The novel of the girl from Upper Egypt, chapter seventeen 17, written by Hajar Hussein

The novel of the girl from Upper Egypt, chapter seventeen 17, written by Hajar Hussein

The novel of the girl from Upper Egypt, chapter seventeen 17, written by Hajar Hussein

♡ Eid girl

Part 17

Zainab – Take it back, Younes

Younes- I can not help but separate her at the three

Zainab – also, Younes

Angel beaten and entered – Tita

Zainab – come angel

Angel – the food is ready

Yunus – it’s all so, angel

Angel – No, everyone’s waiting for you downstairs … and I went out

Zainab – an angel who is upset with you

Yunus – Hassleh

Zainab – I stayed with your wife like this, you fear her and love her like an angel

Yunus- Come on, Tita!

Zainab – Komaan Younes …… and we fight

Zainab – Is that okay, Suhair?

Suheir – Oh, thank God, Omal Yara, where are you?

Angel – I walked

Suhair – Younes, you and Yara will not be married

Yunus- Why do I marry him?

Soheir- Yara is pregnant

Yunus – Haha, she told me, but pregnant, what do you mean?

Soerfgenaam- she told me

Islam – that was the reason for your trouble

Soiree- ahh

Yunus- But I was somewhat close to her and I remember this day

Suhair – How, haha, and you yourself said I do not think anything

Yunus is nervous – she wanted to know your cousin, she wants to tell me what, and you say you’m pregnant

Zainab – Calm Down, Younes

Yunus – Calm down, how do you say you are pregnant

Zainab – I mean, do you think you’re close to her?

Yunus- Oh, and I said oh, to piss off Dalia, and you know it well, Tita.

Suhair – why would you say that, especially in a need like this?

Younes- Ask her, she’s not me

Zainab-Younis told me he was close to her, and one day he said he was wrong with her, I always said in front of her that he would say that

Suhair I know you answer

Zainab- I say we define the joy of Islam and an angel

sociability- net

Yunus- No, but I agree with this, of course in the opinion of an angel

Angel – this is supposed to be the first engagement.We do not define joy

Zainab – We know you love each other so you can get together and marry him as soon as possible

Islam – may God not deprive me of You, Lord

Zainab- I want to cheer you up this week

Angel – Yes, but there is no time, Tita

It’s different from my exams approaching

Yunus- What, angel, do you disagree or what?

Angel – I do not agree, but let’s get a chance to prepare for the exam

Zainab- Okay, after the exam, and then you two are with some of your little ones, so we are not going, ha ha

Islam – so let’s go to Assiut

Suheir – Violence Joy Will Stay in Upper Egypt

Islam – of course

Angel – this is after three months, if God wills

Zainab – God willing

Yunus – I walk and I will see work and put the world in order

Islam – on an Interesting Basis, What Are You, Sibu Ali Karim here and Essam in Alexandria

Yunus- If there’s nothing left of her in mind …… .. Ran’s phone

Yunus- Oh, I need something

– Madam went out with her cousin

Younes – do not know where to go

– She has a bag I think that’s how she got back to Upper Egypt

Yunus- Ok, stay with them and if something happens, talk to me and follow them well

– Good, Pasha … Younes Lock

Zainab- Good night

Yunus- Take me with you … and keep an eye on him

En Suhair Talaat

Islam – what is your money?

Angel – never anything

Islam – if you do not agree with me, then

Angel – I do not agree

Islam – and eventually they stayed, and I know you’re afraid of Upper Egypt because of the novels and series you see, the cinema lies a lot in the story of Al-Sa’ida. Their words are strange, and their nature is that we dressed like you and the girl kept learning, and I will let you go on, my angel, and we talk like you and we go into universities and talk like you are, and you do not know My words and there is nothing strange about it me and we do not give me very early advice, and there does not break the rib of this messenger, and he recommended us to women “be gentle with the bottles” and we dressed as if it were usually no more, but we wear classic and comfortable clothes like this

Angel – That was my first word, but now I love you

Islam – God, what is this camel?


Hazem Bebes in the Mirror Ali Dalia – What Do You Think About It?

Dalia – I do not have to think

Hazem – you love him and you come right back

Dalia- I, oh, I love him, but it will not work. I’m going back, and even though it’s working, I do not want to go back.

Hazem – why would it not work?

Dalia – Because he divorced me with his petals

Hazem – What does it mean that he divorced you in one sitting? I mean, if he said it a hundred times, it would be counted once

Dalia- I know, Hazem, but I do not want to go back

Hazem – If you love him, bring him back, Dalia, do not bother yourself

Dalia – ok

Hazem – and then you have a few months’ wait, you know his fault

dahlia- good


Yunus- Are you still sitting?

Islam – I go to sleep, good night … and walk

Yunus- O, o, o!

Angel – take a bath that

Yunus – What are you in it for?

Angel – I spoke

Yunus – I do not want to see you alone from Islam

angel- why

Younes- why do you want to stay that way?

Angel – No, I mean

Yunus- No Mchfkis with her until after the passport

Angel – present

Yunus – and do not let him come near you understand him sincerely

Angel – understand

Yunus – it’s after the passport, please, and you know, if I knew he was close to it

Malak – Yunus in wat

Yunus- My words are understandable or not

Angel – concept of good night …… and ran

Yunus for himself – go, Islam, I’m Horik … and he got up and fell asleep


That morning Dalia arrived and Hazem went to her apartment

Dalia opened the door and his tears fell – I miss you, Dad, you and Mom. I wish the days would come back and see you. Ah, I protested with you. I am very hard on myself in many situations I have been exposed to.

