My heart is yours alone, chapter twenty-three 23, written by Maryam Muhammad

My Heart is Yours Alone, Chapter Twenty-Three, written by Maryam Muhammad

Selim furious: You mean who?

Magdy: I ​​mean the beautiful woman next to you

Salim: ……

Love with fear: Please, Selim, do nothing … for my mind, I dedicate, please

Salim: ………..

Ziyad: And the prophet, Salim, do nothing … I want to marry you is forbidden, so let’s get out of here and then do what you want, but now count the matter, you do not want to get rid of me, my husband stays

Salim: ………..

Ashiq: Why are you silent, Selim .. Selim

Ziad: I am afraid, Esther, Lord, and abide with me, and this prophet, I am a fool. I saw the silence before the storm. Now I will see the calm before the volcano and the collapse of the planet.

Selim: Do you like it so much?

Magdy: More than you can imagine … but nobody knows me on the moon

Ziyad shouting: You say yes, God is ruining you. You love it more. It’s incomplete, my brother, and then it’s self-ignition alone. Nothing is needed. I’m afraid of you and you’re not afraid of yourself.

Magdy: I ​​do not understand anything

Ziyad: Brother, I do not understand you.Come on, you and I will play as statues, and when you speak, you remain a donkey, but you are basically tor.

Magdy: What are you saying ?? !!

Ziyad: Run away, Majdi, catch yourself, you’re still young, your mother’s heart

Selim: okay, keep quiet

Ziyad: Offer, but I dedicate, I dedicate, and stay calm, go, Salim Al-Hadi. This is my friend Al-Hadi Salim Al-Hadi, who is known for his calmness.

Selim: I would like to know you sir .. that was his name.What does it matter?

Majdi hesitated: What ?! .. I … I’m sorry, Mr Selim, at God, I did not know. Sorry, Madam

Hossam: Professor Selim, he did not mean what he said, he begged

Ziyad: I said, my brother, before he spoke, that you are the master of those who know, or what?

Selim: Let’s read Al-Fatihah

Ziad: In his soul, right .. The boy is still a teenager, and you know any person of this age is reckless, and he seems to be basically a hole-full.

Magdy: Who is this idiot, man, you?

Ziyad: Oh my brother, by God, if I had not kept silent, I would have been the one harming you. Look, the matter is not lacking in your folly. You have a flaw.

Growth is young, do not keep quiet.

Selim: Let’s read Al-Fatihah, guys. Not everyone agrees or what

Father and mother: Yes, my son, I agree

Salim: Well, with God’s blessing we read Al-Fatihah

Ziad: lol, lol, lol .. finally, the jinx is gone and you will be married. You will get married .. Congratulations, you guys .. I am ….. Congratulations, Hoso, congratulations, Oum Hoso, congratulations, Abu Hoso ????

Selim: What did you say is your name?

Magdy: My name is Magdy

Selim: What are you doing?

Magdy: I’m a vet, I’m sorry

Selim: Very good medicine. I’m coming from a tired cow, and I was about to see a doctor examining it … But you’re there, and you have no objection.

Ziad: What do you have ??? !!!

Selim: a cow

Ziad: What are you doing with it ??!

Selim: What did you say, Doctor Magdy?

Magdy laughed: I will definitely come with you

Selim: I told a joke and I do not know

Magdy: No, it’s impossible for anyone to expect you to have a cow

Selim: You just saw something … that’s it

I’m gonna make you wait for what you’re just saying

Ziyad: His days in this world are numbered

Selim: Well, come with me

Magdy: Nou

Selim: Yes, of course ….. the best of soil is urgent, come on, doctor

Magdy: Good

Selim: To your ears, people

Selim, Ashiq and Ziad came down with Majdi, and Selim ordered the guards to take Majdi to the storeroom

Magdy: Why are they holding me so hard … why not?

Selim: It’s not necessary for countries to greet you … Take him

Ashiq: Salim, please, I will …

Selim shouts: Shut up, I do not want to hear your voice You understand … Come on, get on and talk to me all the way.

Ziyad: Why is it, Selim? It’s her fault, what’s forbidden to you?

Selim: Get away from me now .. I did not do what you want, keep quiet and do not talk to me now.

Ziad: It’s okay

Selim did not speak to Ashiq on the way, but she cried and wiped away her tears so that he would not notice.

Selim: Do you remember hiding them from me?


Selim shouts: When I talk to you, do you respond to me, do you understand or not

Crying love: present

Selim: Create your account afterwards. There is no final exit from the house on your own, and you will only go out with me

Asheg: I just … I just have a college

Selim: You spoke to me now

Love that screams: I’m tired …. I’m tired of you, I swear to God, what … You remember me as a slave of yours and I do not know, love you will do so.

Just say I do not want to hear your voice

And then you say answer me and I talk to you

I do not control your life like that, Selim, why are you working with me like this?

Selim: With God, this is what I have and you will implement it, whether in your mood or against you

Love: I hate you …. I hate you and I have never hated you in my life as I hated you

Ishq got out of the car and ran quickly to her room, but he stayed in his place and did not move and her words echoed in his ear.

