development. of The performance of institutions, as well as to accelerate the pace of economic growth, is one of the institute’s general interests, and is one of its Priorities, as these technologies directly contribute to the development of practical systems in institutions, and thus help to understand. and apply these technologies.

In addition to the institute’s specialized programs in the field of digital transformation, the institute seeks to highlight the importance of keeping up with technical developments, especially data analysis, through seminars and workshops available to all, which in turn support organizations to better understand customers, create content strategies, develop products and services, and create innovative solutions. «

In order to achieve the desired goals, all interested parties and affiliates of the information technology sector and those who wish to attend are kindly requested. The program, the initiative to register through the link:


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