* Dalia fell asleep after crying a lot


At the end of the day, Dalia woke up, put on her clothes and saw Ali Hazem

Hazem – Oh, Dalia, you’re fine

Dalia- Oh, but with your words so I can see you

Hazem – in our old apartment

Dalia- Oh, delicious food

Hazem- Oh, you’re worried

Dalia – okay salam

After a while, Hazem came

Dalia – Ok, Hazem, bly

Hazem- You know Mom is alone

Dalia is dazed and stung – Ok, Hazem, take care of yourself

Hazem- Are you okay?

Dalia- Oh, well … and I fell to the ground

Hazem – Dalia, Dalia …… and Fadel excel in her to some extent

Let’s go to the doctor

Dalia- No, I’m fine, do not worry

Hazem – and I will not be marginalized unless I am assured of you, come on

Dalia – I swear it’s going well

Hazem- Ok, let’s go to the doctor

Dalia – ok


Dr- Mabrouk is pregnant and has twins

Dalia is shocked – pregnant

The Doctor – Oh, and I want you to stop taking any pills, and I’ll tell you about the medicine you’re taking, and I’d like to eat and take care of yourself a little bit, because you’re all off eat less.

Dalia- Good, doctor

The doctor – please

Dalia- Thank you

Doctor- Sorry, this is my job

Dalia came out and Hazem was waiting for her

Hazem – Ha, what did the doctor tell you?

Dalia – pregnant and has twins, violin

Hazem with his joy – serious

Dalia – God

Hazem- Ok, why are you upset?

Dalia- I do not know if I should be happy or not

Hazem- Rejoice, Dalia, for there is something that will leave you for Yunus again

Dalia- But I will not say

Hazem- No, he does not need to know

Dalia- God wants, but not now

Hazem – okay

Dalia- Hazem Khadija loves you, so clear your mind about her

Hazem – offer, come, peace with you, and take care of yourself, and I will try to get your file for you

Dalia- okay, and you take care of yourself too ……… and you went down

After three months, Dalia goes to her kidneys and takes care of herself and her stomach starts to grow, and Younes goes through a year for her every year and she does not take care of herself, an angel and Islam are simplified together.

And I’ll see his regret for what I treated him, because because of her, Yunus arrived like that.

Hyam-ok, my daughter, you are clean of yourself and the one in your stomach

Dalia – present, peace … and closed

– I’m going to see my aunt Fatima, this is my anger.


Fatima as she breeds her, Dalia – oh my love, my daughter, you miss me so much

Dalia – and you are more, God

Fatima- Tell me, my daughter, what happened to you

Dalia- Oh, my aunt, very, very much

Fatima- But I’m upset because you came for three months and you did not ask

Dalia- Sorry, my aunt was against me

Fatima- Ok, tell the boy Yunus what did you do?

Dalia – present, wow …


Yunus- Yalla

Islam – What do you say, Yunus?

Yunus – say

Islam – do not leave an angel with me

Yunus- Ja, Khoya

Islam – No, it’s not necessary to come with me, Tita

Zainab – Do not leave the girl with him, nor is it permissible and forbidden for you

Yunus- What do you mean, Tita?

Zainab – Ali Dalia

Younes – Dalia was my wife, and it was normal for her to stay with me

Islam – oh, okay. Keep her with you. She’s been up for how many days, and my wife stays, and then she forgets that you’re her brother. Tita and I will ride, my love.

Younes- Umm and Malo Henshof

Angel and Suhair fought

Angel – goodbye

Yunus- Yalla


After a long time

Islam- Tita, you see that if money and gold are stolen many times, my uncle, you will stay cold

Zainab – I do not know from God, son, and I do not believe it either, that she killed herself

Islam- Haha, what do I say so, please?

Zainab- But these days is different

Islam – oh really, and we finally got to my house, my princess

Everyone fights and enters

Fatima – and you do not want to tell Yunus you are pregnant

dahlia- nee

Fatima- You wear a very loose dress because your belly is not visible

Dalia- Oh, but this is what I wore, but I took two pills

Fatima – May God offer you what is good, Lord, this is Yunus. I sincerely ask you

Dalia – I asked and I once sold money, but I took it back

Fatima – Why is this, my daughter?

Dalia- I do not want anything from him, I’m going to stay away

Fatima- Do not let us eat together, what kind of shower is this?

Dalia removes her veil – this is the voice of Islam

Fatima – Islam did not speak to me, nor did he say he was coming

Everyone entered Maad Yunus

Islam ran at her and nursed him – I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

Fatima – did you say why you came?

Islam – sweet surprise right


Islam – how are you, Dalia?

Dalia- Alhamdulillah, you are fine

Angel – Dalia Aaaaa ……… and I hugged her

Dalia- What are you doing, my love?

Zainab – Dalia, what is it, you are my picky one?

Dalia hugged her – oh

Zainab – Oh my love, my daughter, what are you doing?

Dalia – Aisha, is it, how are you, Suhair Hanim?

Very good

Dalia- Ok for your permission

Fatima – No, Dalia, stay with me

Dalia – I will come to you again auntie, I have not been with you since this morning

Fatima- No ………… Yunus is are

Yunus, the nursery of Fatima – what are you doing, Auntie?

Fatima Ba Zaal – Alhamdulillah

Younes Bass by Dalia- ……

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