“after a while”

He went to the room and found her sleeping with tears on her face but it hurt his heart

If what she talked to him was bigger

Selim: Open your eyes, my love, I know you are awake

Love: I have other words you want to say, I mean other commands

Selim: I love you …

Ashiq: But it’s okay, stay … You’re doing this along the border and coming back

Sorry I’m tired of you..I’m tired of your nervousness and your crazy jealousy

Selim: Oh my love, I’m a man who wants me to do what to do when I see someone contradict my wife and I also chose to keep quiet there because you just think of me, I swear, and believe me, it was a very difficult thing for me.

Ashiq: Is it my fault, Selim, why are you talking to me like that? I mean, I let him say that.

Or until he prays, it is I, with God, I did not lift my head from the ground, nor did I even know what it looked like

Salim: I know, I swear by God Almighty, I know what you’re saying, and I’m sure you can do nothing wrong, but believe me, I did not see before me, and also that I was able to control my nerves because this world was very difficult for me.Forgive me, but it’s you, your heart is so cruel

Love: I will forgive you on one condition

Selim: I agree with everything you said

Love: I hear it first and then I talk

Selim: present

Love: you are intolerant of me

Selim: My love, tell me to stay, and I will do what you want, and I will not be intolerant

Ashiq: I want you to forgive your father and go see him once, he himself sees you and pushes you once, Selim, please, so that my mind can see him even for a minute

Salim: …………….

Love: Look, I know you’re intolerant of me right now and trying to control your anger, but believe me, that’s correct. This is salvation, Selim. You will condemn him to death * Um, and all who ask for one thing but that he sees and embraces you, and that’s his right, Selim, I know it’s wrong. You are very right, but our Lord forgives, our people will not forgive, see it only once

Selim: I can not

Ashiq: Believe me, you will be able to..No one hates his father, Selim, and I know he made many mistakes with you, but he was also deceived, and when he learned the truth, he tried to correct his mistake and you should try to forgive him, you will see him or not

Selim: I’m ready, my love, I’ll do what you want

Love: I need something from you too

Selim: Yes, darling. We’ll let them out here, but we’ll keep them away from us. I mean, they’ll go somewhere else, not you. You also did not want to ask about them.

Love: Yes, and I wanted to ask you about something else

Selim: What else?

Ashiq: What are you going to do with your uncle and his daughter’s times?

Selim: I am not afraid that I will not do anything to them, but I will let them travel abroad to Egypt and put a good amount in their name, but I will also put them under supervision

Love: Are you ready for anything like this?

Selim: I’m used to this .. you’re still mad at me

love: no

Selim: Seriously, do not say it and rescue

Love: I do not even know how to get mad at you, but I do not like someone who bothers me

Selim: I’m sorry … believe me, it will not happen again

Love: well, let’s have lunch

Selim: Come on, my soul

After lunch, Selim went to jail to meet his father

Helmy: Do you know who’s coming to visit me, Honorable Sol?

Sol: Now you will go to the officer and you will see

Officer: I brought the accused

Sol: Yeah, sorry, to stand outside, is it?

Officer: his income

Helmy: Your commands, Pasha … Selim

Officer: With your permission, Salim, they will cry together for a while

Selim: Would you please ……. You would prefer to stand very much like that

Helmy: No, but I can not believe you came to see me

Selim: I’m looking for your dinner .. I came because my wife asked me for this, and I do not want to upset her, and then you’re annoyed that you saw me or what?

Helmy: I have always wished of our Lord and prayed every minute that I see you once before I die

Selim: And you saw me, without your permission

Helmy: Slim

Selim: I’m sorry

Helmy approached him and hugged him tightly, tears flowing from regret over what he had done to his son

Helmy: I know no matter what I say and whatever I do, you will not be able to forgive me

You’re right, but believe me, I never wished we’ve reached this stage … You’re the only thing I’ve done right in my life. Try to forgive your father, Selim, and pray that God will forgive me for every bad thing I have. I love them very much, and I saw them and played with them, do not forget me, Selim, I always think of your father, my son, and try to forgive me

Selim’s tears fell on him and he embraced him too and they stayed that way for a long time

Selim: Why did you do that .. Why did we reach this stage .. I wanted to lead a normal life with you and my mother, why did it all happen?

Helmy: I’m sorry, my son, forgive me

Selim: I forgive you, but believe me, I can not imagine that you will leave me again after all this

Helmy: I deserve it all, my son. I must be punished for everything I have done in my life. The most important thing for me is that you forgive me and I took you in my arms, my son.

Selim: Believe me, before I came or saw you, I tried to find a solution to the problems you have, but unfortunately they are all against you.

Helmy: You’re trying to eat me, that’s the most important thing to me, and I’m wrong and I should be punished, my son

Selim: Believe me, Daddy, I will try to do everything I can and, God willing, I will find a solution

Helmy: What did you say?

Selim: I will try to find a solution in a legal way

Helmy: No, I do not mean that you said to me, Daddy … I finally heard it from you after all these years

Selim: Everything will be fixed, believe me, and we will go back better than the first

Helmy: I trust you, my love

Selim: I’m sorry, I’m leaving now, and we’re meeting in court. Next time I will be there with you..everything will be fine, if the Lord wills.

Helmy: As long as you are with me, everything will be fine

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