A Novel, I Loved My Level, The Last Chapter, written by Shahanda Imam

Novel I loved my level

The twentieth and last chapter

Written by Shahanda Imam

A simple definition of their children

Diab and Fairouz: Khalaf Asr and Talin

Younis and Amal: They succeeded Taliah and Yazid

Qassem and Laila: Khalaf Joan and Zain

Nader and Fatima: Khalfu Malik and Raseel

Selim Ward: Jowerh and Seif

Hind and Majid: Laith and Dalia are twins, they are a year and a half old

Two years after six years

They all stood around the table and sang birthday songs for Juwireh Bint Selim, who is a year old.

After a while, Christmas is over

Families: Come, come to me, come to me

Taliah holding Edo: Oh, let’s go

Yunus: Well, with God, if you did not die your daughter’s son, you know what I would do

Diab, raise an eyebrow: What are you doing, the shape of the stable and your animal, right?

Yunus Behzar: No, I will not do anything, I was originally Behzar

Diab: Oh, I’m changing

Yunus Malicious: Amal Finn Talin

Selim: I saw her, she went out with Zain Ibn Qasim

Diab: Yes, my brother

Qassem: Yes, you’re taller than my son

Diab Malicious: Amal Fen Joan

Yunus: I saw her, she went out with Malik

Qasim: O Nader, why did your son leave my daughter?

Closer: I’m afraid she’s marrying her

Qasim Malicious: Amal Finn Russell

Diab: I went out with Seif

Closer: This is what we do for people, it will come to us or what?

They were interrupted by the entry of Majed and Hind and their son and daughter Laith and Dalia, who are a year and a half old (twins).

Fatima Hind: You are so late

Majid: Tell her, I’m waiting for her from the morning to get rid of

Hind laughed: God did not prepare myself

Layla: Come sit with us, we put out the candles for a while

Hind: Do you want their gifts?

Amal: Why does it bother?

Hind: No fatigue, no need, they are like my children

Fairuz: Come sit with us, and you, Majed Diab, and all of them sit, there is a soul for them

Majed: I’ll take the boys with me

India: Good

when young

Selim: And you, Yazid, are not going to love anyone in Juwayriyah bint Selim and Dalia bint Majid

Yazid with his childhood: I will marry Dalia, my father, Othhan (because) I will marry Joireh

And then he approached Dalia: Let’s play in my circumstances

Dalia Childhood: No, I will (not) play with you, Othan (because) you play with the girls in the club.

Yazid with his childhood: No, I play with them, just broadcast (but) I will marry you

Dalia: Let’s play with you, come on now

Majed: I feel like I’m going to tear my legs apart

Qassem: I feel, no, you have to be sure

Laith Laksim: Oom oom

Qasim: Yes, uncle

Laith with his childhood: She’s a young girl, why?

Qasim laughed: God’s wisdom abides

Laith with his childhood: Athl (origin), I want her to grow up, Othan (Othan) to marry her. Come on, I’m going to play with her

Qasim laughed: What are these kids?

Closer: What do you say instead of boredom? Let’s fry meat

Diab: I swear it’s a good idea, go to Fairuz and Najib Al-Lahma

Nader laughed: the meat bag, but haha

Diab: What do you mean?

Majed laughed: he did not want to be naughty

Diab with a yellow smile: By the way, I can call him to the men now. You want to clean the stable on your own, because you and hardly are the ones who tried to clean it.

Majed and Nader: No, no, we’m sorry

Diab: Oh, are you adjusting?

at six

Fairuz: Hind, I wanted to ask you a question, I mean, it’s been a while

India: ask

Fayrouz: Why do you not come here all the time, why did you wait for it all?

Hind: Honestly, I was scared of you, I mean, maybe you would not forgive me, and that’s why Majed convinced me, but I refused.

Fairouz: Where have you lived all this time?

Hind: Majed paid me an apartment to live in, but he visited me from time to time because people talk and that’s right, Fairouz, it’s you and Diab, how did you meet?

Fairuz told them her story when Yunus first met her in the country

Fairuz with a smile: Diab is the best thing that ever happened to me. I did not know he could love me

Diab: Fairuz can you come to the kitchen with me?

Fayrouz: present

Fairuz and Diab Raho in the kitchen

Diab: Look, let the meat come out so we can fry

Fayrouz: present

Fayrouz, when the meat came out of the freezer, met Diab, who was standing behind her and put a chain with his name and her name on it.

Diab with a smile: I myself did not know that I could love someone.I was always interested in work, but my mother always weighed in on me so that I got married, but I said when I got married, come get married.

Fairuz as she hung out: I love you so much, Diab. You and our children are the greatest blessing in my life

Diab embraced her, then afterwards, and said: What do you think of the series?

