The hashtag of cooperatives at the top of Twitter calls for selection

  • Al-Osaimi: Voters Compelled to Run Trustees and Candidates to Save Money
  • Al-Mutairat: Taking positions is a big deal, honesty, shame and regret, except for those who have rightly taken it
  • Al-Dosari: Courtesy has destroyed associations. It is related to the management of the funds of orphans, widows and families
  • Al-Jasser: The indulgence of making money in forbidden ways is one of the signs of the Hour
  • Al-Mana ‘: All those who trespassed against the shareholders’ money were harassed or their sons with disaster .. and the evidence is plentiful
  • Al-Rashidi: The hat brand teaches voters and candidates about the need to fear God regarding shareholder funds

Mohamed Rateb

The cooperative arena witnessed, coinciding with the elections of the boards, a wave of fears about its results, which will reflect either positively or negatively on the financial conditions and services, which the preacher Dr. Muhammad Dhawi Al-Osaimi has forced to launch the hashtag #cooperative_society, which is popular in Kuwait, with the aim of encouraging voters to make a good choice. And to execute the trustees, and to ask about the candidate before casting a vote, in addition to instructing the candidates to save the money of Muslims and do the job fully, and to be eager to serve the shareholders and not turning their backs on them after accepting the post.

Many scholars, presidents, and members of boards of directors, candidates, and voters interacted with the hashtag that powerfully swept the cooperative arena to launch an avalanche of prescriptions and recommendations issued by the preacher Dr. Muhammad Dawi Al-Osaimi was introduced by saying that we are the elections, and before a person participates in an election or nomination, he must be careful to eat money. This is forbidden, because the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Anything that grows from illegal meat, then fire is more suitable for it.”

He added that a person can escape from worldly punishments, and be plagued in his life with what will cause his misery due to his exposure to people’s money, indicating that whoever chooses a person because of the family or tribe, it will not benefit him. anything on the Day of Resurrection, which calls for the performance of capable and trustworthy, for whoever contributes to the coming of Other than them, he is a participant in their sin.

In the same context, the preacher Dr. Adel Al-Mutairat emphasizes that the acceptance of positions is a great matter and a trust, and it is a shame and a pity, except for those who have rightly taken it, and whoever holds any position, asks to fear. God and not be deceived by people and take their money unfairly.

money management

As for Abdul Hamid Al-Dosari, he demanded the question about the candidate as the question about the suitor, as the matter is related to the management of the funds of orphans, widows and families, either by spending, preserving or to develop. you participate in wages, renaissance and development, or you are one of those who cause the deterioration of cooperative societies and redeem those who are not worthy of them.

He indicated that courtesies destroyed associations by joining companies, until expenses exceeded income, in addition to courtesies employed until it exceeded the percentage allowed in the Ministry of Business, so that they gave their shareholders 1% profit to face te red.

He addressed the candidate by saying, as soon as you enter the association, you will be speechless, so keep the piety of God in mind, and there are rules that the candidate must abide by, and that is God’s satisfaction with the people’s wrath , God is enough for him. Do not trumpet, do not be afraid Shareholders around you, is your decision in their favor?

Voter Education

In turn, Suleiman Zahir Al-Rashidi stated that the hashtag #cooperative_society is a blessed work aimed at educating the voter and the candidate about the need to fear God in the shareholders’ money, as all of them is accountable to God. The burden is heavy and God helps.

On the other hand, Mishaal Saad Al-Manea warned against infringing on people’s money, pointing out that anyone who entered the shareholders’ money with illegal, illegal and fraudulent misery was hitting them or their children’s misery, and the evidence was plentiful , and whoever is safe from the punishment of this world will find it in the Hereafter.

be careful

In turn, the preacher Mutlaq Al-Jasser explained that one of the signs of the hour is indulgence in earning money in forbidden ways.What was the safety of the halal or the haram taken from him?

He added that a person asks two questions about his money, the first from where he earned it, and the second about where he spent it, as it stands in the honorable hadith, indicating that the Prophet, peace and blessings of God is upon him. , warned against eating illegal money and that any body that grows out of illegal fire is more suitable for it, and whoever eats forbidden money, God does not answer his prayer.

As for Khalid bin Naqa Al-Hamar, he tweeted with the quote of Omar bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him: We left out nineteenths of the legitimate ones for fear of falling into the prohibition, in accordance with the saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him: “The just is clear, and the unlawful is clear, and among them are suspects that many do not know. The one who fears doubt is free from his religion and his honor, and everyone who falls into doubt falls into the forbidden. ”

Awareness courses

In turn, Khaled Ali Sayer indicated that this campaign came at the right time, and since I am one of the observers of the Ministry of Affairs in the co-operative sector, and through our constant movement between associations, we see that some members of associations do. know nothing of cooperative work.

Therefore, we want there to be ongoing awareness sessions to cultivate ignorance in this aspect.

As for Sultan Al-Buraq, he said that since most of the elections have been postponed and the seats will be 9, I appeal to the good people, the people of enlightened thinking, the honesty and the qualified for their candidacy to announce to the Assembly. of their regions, and he agreed with what Dr On the shareholders’ money, even if it is further away, until you are released from your obligation before God.

let go of the excitement

In turn, Nayef Farhan stated that the candidate should not be enthusiastic and mentioned that it is an honesty above all else, and that the voter’s choice of candidate will only be known to God, so let’s sectarian, racist and biased and choose from the best for the people and the country, indicating that the matter is not just a pen-sweep, but we will inquire about it.Doomsday.

In turn, lawyer Khaled Mufarrej explained that the participation of reformers in the elections is a national and legal right, or participation in candidacy or elections will inevitably change the results for the better, and its impact will be noticeable on the individual, the society and the country in general.

Liability for offenders

M. Issa Al-Daihani was amazed at the success of the corrupt who devoured the shareholders’ money in various ways without caring or shame of those who placed his trust in them, and cited the reason for not holding the perpetrators accountable not, while Nasser mentioned. on the candidate, in the event of his victory, not to be disrespectful in obtaining the approval of a person or group At the expense of the one who trusted you with his money.

It is a trust and a responsibility, and whoever votes for a thief is a partner with him in sin. With this phrase, Shaher bin Saleh Al-Otaibi said: “Your fear and protection for a thief who was robbed was a fear of disappointment and loss.. Falsehood!”

Fahd Al-Kandari saw that running for the cooperative association elections to gain membership requires a sense of responsibility, great trust, fear and to observe God, the Blessed and Most High, before people.

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