The film “Daughters of Abdel Rahman” .. a brave treatment of Arab women’s issues

Not a day goes by without one of the women’s issues floating on the list of top priorities discussed locally and internationally, which is reflected in the film as the mediator who reflects the interests of the audience.

But for Zaid Abu Hamdan, director of the movie “Daughters of Abd al-Rahman”, the idea was in his head for more than 7 years, and its rise at the moment was in favor of the film, to be launched on screens in a time when questions about the conditions and problems of women in the Arab world became clearer and more urgent.

The film, which is shown in Arabic and local theaters, offers a clever, dramatic treatment of characters inspired by reality, criticizes society’s stereotyping of a certain image of women and tries to break it through the heroines of its film. .

Zaid Abu Hamdan says: “Being the eldest of my four brothers and sisters made me think deeply, what if we were four sisters? Then I realized that this topic needed to be discussed openly and transparently.

I presented my idea of ​​a family consisting of four sisters and their father through a treatment entitled Nostalgia that I started writing in 2009, which later turned into a film about the daughters of Abdul Rahman.

Brothers and sisters, but they do not know much about each other, and the similarity between them depends on the name in the identity card, maybe this is not the first case in the modern era, we have seen this story and followed it dozens of times , but it’s a dramatic idea that can not be considered “old fashioned” or obsolete. .

This is what director and writer Zaid Abu Hamdan used when he drew the characters of the four sisters in his latest film, Girls of Abdel Rahman, to create a dramatic mix of comedy that stems from the disharmony of their characters when meet them together. due to a compelling circumstance.

Sisters but different

Daughters of Abdul Rahman revolve around four different sisters who are forced to return to the family home after years of isolation to solve the mystery of their father’s sudden disappearance.

But the secret search reveals to them new secrets, and more question marks. The film was recently released in many Saudi cinemas, and in Kuwait, and will be released soon in other Arab countries.

Abu Hamdan drew a “square” in which he presented most of the problems of women in the Arab world. Each of the four sisters represents a part of the obstacles women face. The character of “Zainab” from which the events begin suffers from society’s suppression of her talent and her desire to experience the feeling of love. And when she encounters a violent reaction from her social environment, she decides to end her life. to give to live under the care of her sick father.

The second sister, “Amal”, is forced on her by a kind of religious guardianship, and she constantly tries not to let her daughter fall under the burden of what she is suffering from, so she fights her husband’s efforts to marry. their minor daughter. And Samah, who is also suffering from a failed marriage, continues in it only for the money, in exchange for her sacrifice to satisfy her desire to enjoy a happy married life.

As for their younger sister, Khitam, she has chosen to escape from it all and live her life according to her choices in a place far from her family and everyone who knows her.

With the development of events and the convergence of the sides of the square, the sisters realize that together they can achieve their salvation, through the problem of each of them, to find the solution with the other, and perhaps this is the solution that proposed by Zaid. that a woman can find support and support in another woman.

Abdul Rahman’s Daughters revolve around four different sisters who, after years of isolation, are forced to return to the family home to solve the mystery of their father’s sudden disappearance.

But the secret search reveals to them new secrets, and more question marks. The film was recently released in many Saudi cinemas in Kuwait and will soon be released in the rest of the Arab countries.

realistic treatment

In “Daughters of Abdel Rahman”, Zaid presents a unique “profile” for each of Abdel Rahman’s daughters. We start the film with “Zainab,” the neighborhood seamstress who takes care of her sick father, who abandons her life and ambitions completely, in the absence of her other three sisters, and then we get to know Amal, who is apparently religious and strict , but in reality suffers from the guardianship of society. And Samah, the cheerful and elegant, and finally Khitam, who decided to seek her life and freedom in a place far from her family.

The description of each character makes us realize that each of them stands in contrast to the other, as if they were polar opposites, and that is the difference that the hostility created between them, and in terms of building the film, generates this contradiction a state of comedy, which makes the relationships between the characters vital and unpredictable developments. For example: What happens when you commit to liberation? A strict dress? Who came from a big world full of possibilities, who kept to the family home and the boundaries of their community? And so there is an exciting twist of events in every moment of the film.

The film was written and directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan, starring Saba Mubarak, Farah Bseisu, Hanan Al-Helou, Maryam Al-Basha, Khaled Al-Tarifi, and produced by Pan East Media (Saba Mubarak and Aya Wahsh).

Lagoonie Film Production, Arab Media Network and Wicca Productions and Distribution participated in the production, and MAD Solutions is responsible for the distribution of the film in the Arab world.

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