What do we earn in romantic relationships? 10 things we deserve and maybe more! …

Thank you for reading the news: What do we earn in romantic relationships? 10 things we deserve and maybe more! …

Basrawi News Encyclopedia written by Hind Muhammad Nobody ever told us when we were young the things we really deserve or the right way we should value ourselves, we may have discovered it over time or we still discover it. So we never asked ourselves how much we value ourselves and our needs. romantic relationship. Rather, we leave ourselves to the experiment of doing whatever you want, with the bet that the result will be in our favor! But, in my opinion, if we really want to have a healthy and somewhat stable emotional life, we need to ask ourselves the most important question what is ” What do I earn in a romantic relationship?No, this question is not selfish at all, it is not only the right of one party, but the two parties have the right to ask themselves and discuss together what they deserve and expect from this relationship.

But anyway, when we talked to a group of girls, they all agreed on some common things they deserve in a relationship, the same things they overlook or are afraid to discuss with their peers … so let’s discuss them together in the following lines …

What do I earn in a romantic relationship?

What I am going to tell you in the following lines are very common things, which means that you may earn more things or you may pass on some of the things on this list for other things. These are not rules, you know I’m not a fan of rules at all!

1- Someone loves you the way you are!

Yes, so simple, we are all looking for that person who loves us as we are. With our flaws before our benefits, the person who does not want to change the look of our curly hair, or the color of our dark / brown skin, or our skinny / chubby / curly body shape, etc … Only someone who accepts us as we are.

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2- Attention

Attention, attention, attention … That’s what all the girls agreed on, and I would not exaggerate if I told you that men also agree on this. All people are looking for someone to give them the attention they deserve, starting with the young child waiting to see attention in the eyes and touch of his parents, the teenager seeking attention from those around him, the woman and man seeking . for mutual attention between themselves and between themselves and their adult children, and so on. All people like to find someone who cares about them and their feelings.

3- Respect and appreciation

Just as we seek attention, we need someone who appreciates us and respects our presence and absence. Someone when we disagree with him does not cross red lines, but rather has enough awareness to appreciate and respect our differences.

4- Someone who is not afraid of confrontation!

Confrontation here includes everything, someone who faces the difficulties of life with us, someone who confronts us with our truth, someone who is not afraid to tell us when we stray from the path, someone who is not afraid is not to face problems, crises, moments. of failure, all these things we go through in life, and certainly we want to be with us Someone who faces like us.

5- We deserve safety

How can we continue in an emotional relationship without feeling safe, without feeling that the person who is with us will support us, and by our side is in moments of sadness before joy, someone with whom we feel and feel comfortable that we are not afraid of anything as long as he is next to us, someone who does not always feel threatened or That he can leave us halfway.

6- Clarity and honesty

It’s true that love ends or a relationship fails for some reason, but the problem is really when we are with someone who is not clear or sincere, someone who lies all the time and hides many things, someone who always half tells the truth, someone who leads us every day to the end of the relationship. . Remember honesty and clarity There is no dispute about their importance in a relationship.


7- Mutual trust!

Believe me, it is not possible to enter into a relationship with a partner who doubts all your actions, or makes you doubt him, the relationship will undoubtedly turn into an endless war. Mutual trust is therefore the key to continuing the relationship.

8- A friend, not a savior!

Some deal in romantic relationships as a savior who will save the other person from all his mistakes, experiences and problems and I admit that I sometimes fall into this trap and play this role, but from my experience I can say with absolute certainty that it is the last thing a man or woman needs in a relationship. We just need a partner, not a savior.

9- To feel that we are in the right place

Do you know that feeling when you are between a group of friends and you feel you are in the right place with them, and the opposite feeling you get when you sit with a group of people and you want to leave all the time? , and when someone asks you why, you find nothing to describe your feeling except “that you are not where you are”! The same is true in romantic relationships. Both of you should feel in the right place.


10- Congratulations!

There is no creature that does not deserve to be happy! We all deserve happiness .. we deserve to laugh from our hearts when we are with our partner, we deserve to forget anything that makes us sad, we deserve to see our faces and eyes smile. Unfortunately, happiness requires some effort on both sides. For example, you will not feel happy when you do not feel safe, a lack of self-confidence, or a lack of interest and appreciation.

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Thank you for reading the news: What do we earn in romantic relationships? 10 things we deserve and maybe more! … It’s over

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