Invest in the corpses of the dead. By: Ezzedine Saghiroon – Sudanile

Until recently we thought that death is equal between people, so there is no difference between a dead rich man and a dead arm, or between a king and a dead president, a guard and a long one, for death is one, and dead bodies are of equal value and importance.

Of course it is with us who have not yet been carried on a humpback machine, but with God, after the souls have left their bodies they carry on earth and returned to their Creator in the world of the invisible, the matter is different, and we do not know what will lead to their condition.

As for the bodies / corpses, their fate is to return to their source of land, the rich and the poor are equal, regardless of their gender or religion. Do not be deceived by those corpses around which domes were built, or the lush marble mausoleums with their angelic images, or those lying in the tombs of kings and celebrities. Beneath all this grandiose architecture lies a corpse lying in a pit, of which perhaps only bones remain. It is in its pit surrounded by artistic decorations underground, of no more value than an unknown tomb in the deserted desert. As Abu Al-Ala Al-Maari said:

Lord of the End has repeatedly laughed at the chase of opposites

and buried on the remains of a long-buried burial and fathers

To this extent, the value of the tombs is equal, because you can not imagine a place on earth of Adam that was not a tomb that disappeared thousands of years ago, and it seems that we walk over the tombs of those who we preceded to the dust. It goes further than that, that a single grave may have been followed by more than one body with the passage of times and the passage of eras. Perhaps this is the realistic and possible possibility that Al-Ma’arri sent his advice to the proud people who walk proudly:

He shouted, “These are our graves full of joy, so where are the graves from the era of ‘Ad?”

Reduce sexual intercourse I do not think man on earth is apart from these bodies.

It is ugly for us, even though the covenant has come, it is dishonorable to our fathers and grandfathers.

Be secretive as you slowly glide through the air and do not deceive the remnants of the servants.

There is always a vast uninhabited land for all the corpses, even if some natural disaster wipes out all the inhabitants of the planet, each corpse will find its space in which it lies on the ground with its “rest”. But you will find, in spite of all this vastness and this vastness in the land, that her breast began to narrow with the corpses of her children.

The family of the deceased in Sudan, for example, was not obliged to honor him, to cover him and to bury his body in the grave, except for the efforts made by men to find a suitable grave for burial. to prepare, according to religious specifications followed. That was before the Islamists plagued the country with their “civilized” project, which levied a tax on the dead that his family would take care of, if they wanted to bury him!

And you may ask: What else?!.

Is his body “scattered” among the living, and for how long?

Can he do with his body what Al-Halfawi jokingly asked, to do with the body of a man who died as soon as they reached the territory of Khashm al-Qirba after the displacement?!.

Every time they wanted to bury him in a place, the local official surprised them that this site was not specified in the city planning as funerals, so they went to the governor and carried the body on a tray and the problem and the body presented to him. lying in front of them. The one lying in front of him says, “Wood, we spread it out, you mean?”

Of course, no one will dare to slice up the body that does not have the funeral tax, also because he is a displaced person whose family was dispersed due to the wars and he has no family to pay the government for funeral of his body, or because he is poor and his family has nothing for the environment of them and therefore the value of burying their dead is a luxury they do not have.

Sharia says that whoever dies as a result of a debt, his heirs must pay this debt on his behalf because this debt is in the hands of this debtor who died. And that the prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, declared that the deceased was subject to his religion. And that the prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, did not pray for a man who owed a debt, when he asked if he owed a debt? They said two dinars, so he said, “Pray for him.” So, like many people of our time, we are in “real trouble”. The curse of poverty will haunt them even after their death.

Will he be released from the penalty of public debt that is “in his neck” due to his death in poverty?

I know nothing about this, but the opinions of the jurists’ “weavers” of fatwas will differ on this and each fatwa will be concluded with “God knows best”. The latter is the only certain thing in all fatwas.

Will the greed of governments and their transgression for the flesh of the poor end at this stage?

The answer comes to you – as you might expect – from Egypt, the land of wonders, as long as it is (the mother of the world, and wonders is the daughter of the world. His government has thought about how to feed its treasury with more foreign exchange, so what the Gulf countries, America, the two institutions of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund no longer offer It is sufficient to finance its major construction projects such as the Administrative City and the Museum of Antiquities, together with secondary problems and issues, such as the issue of high prices of consumer goods needed for people’s daily lives.The economic geniuses turned them to the dead as a lucrative investment to address the shortage of foreign exchange.

The Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities in Egypt has decided to offer land to be used as cemeteries for workers abroad, provided their prices are in dollars. In New Cairo, Badr City, the Tenth of Ramadan and New October, and it comes within the eighth phase of the “Home of the Homeland” project.

According to a number of Egyptian newspapers, the price per square meter in these countries in the cities of New Cairo and New October was $ 90, or 1565 Egyptian pounds.Discussion ($ 900). In the city of Badr, the price per square meter ($ 80) is equivalent to 1,320 pounds, so the price of the cemetery area is 40 square meters ($ 3,200), and the deposit required for reservations is $ 800.

Will this investment project find the expected rise of Egyptian workers abroad? I do not know, but I am reminded of the scenes of Egyptian workers abroad during the Corona pandemic, when they were forced to pay the cost of their detention before being allowed to enter their country. The sight of stranded workers, women and children was truly heartbreaking. Are people like these people who can easily scatter the few hard-earned dollars and sacrifices that earned much of his patience for alienation and humiliated them for the sake of providing a shelter, or for the sake of boys and girls to spend their education , or just to open a house and get married, to pay thousands of dollars for a cemetery in which his body is buried after death? !!.

I do not know, but maybe some of the maniacs love appearances who want to brag about the duration of their dollar-paid grave after they die.

And as they say: the maintenance of the poor over the insane.

But who’s poor and who’s crazy here:

The government, or the owner of the grave (after a long life) ?? !!.

God knows.

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