Fairuz while holding the chain: I really liked it

Diab with a wink: There’s nothing like it, on the occasion that you liked it

Fairuz laughed: I’m sorry, Diab, for someone coming in to see us

Diab innocent: By the way, I mean you say thank you, you are the one whose brain is north and you let me go on the path of shame

Fairuz laughed: Well, let’s take the meat out and go outside instead of saying something else

Diab is lying: I know my mother spoke to me yesterday, I know what she said

Fairuz: I do not know

Diab: I’ve always said you have a lot of kids, Diab, and you know it’s my mom, and I have to obey her request, hopefully where the mom’s satisfaction is.

Fairuz laughed: I swear to God, she always said just you, and not everyone

Diab: No, you just said I was

Fairuz laughed: well, I’m going to say this

Diab: Wait, what are you going to say?

Fairouz: Oh, this is it

Diab while peeking around him: What is it?

Fairouz: What?

Diab: There is no such reward on the occasion of the gift

Fayrouz came near me and “Set Khadu”

Diab: It’s a nice reward, but I want a sweeter one

Fayrouz understood: Diab hurt someone to go in

Diab: By grace I do not walk until I have taken her near Diab from Fairuz and kissed her. Suddenly Zain Ibn Qasim came in

Zain in his childhood: What are you uncle, what do you do?

Diab after Fayrouz was angry and said: He’s either you or your dad, I mean, I’m more loyal than your dad.

Zain with words that are not appropriate for a child: I’m money, you’re the one who feels, and then if you want to go, “Soha, go anywhere.”

Diab is shocked: Black collapses, it’s impossible for a child to think

Fairuz: I saw I told you someone would come in

Diab: You wait, but take it. Oh, you know where it’s coming from

Zain with his childhood: Ethel (origin) when everyone wants to leave, my lover goes anywhere, which means a trail (captivity) with Talih and Joan with Malik, Raseel with Saif, Yazid with Dalia, Laith with Juwayh

Diab: Black is collapsing, so we’re supposed to ask the morality police, and with God, there’s no one but you who’s respectful

Zain in his childhood: No, uncle, I’m not in Tallinn

Diab, while Bimsco from his back: Who are you with, brother, and you are not far from the girl at all?

Fairuz laughed when she took Zain from me: It’s okay, Sibu, Diab, it’s a child

Zain adjusts his clothes as if he were a great man: No, we will not make a deal.

Fairuz can not hold back from laughing

Diab: What are you laughing at, and you’re my wife?

Zain with his childhood: I will not marry Talin either

Diab: Oh, you’re a little far from my daughter

Zain with his childhood: All right, I’ll stay away from her and I’ll laugh outside for you, and I will not let her out of your ear, uncle, and it started running.

Fairouz: The truth is that it will tempt us

Diab: I swear to God, this is what concerns you, you do not see what Al-Wad said

Fayrouz while she was taking a bag of meat: It’s a child, Diab.

Diab: I’m back in my mind, I’m here to hold you

Diab and Fayrouz went to the garden and they all laughed

Fairuz looked embarrassed and went to girls and Diab to young men

when young

Younis laughs: You brought meat, Diab

Diab: Oh, I did not see it

Selim laughs: In the kitchen, Diab

Nader laughed: Between the packs, Diab

Majed laughed: There’s something called Awd Yadiab

Qasim laughed: But, praise God, I learned from the first time and wiped the lipstick

Diab is angry: I swear by God, I will take you all and let you go to the stable, and then I will be more loyal to you, Qasim.

Qasim laughed: Do not be afraid, we will cover and cover you

Majed: Are we going to spend it talking, or what can we eat?

Nader: Come, bring meat, I’m burning fire

by girls

they laughed

Fayrouz embarrassed: What’s wrong with you and her?

Hind laughed: This valley fascinated you

Amal: No, and he spoke too loudly

Fayrouz: What did you do? Did you see your son Laila, he put me in an embarrassment in front of you?

Layla laughing: No, after Selim was tempted, they say it’s a shame you’re tempted by someone who says he deserves it, because I’m not happy, Abu “S Bento” leaves me

Fayrouz laughing: Da Joe came down and said to Diab, I’m the father, “You’re your daughter, and you swear,” Q is her mother

They all laughed

In the evening

They hung on a necklace of light and surrounded by a long journey, and they all sat, each jumping in his mirror, and each child jumping on his beloved (children of recent times ????) and each mother is happy with the presence of her children and grandchildren and they are happy

Diab tells Fairuz I love: I remember the first time we met

Fairuz with a smile: This is a reasonable day to forget. If I forgot my name today, it’s impossible to forget

Diab held her hand lovingly and attracted her: May God not deprive me of you, the sweetest rose

Fairuz I love: I do not love you so much, Diab

Diab I love: I love you too, Diab’s heart


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