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Late last year I finished reading Manuel Carrier’s book “Lives Other Than Mine”, a novel that gave Manuel from his perspective on the lives that revolve around him, and also gave space for others to tell their life stories and the lives of his next of kin to ask existential questions to look for answers.

The theme of the work was Death and Cancer. This is not uncommon for a person whose family history is thriving and whose city has high cancer rates. Death is often synonymous with this disease due to the delay in diagnosis and the high cost of detection and treatment, and because we do not have a specialized hospital in the region as you have to travel and move for the sake of examination or treatment.

The new year has begun and the effect of the novel on me is still clear, perhaps because I am a person who strongly believes that the times of life are never arbitrary and always take them as signs.

With the end of the year and the beginning of the year, social media platforms and even LinkedIn, which was originally a primarily business-oriented platform, are teeming with content such as how successful your year was, and how was your productivity? How many books have you read? How many countries have you visited? How many new languages ​​have you learned? How many new projects? You started and many other trend phrases, and immediately after that you see content that is not much different from what preceded it, what are your plans for the new year? The makers of vanity shine a lot in this period and try to push you in various ways to think in one direction as the shapes become similar due to the filtering and the promotion of certain beauty standards with one template, success and love have taken one form , Maldives, designer bags, latest fashion clothing And if you look like a bag of potatoes, and most importantly, you’re a contractor working for yourself.

The Instagram dictionary and its basics are a little different from what we are used to.

Who I think is talking about the utopia of the “utopia” is definitely someone who has not yet visited Instagram or Tik Tok. Instagram is a parallel world in which life is not at all like our normal, boring life as ordinary people, there are people who look better with detailed features about the sizes of the latest trends: a prominent Texas-style chin, laser-shaped beards , and colored eyes.

People there are similar to each other, they speak in the same style and words, there are all contractors or owners of brands. The employee’s miserable life, even if he is passionate and passionate about his work, is never worthy of the city of perfection. Oh God, if he combines with his full-time other jobs: a human development coach, an online sports coach, or occurrence consultant, etc.

Even the timing there differs from our normal timing, imagine people waking up happy and in full elegance and with a natural glow to match any lightener (light used in makeup) available in the market. And his portrayal of us, the followers, so that we can be inspired and also adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The morning tour is just completed with a shopping session and I do not have to tell you that they buy local, organic vegetables to suit the healthy lifestyle. They cook the week’s food, organize the busy schedule, answer emails and calls and some remote meetings as well, and those who have children feed them and give them quality time. Yes, as I read before Instagram, we did not know how to judge the quality of time. Then they read a book about human development and success strategies, or some miserable poetry. The quince and crisis poets are an idea and an idea never dies.

They do everything I mentioned before and more, and the hour was no more than eleven in the morning. Instagram is definitely our lost paradise, where one hour is a thousand more than we are.

This crazy race to prove toxic productivity flourished during the first stone and continued on.

The question that stuck in my mind from the book for today and made me think for a long time about, when are you going to be on your deathbed or when you know your life is numbered, and you ask yourself: Was my life successful? happy? What would be your answer?

Success and happiness are loose concepts, each separated according to its dreams and ambitions, in the end everything is relative in life. What matters is that you are in harmony with your beliefs, and at the end of the day as at the end of your life you are happy with what you have done, or at least happy with the path you have chosen. Reality does not differ much from the hypothetical, as the number of people who daily try to convince you that you are not successful or convince you that you are less intelligent because you have just chosen your path that may differ from their ways, is terrible is. I was also like them, I thought success has one formula with one result. I later found out that it is more complicated than I imagine, there are people who all agree that they are at least on the surface successful, but if you give someone else their life he will not be so happy or satisfied because he is a demanding person, not at all, but because he is a different psychological / social composition. There are those who are busy making money and measuring their success by the amount of money they earn, and that is never a shameful thing.I do not know why. Society demonizes the one who loves money and seeks it and accuses him of bad things, and God Almighty himself says in his book “Money and children are the decoration of this world” Surah Al-Kahf – verse 46 .. What follows is to confirms that the lust for money is the origin in man and does not reach the levels of charity except when he controls this lust and does not cancel it and claims asceticism and false purity. How to make money is the real question here, and not money per se .. Crazy people who do not accept that money buys some comfort in life, in return there are people who are more obsessed with their social and intellectual status in society, and money is not their first or main goal, the satisfaction that this moral authority comforts them. It is a small acknowledgment that I admit here that for a recent time I did not understand this particular point and I laughed with myself about it because I did not understand how anyone would prefer intellectual glory and moral authority above the power and magic of money.

I used to believe that success should always be accompanied by money. Now I see that success is the balance between professional life and personal life and the addition you offer to those around you. What is the use of being successful and the gap between you and your environment is deep, what does it mean to be successful to be while the person in you has been dead for a long time? What does it mean to be successful from afar, and when someone approaches you, he gets a corpse asking to be buried because there is no life in it.

Success for me has become very simple in maintaining your ability to move forward and keeping your mental abilities intact from damage.

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