A Novel, I Loved My Level, Chapter 7, written by Shahanda Imam

I loved my level

Chapter VII

Written by Shahanda Imam

After Diab’s silence he said:

Diab: Will you marry me, Fairuz?

Fairuz cold: I do not agree

Diab looked at her a lot and kept quiet and still walked away, Fayrouz caught Edo

Fairuz laughed: I can not wait to complete, I do not agree to marry anyone but you.

Diab laughs at her

Diab: I love you

Fairouz: Me too

Diab Bahzar: This is the reality of the girls’ reality. He says, “We will still think, and you agree, and I love you all the time.”

Fayrouz laughed: To be honest, I was completely honest, and you did not feel it

Diab arrogant: I do not like Diab Al-Hawari, I can not say that I like such a person

Fairuz lag

Diab Bahzar: She laughed, which means her heart is money

Fayrouz Bahzar: All right, Uncle Amr Diab, you leave us the important thing, what are you going to do?

Diab: I’ll tell my mom and we’ll set a date

Fairuz: okay

Diab Fahm: Do you mean your family?

Fayrouz shook her head,

Diab: After all they did, you love them too

Fairouz: It’s not a love story, Diab, but the people of the country will say I’m without people, so on this particular day my family should be present.

Diab: Okay, I’ll talk to your dad and see this issue, but from here until the day the book is written, you’ll be sitting here. I do not guarantee what your family will do.

Fairouz: Well, that’s enough, foam a lot, and let’s drink tea

Diab: Come on, let’s drink

when rare

Raafat his father: Now listen to us, you want to get married, we do not deceive you and you reject this issue

Closer: Because I could not find the girl with whom I would complete my life, and now I have found her

Nevin his mother: And who is the lucky one?

Closer: I remain a student at the college

Raafat: Oh, who’s her family, so we can move forward?

Nader: I asked the dean of the college, and he said that her cousin Diab Al-Hawari stays, and her name is Fatima

Raafat: All right, my son, we’re going to visit them tomorrow, and without asking for a decision, and as long as her cousin Diab Al-Hawari stays for sure, he’s an asset.

Closer to happiness: May God bless you, may God protect you for us, Hajj

Nevin laughed: Why did you fall and no one called you?

Nader Behzar: I’m in fact, I’m going to sleep and stay because I have everything in the morning. good night

Nevin and Raafat: You are of my family, my son

Nevin: Come on, Hajj, you can rest a little

Raafat: Hey!

In the morning

by Fayrouz

Diab went to Hala Al-Awda

Diab: Good morning, Yama

Hala: Good morning my son

Diab: I wanted to tell you the news

Hala: All right, my son

Diab: I’ll propose to Fairouz

Hala with joy: Oh, a thousand white days, my son, and you gave her a tour

Diab: Oh, you gave her a tour, Mom, but I need something

Hala: What is it?

Diab: Fairuz said her family should be present because the people of the country will say she has no family

Hala: She’s fine, my son, what are you going to do?

Diab: Go to her father’s company today and order it from him

Hala: Medicine and enforce your refusal

Diab: Okay, I did what I had to do, and you would marry her to someone else.

Hala: All right, my son, I’m waiting for breakfast, and then I’m going to the stable.

Diab and Hala went out together

When Fatima in the Kidney

She was walking and I heard a rare call to her

Nader: Miss Fatima

Fatima: Yes, Dr. Nader

Closer: Is it possible for your cousin Diab’s number?

Fatima was surprised: You want Diab’s number, good doctor, I did something

Closer with a smile: No good, if God wills, I want his number to drink tea with him

Fatima sat down, took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down her number on her phone.

Fatima: Would that be Diab’s number?

Nader: Thank you, Miss Fatima

Fatima: Excuse me, doctor, for your permission

Closer: I like it

Fatima walked and went to her lectures

When Salem is in the company

Salem: What are we going to do, Jamal? I can not think of yesterday

Jamal: I mean, I’m the one who knows you’re not all of your little girl. The mother is the one who ran away and also went to Diab Al-Hawari.

Salem: What did Diab Al-Hawari know? This is definitely a coincidence. Or Diab Al-Hawari is the one who took her with him to take revenge on me for her.

Jamal: No, Diab El-Hawary is much smarter than that.

Salem: And then, I’m scared of Fairuz

Jamal: The one like your daughter deserves anything you get, I mean, she lived with Diab Al-Hawary, and she knew she was not married, and he said, What are you doing to me?

Salem: All right, Jamal, what happened. We want a way to answer Fairuz

Jamal: When he thinks of something, I’ll tell you about it

by Fayrouz

They all sit at the table to eat, Roses and Fairuz stand next to each other, Hala and Qassem stand next to each other, and Diab stands in the way.

