Lebanon “promised” by US mediator: What position?


It is likely that the “front” of negotiations on the file of the demarcation of the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel will reopen, and with a warm impact, I hope, the new developments that have taken place in recent days after the arrival of the “energy force” ship at the Karish field, and caused by his arrival and the commencement of the mission which summoned it. Israel has consequences for the Lebanese side. The new development is represented in an official confirmation of the reaction of the American mediator in the indirect negotiations between Lebanon and Israel in the file of demarcation of the sea borders, Amos Hochstein, Lebanon requested his presence to move the negotiation file, which is at the start of the parliamentary session yesterday announced by the speaker of parliament, Nabih Berri, to elect the parliamentary committees Hochstein who are likely to arrive in Beirut on Sunday or Monday.

But the U.S. State Department did not want to deny or confirm what Berri had announced, and a U.S. State Department spokesman said, “We have nothing to add to what Ned Price spokesman said yesterday.” The US embassy in Beirut has refused to confirm or deny the date of arrival, or to add any details announced by Lebanon.

Price confirmed that he “had no announcement of Hochstein’s trip at this time.”

He said the issue of demarcating the sea borders between Lebanon and Israel was “a decision to be taken by the two countries,” adding: “We believe the agreement is possible if the two sides negotiate in good faith. and benefit both countries. ” We strongly support efforts to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. ”

And if the move of US mediation at Lebanon’s request is a step towards combating tensions and dealing with the highly contradictory legal facts again, it does not obscure Lebanon’s negative position, which awaits the arrival of Hochstein, while it is not yet known. is what is united. position he will convey to him and based on any negotiation strategy as long as the official position of the state So far, it is not enough to consider that Israel has entered a disputed country with Lebanon. So far, Tel Aviv denies that the Energean ship entered the disputed territory with Lebanon, especially since Lebanon did not amend Decree 6433, and therefore the point at which the ship operates comes outside line 23, which Lebanon officially considers the most important evidence line. for the negotiation of the issue of border demarcation. It is no secret that Israel has benefited from the confusion within Lebanon in terms of defining the line of negotiation and the division over the acceptance of line 23 or line 29, and therefore he hastened to start works on the Karish field , which is being considered up to this moment. before the United Nations and the Security Council within a non-disputed territory with Lebanon because Lebanon has not changed its sea lines before the United Nations.

There are those who point out that the coordination circle between the three presidencies, as well as with “Hezbollah” implicitly, has seen a remarkable intensification in recent days in order to correct the worrying gaps in the Lebanese position and to agree. on the acceptance of a single language and a single Lebanese negotiating position that will be reported to the American mediator Note that those familiar with Hochstein realize that he will hurry to remind his Lebanese interlocutors of an offer he made to Beirut has made and he does not have an answer him.

Meanwhile, the Baabda Palace announced that President Michel Aoun had intensified contact to address the developments that arose after the maritime movements undertaken by the “Energy Power” ship of the disputed maritime border area. He received reports of the army order yesterday about the ship’s movements from the maritime border area.

The caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, in turn, followed up on the results of the ongoing diplomatic contacts regarding the file, and what is expected regarding the mission of US Mediator Aimus Hochstein. Prime Minister Mikati reiterated that “the Lebanese state is eminently following up on the data of this sovereign file, which is being addressed diplomatically to deliver positive results, and to move indirect negotiations again.” He stressed “the importance of keeping this file away from internal debates and political accounts, as it concerns all Lebanese, and preserves Lebanon’s rights to its waters, natural resources and stability.”

Hezbollah’s involvement?

Perhaps what is worth noting in this context is that “Hezbollah” in recent hours has seemed willing to show its progress on the public front of the developments related to this file, and not be satisfied. with the position it took in terms of waiting for what the Lebanese state would announce to build on the required thing. If there are indications of the party’s involvement in the ongoing preparations to bring the diplomatic negotiations into action, it means that the party has decided to move from the back leadership which strongly influences the position of the authority and in the direct front leadership sit, although of course it will not get involved in the negotiation process. In this context, “An-Nahar” information reported that “Hezbollah” had assigned former MP Nawaf Al-Moussawi the file of maritime borders and the demarcation process, in addition to coordinating positions with the political forces. This came after the caretaker Minister of Labor, Mustafa Bayram, announced that “a high-ranking Hezbollah official specializing in the border demarcation file has been appointed, with a team 24/24” from bottom to bottom “away from the media work.and slow to maintain the national consensus on the issue.file “.

It was also reported last night that Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will speak on the latest political developments tomorrow, Thursday, at 20:30.

Committee elections

In any case, the border demarcation file broke through several times yesterday’s parliamentary session, in both its day and night, to elect parliamentary committees. convert a discussion. session on the issue of Israeli gas exploration. As for the new paradox recorded by the session, it was represented in the fact that for the first time in a long time it saw an electoral right for most of the committees, and not a process of dissemination of ‘ a mechanism that has always been relied upon. and in which the old man returns to his feet. Although many of the old men returned yesterday, a not insignificant number of committees were elected through election processes in two day and evening sessions that mixed the distribution by acclamation in a number of committees with the election battles in another number of them. However, the process was characterized by a very slow process of voting and counting, and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri decided at night to complete the election of the committees, the heads of the committees and their rapporteurs in a session that he at 3 p.m. on Friday.

And if the vote during the day was limited to the committees of administration, justice, finance and budget, the recommendation went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Exiles, Media, Communications, Youth, Sports, Women and Children, and the Human Rights Committee. . After the collapse of the consensus on the distribution of committees before noon, the election process began which lasted long hours and later required an evening session.

While most of the committees did not see drastic changes, the day’s session was not without controversy. Representatives Firas Hamdan and Ali Hassan Khalil clashed over the nomination mechanism for the Finance Committee after Hamdan insisted on running without changing his name. to place the General Secretariat. Hassan Khalil Hamdan said, “Do not interrupt me, my son.” Hamdan replied, “I am not your son, I am your colleague.”

Regarding the maritime demarcation file, Berri responded to what was stated by Representative Paula Yacoubian on the subject of a legislative session in the maritime demarcation file, saying: “President Berri did not accept a legislative session,” and said: ” Where was Paula when I was 12 years old? ” confused “on the issue of oil wealth. She was after she got married. We do not want to talk about her sand, like her husband’s, her husband’s friend. AB Legislation says there is no legislation during the election session, it seems for people who come to the council so you can just see. ”

Yacoubian, in turn, replied: “His words are rejected and flawed, and he has already ended the election session more than once and started a legislative session, but he will be in a treadmill. She added: We work according to the system and today the issue of border demarcation can not be postponed because our rights must be protected and not trade with Hochstein.

In the evening session, election operations were held for the committees of security, national defense, economy, foreign affairs and works, while committees of environment, agriculture, tourism, health, displaced persons and information technology were recommended.

On the subject of binding parliamentary consultations to appoint the new prime minister, the delay in setting the date has begun to provoke reactions under various pretexts that reflect growing doubts about the aims of this delay. In this context, the head of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, stressed yesterday that “the binding parliamentary consultations are one of the most important rights at this stage,” and noted that “the President of the Republic should ask for it as soon as possible. if possible so that the process of government formation can begin quickly. ” “Every day of deferral passes, Lebanon drains the rest of its reserves, and the governor of the Banque du Liban spends daily from this reserve to pump foreign currency liquidity into the market to maintain the current exchange rate.”

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