President of the Egyptian countryside: We address the problems of desertification and water scarcity by relying on technology

Major General Amr Abdel Wahab, Chairman and Managing Director of the New Egyptian Rural Development Company, held a series of meetings and meetings with heads and representatives of a number of major economic and development entities, as well as a number of major Arab and foreign companies. and investors, on the sidelines of its participation and attendance at the annual meetings of the Islamic Development Bank Group held in Sharm El-Sheikh, under the slogan: “Starting the Pandemic Recovery: Resilience and Sustainability”.

Abdel Wahab presented to representatives of the international investment and development community the idea, philosophy and key steps taken in the national project for the recovery and development of one and a half million feddans, for which the New Egyptian Rural Development Company is responsible. the management of, implementation and promotion.

Abdel Wahab emphasized the company’s zeal to support and encourage investment in all fields of agriculture, industry and service in the project, pointing out that the Egyptian state has adopted supportive policies in recent years to create an attractive and encouraging create climate for agricultural investment. It is especially the provision of many facilities for young people, small farmers and the masses of investors in the countries.

A set of indicators and the most important steps taken so far within the action plan of the “New Egyptian Rural Development” company in the national project for the recycling and development of one and a half million feddans were also reviewed, and explained that the project is mainly dependent on the rational and scientifically studied exploitation of the groundwater reserves owned by Egypt, and aims to establish an integrated development community in the heart of the reclaimed desert lands, and to increase agricultural productivity, thereby contributing to support the Egyptian food basket.

In his talks with representatives of major international development entities, the head of the “new Egyptian countryside” highlighted the difficult and delicate challenges facing agricultural development in Egypt, including the risk of desertification, drought, water scarcity and the low ability to adapting to climate change, given the direct impact of these challenges on food security, which has undoubtedly become inseparable from the national security of countries.

In the same context, he pointed out that the problems of desertification and water scarcity and the change and difficulty of its characteristics represent one of the main challenges facing the 1.5 million feddan project, as all the project lands are desert lands, and because it depends mainly on groundwater for irrigation, which explains the immediate measures taken by the company. The development of the new Egyptian countryside recently to meet these difficult natural challenges, by giving priority to science and reliance on natural resource management technology .. Where the company has signed. studied collaborative protocols, all its determinations are activated on the ground, with major academic and research centers and entities in Egypt and on the international scene, as well as development partners from around the world, and the company ensured the establishment of a model. place in its countries, conducting experiments and research that will find solutions to all biological and natural challenges regarding water and soil properties and climate change, with the aim of spreading the fruits and positive results thereof for the benefit of all beneficiaries of the project countries ..

On the sidelines of meetings with the leaders of the FAO and the Islamic Bank, and with a number of representatives of Saudi, Emirati and international companies, Abdel Wahab discussed the possibility of benefiting from the 1.5 million feddans- project from similar experiences and experiences worldwide, especially in the field of desert land reclamation, strategic crop cultivation, and mechanisms for implementing the best systems Irrigation and methods to desalinate irrigation water and achieve optimal groundwater management, as well as the field of agricultural and food innovation, and how to apply modern technologies in the field of land reclamation, especially deserts, areas in which the Saudi and Emirati sides have extensive experience and global competitive capabilities.

The chairman of the board of directors of the “New Egyptian Rural Development Company” revealed that the company has already begun to establish research and guidance centers in all the different locations of the project countries in collaboration with national institutions, providing the necessary studies and research to serve the working groups and their projects, and to work to develop agriculture and provide much guidance and experience to smallholder farmers and investors.

The managing director of “Reef” concluded his talks with representatives of the international investment and development community by inviting companies and specialized entities to participate in the meetings of the Islamic Development Bank to participate in the 1.5 million hectare project investing, and to visit various sites and lands of the “new Egyptian countryside”, with the aim of exploring and exploiting the various promising opportunities available. The project carries it into many sectors of activity and common interest, which includes many projects of agricultural production and industrialization, water treatment and desalination, as well as animal and poultry production, fish farming, a package of service and logistics projects, as well as industrial development projects and agricultural mechanization.

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