MasterCard strengthens its position in digital payment solution technology through (Digital First) program

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MasterCard continues to strengthen its global position at the forefront of digital payment technology, this time through its Digital First program, which offers consumers looking for speed and convenience, innovative and secure experiences that make payment fun and easy, and real adds value to the card. Arouses personal interest in ways.

Backed by the speed and security of the MasterCard global network and MasterCard’s platform to process and enable instant issuance, Digital First enables consumers to easily place orders, issue direct digital cards, real-time card management and secure and instant online payments. The program also gives the consumer a full range of options when making payments, from e-commerce to contactless to fast response, with any digital device of their choice. “Digital First” enables consumers to control their financial management, as well as to enhance security that gives them peace of mind and peace of mind, as well as consumer interaction with the card’s features and offerings that offer them real value at the appropriate times.
With the rapid and permanent transition of the consumer to the “automatic digital” mentality, research by MasterCard has revealed that 73% of consumers in the Middle East and Africa have been shopping more online since the start of the pandemic. while 66% of them started doing online banking. Another MasterCard study indicated that 9 out of 10 consumers in the Middle East and Africa are considering using at least one emerging digital payment method, such as cryptocurrency, biometrics, contactless, QR code or digital wallets

With the growing demand for digital experiences, Mastercard empowers its customers to innovate faster by providing them with a network of partners that support every step of the consumer’s digital journey, from procurement and card use to management and sharing, with the option to to own the property. card itself. Building a strong network of qualified enablers will definitely help customers launch digital products quickly and comprehensively.

Gaurang Shah, Head of Product, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at Mastercard, said: “Digital First is focused on providing convenient options and convenient operations in the digital payment world, and this region is embracing the digital revolution around its highlight true potential. in this field This is good news for the system

As a whole business, from consumers and small businesses to financial institutions and governments, Mastercard strives to promote and grow the digital economy by forging partnerships and continually encouraging innovation in the Middle East and Africa. ”

The MasterCard Digital First network in the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region includes a consistent list of program partners from the technology and fintech sectors who have the expertise to simplify the process to bring the best capabilities in the to bring out issuer’s environment. Mastercard customers in the European and Middle East Economic Area can benefit from excellent global partnerships with Digital First’s comprehensive enablers such as Thales, Network International and Verestro, as well as trusted regional partners such as FOO, Ukeshe and Paymentolog.

All of these parties work with MasterCard and the issuing banks to ensure that the core requirements of the Digital First Card Program are met, which are created to provide an optimal and secure user experience by focusing on the following key areas:

Online application: Allows consumers to place orders online and receive card information almost immediately after approval by the issuer.
Semi-Instant Edition: Gives cardholders almost instant access to their card information to start online, in-app or point-of-sale purchases with digital wallet offerings. An optional physical card with a sleek and flexible design is also available for the cardholder.

Quick access to card details: Allows quick access to card information, including your 16-digit personal account number, CVC2, expiration date and customer service information across the digital environment, eliminating the need to display it on the physical card, This allows the cardholder to securely and easy access to it.

Simple and easy management: Allows cardholders to digitally manage their payment data, including access to transaction history, balance information, notifications and access to card benefits.

Improved participation: Allows cardholders to access benefits, offers and loyalty solutions (usually highly personalized and convenient) through a digital environment.

The expansion of Mastercard’s Digital First program marks the industry’s transformation to provide consumers with comprehensive and comprehensive payment options, and by providing processors with technology and a market entry strategy, an increasing number of cardholders can experience the benefits of this program.

“Changing consumer behavior, significantly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, requires more facilitation and choice, and our innovative FET platform has successfully launched fully digital and personalized products and quickly found its way to market, and we are full confident that our partnership with Mastercard’s Digital First program will further accelerate the process for consumers. “

“Easy and seamless digital experiences have become a necessity and the basis of contemporary financial life, and Mastercard’s Digital First program helps to save consumers time, money and effort, and is fully in line with our aspirations to further promote digital inclusion. “


“We are excited to partner with MasterCard and its First Digital program to bring the latest payment solutions to customers, giving millions of people the opportunity to make convenient, fast and secure payment transactions.”


Digital First, with its secure and convenient experiences, strives to meet the growing desires of people to switch to digital applications, and Thales’ D1 platform makes it easy and fast to launch the MasterCard program, Digital First. handle and have already succeeded in enabling many leading banks (or financial institutions) in the region. We are pleased to partner with MasterCard to enhance the customer experience and expedite the benefit of this program.

Network International

As the largest acquirer in the UAE and the leading mediator in trade, Network International has always been committed to

By strengthening the country’s payment system, we are delighted to partner with MasterCard to expand the fast-growing digital services market and help meet consumer demand for the transition to e-commerce. ”


“Friction-free digital solutions are made available through end-to-end API platforms, and under Digital First we bring the right capabilities to make the entire digital journey a success for banks and fintech partners who are rapidly embracing digital solutions wants to deploy. “

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