Novel When the Torment Ends Chapter 5 Written by Mayada Khater

Novel When the Torment Ends Chapter 5 Written by Mayada Khater

Novel When the Torment Ends Chapter 5 Written by Mayada Khater

Selim came in and was shocked when he found one of them and she disappeared

I sound nervous and scream: I can not feel it

Mohsen runs up to me and says as he takes himself: Good, good, Pasha

Nothing happened or any 0000

Selim grabbed him by the collar and with a scream said: Where can I tell the girl?

Mohsen was surprised: Who are you, Pasha, what do you mean?

Selim and his eyes turned red: Where did the girl you wanted to give to her friend go?

Mohsen: Sir, I do not understand anything, and I do not know anyone who is in it

Salim pulled it and tied it in front of them and while Peshawar said to the girls: How many lands ??

Mohsen Basalhm and said in shock: The third country is the fourth, where did you go?

Selim furious: You ask me, your mother’s soul

Mohsen stood up and said: I swear to God, I do not know where you went, Pasha, and then I am with you all the time

Selim: How long are the doctors gone and I can not see you?

Mohsen: It was 10 minutes, but I went to get them.

Salim onion with doubt and said: I swear by God Almighty, if I knew you had a hand, I would have killed you in the hands of this, understand? After that he walked well

Mohsen Bass for his anger and justice, and he walked too

The girls opened their eyes and looked at each other (they heard everything but opened their mouths for fear of Selim and Mohsen).

Mira: Who was kidnapped?

Poplar Bassat next to her: Off the Summer

Nour with fear: it collapses white, where did she go?

Mira: Lord, let the dog’s benefactor be her work

Popular: I do not know, may God help us, and I can not do enough of what we are in

Mira and Noor: Ai tog

Sol: This is the forensic report, sir.

Murad grabs and opens it and closes his eyes sadly and says: There is no god but God.What should I do now? She comes out and suddenly the phone rings.

Murad looks at the phone and says: It’s white collapsing, it’s Burn, what should I do, what do you say?

Abu Sahar: How are you, my son,?

Murat with a terrible silence: Thank God, he’s fine

Abu Sahar, surprised by the tone of his voice: He deserves praise, he is, there is no new news about my daughter

Murad was silent for a while and did not know what to say

Abu Sahar worried: Well, my son, calm me down, why did you worry me so much?

Murad unhappy: Rejoice in God

Abu Sahar was shocked and did not believe

Murad: O Hajj, pilgrim, and once he heard the voice of Ayat Bahr, “He could not bear the call and ended the call, and he said while he was in good health: Bring the body and give it to his family. “

Sol: Good, sorry

Abu Sahar sat in the sea crying and could not hold himself

Umm Sahar Jat ran up to me and said, “All right, my brother. Why are you crying?”

Abu Sahar grabbed her hands and said in pain: Our daughter is our only daughter, Samira, our daughter

Umm Sahar with tears and fear: What is wrong with her, brother, our daughter is not well?

Abu Sahar: Our daughter did not come, Umm Sahar, she did not come

Umm Sahar turned away from him in disbelief and cursed his hand and said: You are making a joke, right? Girl, who did not come? I’m my daughter, Aisha. I feel it.

Abu Sahar puts his hands on his knee and puts his face in his hands and sits and cries

Umm Sahar sat down and prayed sadly for him and said: “Ben t ‘ttttttt ma t” and looked at the ground and did not believe it. She holds the chain around her neck and looks at a photo of her daughter and says in disbelief: “Sohar did not die.” Oh my daughter, my love, my heart, oh, oh, oh, they both sat and cried, in the sea, for their only daughter.

Selim furious: How come you have no hint of salt and dub? Turn this world upside down on her. This one is a practical woman. I mean, from the seventh impossible she can move. Look at her everywhere. He closed and threw the phone in the ground and looked at Mohsen who was sitting in a terrible cold and went to him and said: Where is the girl, Mohsen

Mohsen Basala and said: “Pasha, I have been with you since the day you were born, and you know that I do not have access to this railway.

Selim: Yes, I know you, Mohsen.

General Officer: I mean, where did you get one of them, the medicine of the other four?

Murad: I do not know, Pasha, but the girl found her dead and wrapped in a bag, and after the forensic analysis, they discovered that she had been raped.

General Officer: What do you mean?

Murad: I mean, it’s very likely that these girls will take a different purpose than trading “members” or kidnapping, for ransom.

General control: the meaning

Murad: These girls are taking a trip because of a specific purpose, which is why we have not arrived yet, but we will probably know soon.

General Officer: OK, but sharpen the search patrols. You will not forget me when you get the corpses of the remaining four.

Murad: All right, sir, keep going.

They sat and very upset, and they found the door slamming

Abu Sahar got up while he was his husband, not a woman, and he walked healthy and opened the door

The man: You are the father of the late Sahar Ahmed Al-Jami

Abu Sahar shook his head in tears

The man: Ok, we brought your daughter for funeral

Abu Sahar looked behind the man and saw his daughter’s body, shrouded in it, and he left.

Mira: Aww, I’m tired of this sleep

Nour: and who heard you, I’m starving

Hour: With God, you are free, Nour. I mean, Samar, I can not find her and I’m lame.

Nour Behzak: I mean, I do whatever I have. I have nothing to do with my mother. ” I’m hungry, I mean

Mira: Calm down, but when we saw her last one, they found the door to open, and a long and beautiful woman came in, her hair was dark and long, her skin was white, her eyes were reddish brown, and she was dressed in a nursing dress.

They all arrive there amazed, and they do not understand who and where they come from

Shaimaa (I chose this name because of the moon that shook my heart with its spontaneity Shaimaa Amer): Good evening girls, I am the nurse who will follow up with you until you are safe and I call them quickly and say: I am coming for four girls, where is the fourth

The three were buses to her, and they were like that ????

Shaima consulted with her hands and said: What do you hear me?

Popular: Oh, I hear you, but I mean, we’re surprised

Shaima: From which?

Mira: I mean, they brought a nurse, we did not know they had such a heart

Shaima was surprised: Who are they? You are not the one outside your husband’s country

Nour sat and laughed, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, we can not marry you, I hope, my sister, instead of the lack of value we have, is it your honor.

Shaima was shocked: What?

Mira: You do not know me, and I do not like them

Shaima, who is still shocked: What do you say?

Popular: As we tell you

Shaima held her brain and said: Lord, it is not possible for me to do this, I can not allow this joke to happen.

She flashed and raised her hands and slowly looked behind her

Hamza: I swear to God, if I hear you say that again, he will empty it all into your mouth. You’re here on a certain mission. You will get rid of it and take two piasters and walk differently. Say to yourself, O Rahman, O Rahim.

Shaima swallows her saliva and shakes her head quickly

Hamza: Nice, look at your work, 0000, and pick up the phone from it and walk

Shaima prays for them and she is shocked but they are not shocked, they usually get used to it

Mira: I just said you can not go to them this 0000

in another place

She opened her eyes comfortably and looked around and her eyes fell on something literally terrified of it ,,,, Sorry for the delay and this is what I knew to write because I wrote it too big and accidentally deleted it

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