Ahmed Zaher to Al-Jumhuriya Online: I’ve been waiting a long time for “Rates”.

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Ahmed Zaher to Al-Jumhuriya Online: I’ve Been Waiting for “Rates” | Dialogue, today Tuesday 7 June 2022 20:23

Ironically, he hired a coach to help him in the exam, and he recommended an acquaintance to pass the exam, but he was not happy. In the following year, no one recommended or hired anyone for training, so he trained himself and relied on his talent, so he was accepted. His stardom did not stop him from telling me that I was starting the path from the beginning and that he participated in many works with small roles, perhaps the most famous of them at that time was a small role in the famous series Wolves of the Mountain, but his talent, determination and steadfastness were behind the choice of the deceased large star Nour El Sherif to choose him after seeing him in a key role at the Institute and starring in his most famous series, The Other Man, to write the history of art, the birth of star Ahmed Zaher, who his stardom has continued ever since, by achieving great successes, qualifying him to win the absolute championship over the details of his art life, his new work and his privacy life. Republic Online

Tell us about the journey of success since the other man?
After discovering the late big star Nour El Sherif for me in the series The Other Man, the series, thank God, was a huge success. It was for me an introduction and constellation. Even during the seminars held for the series, the audience was very welcoming and I remember there was a seminar in the Shams Club and the audience gathered around us with screams, cheers and a state of hysteria their love for reflecting the series and its success, and when I went anywhere, or to buy anything or any trip, I would leave the place after an hour or two after the amount of welcome and photography with the audience, and i was late until someone brought a photographer to take pictures. Fantastic, my participation in a championship with a star the size of Nour El-Sherif, and there were no channels other than TV channels, and the presence of series that did not exceed six, took the whole Arab world to we let look and I put my feet on the first road.

What did you do after that?
Immediately after the series I came to the movie (Bulaya and his High Brain) and I was the second hero with Henedy. The series of disobedience series – justice has many faces – morning and evening talks – meeting on air – critical moments – truth and reflection – chains of fire – right of law – dance with flowers – wall The heart – the clinic – noble dreams – the other side of the beach – women who do not regret – the final decision – love candles – people of high standing – Umm Kulthum – the justice of the world – Adam – the daughters of the family – the falcon Shaheen – a life story – a forced choice – Rahim – a boy who overwhelms and others

Notice your significant contribution as a guest of honor?

Made of the honor gas meaning
The guest of honor from his name is an honor to any actor or star used in a certain area to enrich the work and here is the greatest example of that star star Ahmed El-Sakka, who has given most of the stars’ work participated as a guest of honor. I say, praise be to God, that I made something important out of the guest of honor (the issue is not that someone compliments two scenes and salvation). For example, I participated in the Rahim series with Yasser Jalal. I played the role of Migo Al-Wahsh. You imagine I shaved my hair in a certain way and made a character for the character. Ahmed El-Sakka in the series “Ould El Ghalaba,” thank God that I come in the role of honor for all this success in the series, and social media in Egypt and the Arab world talk about me.

We do not like to talk about your illness, but tell us how it has affected your career?
Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, for every blessing. It was a great test of our Lord (and I do not want to talk so little about it, as I mentioned all the details in a TV interview), but I can say that the technical situation has been affected. Before the illness, I filmed the series “Dancing with Flowers” with Donia Samir Ghanem. My heroism, and after I got sick and healed, thank God, I came back from the first and new, and I still started and participated in works, yes, it’s wonderful, but in the roles of the third and fourth, and in spite of my feeling that my journey was delayed, but my steadfastness, my zeal, and my faith in my talent and success, our Lord forgave and worked until I achieved great successes, the last of which was the role of Fathi El- Prince in the series The famous (Al-Prince), directed by the genius Mohamed Sami

How do you see these successes and opinions during and after the show?
Praise to God, Lord of the Worlds, the director showed me the series, and we discussed a lot, and I’m optimistic about working with him and all my work with him. I take prizes, even those in which I am a guest of honor and in the Prince. May God help us as a team led by writer and director Mohamed Sami, who I consider artistic, and there is a terrible chemistry between me and him. Seriously, we offer the best he has worked with some have followed the opinions of the audience, and the trend has continued every day of the series, from episode 8 to episode 30, not just in Egypt but throughout the Arab world.

What about the theater in your life?

Theater is the father of arts, and I will only present it with special versions

The theater is the father of arts. I am a student and a lover of theater. I presented the play Al-Wad Ghorab and the Moon in 1994, and in 2001 the play Adla ‘Yadousa with Fifi Abdo, Majed Al-Masry, Mohamed Nagati and Ahmed Rizk and a play “Oh, Look at the Tree Again, why is it “at the Vanguard Theater? It will be only one month, as well as the play “Layali Al-Azbakeya” directed by Samir Al-Asfoury with Omar Al-Hariri, Majda Al-Khatib and Buthaina Rashwan, in which I presented dance, song and acting. In the end, I want to say the theater is a big thing. Once, by the way, acting in the theater is more difficult. The theater actor can act with ease for the camera, but the opposite is difficult in the theater. You need a certain tone of voice and your voice is strong and delivers to the last one in the hall, but television play is different, as well as cinema, in which the actor is more natural, and I myself am the oldest theater, but it has specifications Especially with an honorable budget, a strong script and strong propaganda away from routine.The state theater faces many gaps that made it unable to compete. Where are the big stars participating? Appropriate budgets and smooth handling, and the value of tickets should be increased in certain proportions that match the value of the offer to produce good content. I will not take this step except with certain accounts

Does absolute championship worry you?
This of course means anyone working in the field, even beginners. Of course he will remain a single hero, but there must also be a strong script and stars around me so that there is a match in acting and we offer something good. , for I will not be glad that I am the only hero in a slender text and a poor cast, and in the end the success of the work is attributed. For everyone I mean, we say for example that Al-Ahly got John or Zamalek took the league or the Prince series passed, which means success is for everyone.

I recently made a movie duo seven, what about that?
Praise to God, the film starred me starring Nidal Al-Shafei, written by Hossam Moussa, directed by Abram Nashat, and produced by Ayman Youssef. There was no Corona, and the audience’s viewing figure was as normal as the first The movie made amazing income

your new?
All Glory to God, the success of the film, Seven Cells, had the producer Ayman Youssef contract with me for the absolute lead role of the movie (Fares) written by Hossam Moussa and directed by the amazing great director Raouf Abdel Aziz, whom I is optimistic to work with him with all his professionalism, morals and past successes and optimistic about the experience and the film is currently being shown in cinemas and I wish him success

Honors and awards in your life?
Something important and joyful, and I’m sure I’m doing right, especially since it’s based on a public referendum
Like you top?
Robert De Niro, Wal Pacino, Adel Emam, Ahmed Zaki and Nour El Sharif
your family life?
I am married and have 4 daughters, the two artists, Laila and Malak, as well as Mona and Nour
Do you help your daughters choose their job?
Of course, because I’m their father, I give them advice and I discuss with them, and most of me are their mother, because she’s an acting coach.

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