“Al-Bayan” reviews latest innovations for a more flexible and sustainable future for information technology systems

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“Al-Bayan” is briefed on the latest innovations focused on building a more flexible and sustainable future for information technology systems
She accompanied the leadership team of Schneider Electric in a media event entitled “The Future Begins Today: Preparing the Information Technology Infrastructure to Meet the Requirements of Carbon-Free Operations”, which was held on Tuesday in the French capital, Paris.

The event highlighted the latest innovations focused on building a more flexible, efficient and sustainable future for information technology systems, in addition to discussing very important topics, including the value provided by partnership systems and ways to enable the digital future. make by advanced software and solutions such as e.g. as the EcoStruxure IT software system developed by Schneider Electric.

EcoStruxure IT software modernizes the monitoring and management of complex and hybrid IT infrastructure to maintain infrastructure flexibility and security with flexible deployment options that include cloud-based solutions to support technology environments from multiple locations to thousands of locations worldwide.

Kevin Brown, Senior Vice President of EcoSruxure, Secure Power Solutions, emphasizes that the modernization of the IT software ecosystem comes at a time when 99% of CEOs of large companies agree that sustainability issues are important for business success and security first in the Allianz risk scale. 62% of IT disruptions to infrastructure failures are by cloud vendors and are owned as a complete software portfolio, so the software was developed to provide more capabilities, flexibility and deployment options than ever before to organizations and enable customers to be the most flexible, secure and sustainable IT infrastructure.

He explained that deployments are important as central data centers and that there is a need for new capabilities of software tools to maintain the resilience of the infrastructure, in addition to emphasizing sustainability as a major trend, and accordingly energy consumption and carbon footprint of the company’s data centers must be measured and managed.

sustainable innovation

Schneider Electric unveiled its single-phase UPS with the most sustainable lithium-ion technology of its kind.

“This new innovation is a significant output and achievement in recent years, as UPS delivers more scalable power in a smaller footprint and lighter weight, freeing up space for critical IT at a lower total cost and enabling organizations to power to protect up to 20 kW.

She added: “This product has been achieved by using advanced generation semiconductor technology due to the shift in the way of working from large data centers to small ones, which requires the presence of services and components that are smaller in size and expand the spaces. and places of users.

She explained, “One of the most prominent features of the Smart-UPS Ultra units is that it is an AC regulator and helps small and emerging companies reduce losses that may result from power outages and their impact on infrastructure. to reduce the risk of data loss, and that lithium-ion batteries do not need to be replaced in the light of normal operating conditions contributes to the reduction of time and money spent on maintenance.

She emphasized that the company is working on a dual strategy with multiple suppliers, which reduces the possibility of a shortage in the supply of internal components, in addition to the continuity of its work in the development of the infrastructure of the logistics supply network.

She indicated that this product is currently available in the United States and will be available in the Middle East and North Africa by 2023.


Schneider Electric has announced its new partnership with IT service provider Kendrill.

This partnership improves ways of working to provide solutions to tackle the climate crisis in a smoother and more efficient way.

The Global Strategic Alliance will also provide enhanced sustainability through various programs, including recycling, small electric grids, lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.

Paul Savile, network and computer officer at Kendrell, a global company with a value of $ 19.4 billion, confirmed that the information technology sector is experiencing significant growth due to radical transformations and many variables, and there is a qualitative leap in software as it helps in managing peripherals and information resources.
He explained that spectrum services “information technology” depend on 6 main axes, which …
Computer Services.
– Security.
Advanced institutional applications.
Artificial intelligence tools.
Manage large networks.
Peripheral computers.

He said that the variables in data centers help small businesses to develop services through 3 factors:
Low operating costs in general.
– Dynamic and flexible operational features.
The introduction of new services that contribute to profitability and the creation of new supply channels.


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