The Love Triangle Novel Chapter Thirteen 13 Written by Aya Abdel Salam

The Love Triangle Novel Chapter Thirteen 13 Written by Aya Abdel Salam

The Love Triangle Novel Chapter Thirteen 13 Written by Aya Abdel Salam

love triangle novel

The thirteenth part

• When Tarek arrived in Cairo, and the first time he arrived, he went to my wish list to know the details

Tariq without looking at her: Tell me briefly, what happened?

Amani told Tarek everything and she was devastated, and he was shocked at what he heard and was sure Hazem was sick and needed treatment.

Tarek Bjmooud: Do not worry, I will get rid of him as soon as possible

Amani Bendem: Uncle I am

Tariq, pause alone: ​​If you answer the biography of the subject I have in mind, it will be different. It will be better because I’m seriously disgusted with you and I’m aware that what I’m doing is for you. No, you do not deserve it. I do it all because you are my brother’s daughter. We will get rid of this issue well. I do not want to see anything of it, even if it happens to be

Every Da and Tarek talked to her from the stairs and she was never sick to enter her house

He was about to go down, but he found Hazem going up the stairs and standing still and staring at him with sharp looks.

Hazem was surprised and shocked: Uncle Tariq

Tariq Bjmood: Iowa me

Hazem Betshere: Why did you come?

Tariq sharp: To conclude the decision you are making is insulting to you

Hazem with disbelief and sarcasm: You want to get rid of me after what I did to you

Tariq Baroud: something that does not tell you

And he continued defiantly: separate from her

Hazem Bekr: On one condition

Tariq: Do not worry, everything you paid for will take you away and make her give up her rights

Hazem: No, you misunderstood me

And he continued to grow up: And then, out of my nation, I care for money

Tariq was surprised: Oh, what do you want?

Hazem Betsalih: Does your daughter marry me?

Tariq was shocked and nervous: Yes, you loved marrying her, and then my daughter’s biography is angry on your tongue. You understand.

Hazem cold: There remains a divorce, and I will only divorce if you execute a policeman

Tariq sharp: You think I do not know how to detach it from you.

Hazem nervous: What do you mean?

Tariq Baroud: You know very well what I mean, and you know that with a signal from me, I am evacuating your company, which you are discussing with us, and therefore it will go bankrupt within seconds.

He came closer to him and continued: In two days, if her divorce papers are filed, it will not be executed for long, and you know very well that I do not want a warning, you and your mood remain, oh divorce , bankruptcy

And there came a knock on Amani and said to her: Bring your clothes bag soon, I can not leave you in one place again with this brown Adam

Amani with joy and speed: I have no clothes here. He was the one who bought it. I do not want it. She quickly put on the abaya and went down with her uncle under Hazem’s looks that were full of anger and rage.

Amani to her uncle: How can I get along with you so easily?

Tarek Begmooud: Because I know someone who owns very large companies and has authority over most of all Egypt’s companies, because of his wealth and intelligence .. I have given him a service before, so it’s amazing that I ask him for a request .. I mean when I ask him to clean the company of the wedding.You will be wiped out of existence, he will do it, and he will ensure that he will never do the same again.

Amani with curiosity: Can you say what service it means?

Tariq Baroud: I notice that your words are very much with me, but I will tell you to ease your curiosity. It is natural that someone who is rich is known to have many enemies, and the richer he becomes, the more enemies will grow. Everything, even and almost, was almost in the soul

So I quickly put him in my car, and I took him to the hospital, and when he passed, he thanked me a lot, and he wanted to reward me, but I was sick.

Amani still spoke, but Tariq said firmly: We have come. Let me see your house, and when he delivers your parchment, let me know.

Amani Bendem: Oom

Hazem, boycott Wahda: Go down

Amani came down with embarrassment and tears and at the same time disgust at what she had done to them and to herself

Amani, before you close the door of Arabic: I know this word is not necessary, but I have nothing else

I’m sorry and really sorry about what I did, and I quickly entered her house without hearing his reaction

Tarek sighed and sighed with sadness as she ran: I never expected you to do that.

• When Hazem

The first time Fadel came out, he broke anything he met to the point that he became unconscious, and Fadl said to a mule, ‘This is what happens to me.

He chose to lead himself and say: Forgive me, this is best for me, because I remain separated from this tar and come back to me again.

And she will surely forgive me and bring me back, for she loves me. Oh, I saw the spark of love in her eyes, and the one who loves his life will never forget the one who loves him.

And he chose to convince himself and say in his sick imagination that she would forgive him and not even believe that he would give her back.

• when bribed

Rasha, angry and nervous: Will you divorce me?

Amani cold: I’m done

Rasha shouts: What did you conclude?

Amani more cold: I mean, I do not scratch your mind, I just know you

Rasha is right.D: Oh, you did not blame your uncle.He stayed and wanted to disobey you.Well, I go to him, and I know him.

Amani shouts: You are not enough, it is enough, it will show me in my case everything that happened because of you in the first place

Rasha stunned: Because of me

Amani Buq’ah: Oh, you are the one who taught me from a young age that anything I want to take, even at the expense of others. You are the one who taught me selfishness. You were the one in my hatred and jealousy towards anyone who is better than me .. You are the one who always encouraged me to make the mistake

Unfortunately I’m the only one who paid for my mistakes

And I went on with a cold mixed with tears: And make you account that the first thing I leave my side from here, and I will travel again, and you will never see me again.

Rasha shocked: you traveled

I wish with vagueness and tears: This time I will travel forever and alone, for either I will try hard, and life will be alone of it.

Rasha with fear and nervousness: I mean, I do not want to see you again .. leave me alone

Amani stared at her coldly and entered her room from the silence, and she was determined in her opinion

• Nag by Raya

Raya Beheira: Well, I’m now wearing formal clothes or a dress

But sure, as long as a party is needed, a dress is required. She opened her wardrobe and put on a dress that is very precious to her, because her father was the one who brought her a present.

After finishing the dress I was wearing for the first time, I stood in front of the mirror and was amazed at its beauty.

The dress was burgundy, narrow in the middle and came off with a fluffy and very thin embellishment

She smiles contentedly and makes her hair curly and puts on mascara and eyeliner and adjusts the same tone as the dress.

She put on her halves and earrings and blinked happily in the mirror as she walked out of the house.

• In the company

Ibrahim was standing by a client who had agreed on something at work, but he stopped talking when he met her, and her simple, prominent heroine entered.

He chose to smile at her in amazement, and I do not know how to take his eyes off her to the point that the client took care of him

Raya entered the company with an eclipse because she did not like events and was not afraid of them

She sat around with her eyes on her colleagues and on him and noticed that he had taken root for her and his thoughts from her. She was very embarrassed and wanted to see her on the other side as if she had seen her.

Eventually she met a female colleague of hers, and she sat down with her, and they kept talking until there was a long time in the party and most of the people’s attention was distracted.

She got up to go but found Ibrahim near her with two cups in his hand

She was nervous and called, but he had just arrived in front of her

With a twinkle in her eye, Ibrahim dropped a glass of juice on her and said: Drink, you are the length of the party You drink nothing.

Raya Beljalja: No, thank you, I’m marginal

Ibrahim stubborn: Not before you drink

I took it with embarrassment from him and looked behind her to adjust the dress, but I heard him say: I’m not that early, my uncle

Karima laughed: Your right to me, to God, my son, but the road was crowded, so I was late

Raya was very surprised by the sound and adjusted again, but she was so shocked by her age that the cup fell out of her hand and broke.

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