Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group launches ‘Smart Movement’ initiative to celebrate World Wellness Day 2022

Wellness and spa facilities at Mandarin Oriental celebrate World Wellness Day 2022 by launching the Smart Movement initiative. It is an innovative health and wellness program designed to bridge the gap between spas and fitness centers. This new treatment was designed in collaboration with Hong Kong-based Joint Dynamics to her. This new approach to therapy and training helps to improve the quality of movement for guests who are often hampered by trendy lifestyles. To celebrate this initiative, spas around the world will host World Wellness Day on June 11, 2022. A variety of free activities under the slogan “Smart Movement”.

The Smart Move initiative aims to support guests whose way of sitting and moving is influenced by their lifestyle. It is controlled by technology, which makes their head bend forward for long periods of time, turns their shoulders inwards and bends their pelvis forward. .Their knees are stiff. . This initiative is designed to help guests move better and the treatment includes teachings from elite coaches at Joint Dynamics, a sophisticated multidisciplinary clinic specializing in scientific and individualized methods of treatment and personal training. Treatments include: Reflexology Point Relaxation, Deep Muscle Therapy, Stretching and Stretching, and all of this Designed to relieve and relax stress, help improve flexibility and help the body move better.

Before the treatment, guests can choose between two oils known by Mandarin Oriental. The first oil is Awaken, which represents the wood element in traditional Chinese medicine and symbolizes the growth and beginning of a cycle.New life. And by combining orange blossoms and lavender to relieve mental stress, and mandarin and grapefruit for a nice dose of Energy, this oil helps to clear and relax the mind. The second oil, called Release, represents the mineral element in traditional Chinese medicine.

Its cleansing properties indicate a refined blend of incense, sage and eucalyptus. It is also ideal for relaxing muscles, protecting against flu symptoms and strengthening immunity.

After the treatment, guests are given a card with a set of tips to help them complete the program at home with Flexibility exercises for the upper and lower body to counteract posture problems and improve flexibility.

As part of the “Smart Movement” program, Mandarin Oriental Health Resorts has also partnered with Hyperice. It is an American company that specializes in creating high performance health and wellness products to provide therapeutic massage tools for both therapists and fitness trainers. is used by guests to help with treatment Deep muscles, open joints, and prepares the body to deal with the effects of treatment. These massage tools will also be available for retail sale at each of our spas.

Andrea Lomas Gong, who oversees spa operations and health and wellness treatments worldwide, said: “Over the past few years and with the massive use of technology, we see that many of our guests … People who visit our spas and fitness centers suffer from the same common problems associated with posture and lack of movement. Most of our guests suffer from the same position where the head is tilted forward because they are looking at the screens, and the shoulders are turned Internally due to the use of the keyboard, stiff hips and lower back pain caused by sitting for long periods of time. The Intelligent Movement therefore addresses these issues with a comprehensive approach that is tailored to each person’s needs. ”

World Wellness Day 2022

On World Wellness Day, our health resorts around the world will offer many free activities under the slogan “Movement smart” such as:

The fitness and wellness haven that includes Saturday Namaste, Aquavit, and DIY healthy juice instruction, and repair sessions of Hyperice and ice baths at Emirates Palace Hotel

Yoga, sunset meditation and water aerobics at the rooftop pool at Mandarin Oriental, Doha

Posture and Flexibility Assessment at Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

Dynamic stretching class at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Pilates and Dynamic Meditation at Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

Workshop on the use of an elastic band at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong to treat imbalances in the intramuscular muscles and increase the range

Yoga with health and wellness expert Neelam Khatri at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok focusing on the effects of mindfulness and movement to relax the body

Walk and meditate with Bagua in Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta to gain balance and vitality

Sunrise yoga on the roof terrace at Mandarin Oriental, Munich every Saturday from June

Classes in progress at the Movementum Studio in Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London, which offers a set of specialized movements with a focus on improving the body’s readiness for movement, enabling peak performance, and helping with recovery

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