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No one disputes the great benefits that mankind has benefited from, and continues to benefit from, the communications technology revolution, especially with regard to smartphones, as this technology has made life easier and more efficient.

But the bright side of this technology should not hide its dark side, whose damage and great risks do not balance all the benefits of its utilitarian face, especially when it comes to children, their mental health, their academic security and their future in the society .

And after smartphones became entrenched in the culture of families, and under various daily pressures, and in search of attractive distractions, these phones became an element that expanded its presence and took root in the lives of children, sometimes from their first months.

This strong early presence of smartphones in the world of children raises worrying questions for scientists, educators and family heads.

What is the negative impact of smartphones on children’s development, mental health, social competence and academic future?

And what is the safest way to confront the theft of smartphones for our children, in which violence is not considered final? Should we give up?

“I will never buy a smartphone for any of my children”

For Dr. “Adriana Stacey”, according to Al Jazeera Net, the matter is very simple and the answer is quite clear from the previous questions: “I will never buy a smartphone for any of my children,” according to the American newspaper “Washington Post” in a recent report.

This is a personal situation due to her extensive professional experience, according to the previous source. She is a psychiatrist who works primarily with high school and college students in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and during her work she regularly asks new patients for their phones and show how much time they spend in front of the screen daily.

According to the same source, Stacey says, “I rarely find that one of them spends less than 9 hours on their cell phone, so these kids and teens spend more time on their phones than they sleep.”

Stacey often encourages these sick kids to delete just one application as a first step in treatment, but for some of the teens who make it to her office, the idea of ​​not following Snapchat, for example, is impossible. So you tell them, “We can not continue your treatment until you stop using your phone. But after hearing it from me, they do not return to the clinic. That’s how powerful the traction and control are for these devices. ”

So Stacey (mother of 4) made the decision: “These phones are not for my kids.” “If they want one when they turn 18, have a job and can afford it, it’s their choice, but I’ll never buy them a smartphone,” she says.

The psychiatrist Stacey may be a runner in this war being waged every day between us and our children in our homes, as adults try to limit the use of smartphones that they think may be harmful to children.

The big surprise is that parents are not winning this battle because they are not only facing their children, but also a powerful technology industry that drives products designed to be addictive in a society that has largely succumbed to the standards, urges and expectations created. through all these phones and applications.

Do we give in to kidnapping our children?

If you are one of those who have decided to give up in search of peace, find out at least 5 reasons why you should not buy your child a smartphone like Dr. Stacey did not, and the decision thereafter is up to you, as mentioned. recently through the “Life Hack” platform:

1- Changing the nature of the parent-child relationship

Although smartphones can be convenient, it changes the bond that is supposed to exist between parents and children, because direct and continuous communication between parents and children in childhood is essential and essential for children to get healthy and well, and in this relationship teach children from parents Many things are very important for their development and maturity, they ask many questions, they monitor parents’ behavior and learn from them.

But due to children’s attachment and attachment to smartphones, they have quick, immediate and effortless responses, which means that the support that parents provide to their children is dispensed with in the absence of role models and models as the phone takes over these roles, which may lead to that your children make bad choices in the long run negatively affects their entire future.

2- Limit children’s spiritual and creative development

Children learn by playing with each other as their minds grow and develop, and they also begin to invent other games of their own, or to make up for what they lack in games by making it with their little hands, as is the case with we were and our generation when we made our cars, balls and dolls, which means Develop creative creative thinking in children.

But with the easy access by smartphone to most of their games, kids now have an easy and direct platform to play whatever exciting games they want, without the need for thinking or innovation, and these games limit their creativity and imagination and retard their sensory, visual and motor development.

3- It causes them to sleep less

Children need enough sleep so that their bodies can grow in a healthy and wholesome way. A scientific study has proven that the presence of a smartphone in the bedrooms will lead to late stays and bedtime, and children do not get enough sleep due to their preoccupation with playing at night; Which leads to them feeling tired and exhausted the next day, as the child has to rest his brain to continue his activity in the morning, and the smartphone will certainly not help him achieve this.

4- Do not give children time to think or learn about the consequences of their actions

Imagine that a child is having a chat on a chat site and then things go wrong. The child on the other hand curses and curses him, and here your child will react very quickly to the insult with a similar insult and the other child curses, and this is just a simple example. This happens because the child is not given the opportunity to think about the impact and negativity of his actions or what he is saying, with a smartphone things happen quickly.

5- It impedes the ability to learn

According to the researchers, the smartphone is detrimental to the child’s social and economic development because it diverts his attention from the things that are most important, as the use of interactive screen time on these devices also the child’s development of the skills needed for learning can hinder. , especially in the field of mathematics and science which is so essential for its academic, scientific and professional progress In the future.

Do you then agree with psychiatrist “Adriana Stacey”, and do you also decide not to buy a smartphone for any of your children? Or will you succumb to the smartphone industry that kidnaps your children and pledges their future?

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