Hala: Congratulations, Diab, he told me everything

Fairuz with a smile: May God bless you, Mama Hala

Ward: Congratulations for what?

Hala: Diab will be engaged to Fayrouz

He responded with joy: Congratulations, Fairouz

Fairouz: May God bless you, Ward, your wish

Answer: Inshallah

Fairuz: Oh, I want to show you my new dresses, and she has to wear an original violin, and she’s going to be covered.

Answer: What is my soul when?

Fairuz is angry with Diab: I went to college yesterday, I met the driver, who called me Diab’s company, and then he took me and went to the mall

Qasim: Congratulations, Rose

Fairouz: May God bless you, Qasim, I wish you

Qassem Behzar: Oh, pray for me, Rose, let the jinx fall apart and remarry

Diab: The best thing about you is that you know yourself

Qassem laughed as he imitated a chick: Monsieur Jack, I’m a respected officer

They all laughed at Hazara

Diab got up from the trip

Diab: I’m leaving the stable

Fairouz: Wait, I’m coming with you

Diab: Do not stay here

Fairouz: No, no, I want to go for the first time

Hala: Take it easy, my son

Diab impatient: Come on guy and wear the hijab

Fairouz: There’s no one outside

Diab: All right, we’re writing the book, and everything will change

Fairuz and Diab left and went to the stable

Fayrouz while spitting for horses: Wow, this place is a masterpiece

Diab: Really, when I get to Madaiq Baji, here you are riding a horse

Fairouz: I hope

Diab held her hand and said

Diab: Come with me

Diab held her hand as he walked with him. He understood nothing. Suddenly he picked her up and let her ride on the horse’s back.

Fairuz is scared: No, no, I’m scared, let me down better

Diab: You are hidden and you are with me

Diab grabbed the horse’s bridle with one hand and the other and held it with a fairuz shield

Fairuz was happy and he was happy because he could make her happy.Diab’s phone interrupted them

Diab to Fairouz: Come on, because I have a phone

Fairuz: okay

Diab went to Fairouz and answered his phone

Closer: Peace to you

Diab: Peace be with you, who is with me?

Nader: I am Nader Raafat Al-Damanhouri, the doctor, Miss Fatima, at university

Diab: You are very welcome, doctor, something has happened

Calm down: No well, if the Lord wills, I would like to tell you we are coming to you today, after I have weighed you, of course.

Diab: No, of course, you are honored anytime

Closer: If God wills, after dinner it will be good

Diab: If God wills, we are waiting for you

Closer: Hi, peace be upon you

Diab: Peace for you

And lock up with each other

Diab to Fairouz: Come on, I’ll take you home so I can walk

Fairouz: Why are you going?

Diab: We will go to the Abuki company and we will agree with him on the books of the book

Fairouz: All right, take care of yourself

Diab: Do not worry, God willing

Diab arrived at Fairouz, and then his villa began to change his clothes

events speed up

He entered the company of Fayrouz’s father with his usual prestige, in the presence of all who admired him

Diab to the secretary while wearing his sunglasses: I want to enter Salem Al-Muhammadi

Secretary: At an earlier date, sorry

Diab: There’s no way, and he’ll go in without a date

Secretary: excuse me, sorry, bring some news

Diab: I want to see her last

The secretary came in and Jamal was in the office with Salem

Secretary: Salem Bey Diab Beh Al-Hawari outside and wants to enter

Salem: Enter quickly

Jamal: What do you want too?

Salem: wait till we see

Out with Diab

Secretary: Go on, Diab Bey, he’s waiting for you

Diab to the guards: Stay here, no one moves from his place

Guards: OK, Diab Bey

Diab entered

Salem was afraid he was trying to hide it: Welcome, Diab, what is the happy visit of this company?

Diab sat down and put a man on another man and said:

Diab: Good morning, Salem Bey

Jamal sarcastic: We do not know that it is enlightening

Diab cold: By God, I said Salem is not beauty

Jamal Bass why mule

Salem: What is the reason for this honorable visit, Diab Beh?

Diab: I want to release Fairuz, your daughter, and I know and I’m sure you know I have it, so there’s no turning back.

Jamal furious: It is impossible to agree to such a thing, no one will marry Fairuz except me

Diab cold: You agree and disagree, no one took your opinion at all

Salem: Toemaar, Jamal

Diab sarcastic and imitates Adel Imam: You put yourself in bad positions

Diab to Salem: So, what did you say, Salem?

Salem ….

Chapter 8 is here

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