My Heart Is Yours Alone, Part Two, Chapter Three, and written by Maryam Muhammad

Shocked Love: Pregnant ?? !!

Murad: Oh my soul, why were you shocked, or what?

Ashiq: You’re definitely going crazy. And I have nothing to say

Murad: You’re free, but tomorrow, people know, and the rest is over. You know that. I do not have to say it every bit

Love: Believe me, you are human and you do not know how it feels because if you knew you would not have done it all

Murad: okay, stay, my soul, forget what happened .. the most important thing is that I come tomorrow so we can go buy the engagement dress

Love: I understand, O sons of Adam, you are not in a position to be marginalized with you, are you?

Murad: you will walk, my love..and listen to the words because I am upset, a lot of animal

Murad moved outside while talking to Selim *

Murad: That’s okay, uncle. Tomorrow, God willing, I and I will go down to buy the engagement dress

Selim * with a smile: Congratulations, my love

Murat: God bless you, uncle

Love stood in the salon

And she feels like she wants to go out and suffocate Murad until he dies * t


“In Omar Al-Jarhi’s office”

She put Malak and her friend Mi

In front of the desk he sits up and Omar

Omar: The first thing I want to do is focus. I do not want one to let my ears go

King and Mi: Listen

Omar: I do not understand what you have to say

So I’ll ask you after I finish an explanation

King: Okay, Dad

(Omar graduated with honors from the Faculty of Engineering. He became a teaching assistant in it .. so he will explain to Malik and Mai a lesson they do not understand)

Omar began to explain the lesson to them in an easy and simple way so that they could understand it without difficulty. Malak and Mai understood what Omar was saying, and the lesson became easy after Omar explained it to them.

Omar: Want to ask someone about something I do not understand?

King and Mi: No

Omar: We are ready for questions

King and Mi: Ag

Omar started asking Malak a question and Mai a question..and so on until I was assured that they understood the lesson and understood it easily

Omar: All right, guys.

“A new day for our heroes”

At the College of Fine Arts

Marwan: What are you doing, honey?

Love: Alhamdulillah, you’re fine, Marwan

Marwan: Malik, oh darling, he told you for a while, why did you not come to college?

Ashiq: There’s nothing, Marwan .. I was a little tired, not anymore

Marwan: Peace to you, my love

Love: May God bless you, Marwan

Kholoud: What are you doing, I miss you, my love

Ashiq: Praise God, Khukha, you’re fine .. you work, my love

Khuloud: Alhamdulillah, my heart

Love: always oh my god

Kholoud: What do you think, let’s go out tomorrow, Shushu

Love: No, it will not work tomorrow, let it be another day, because tomorrow it will not be empty.

Kholoud: It’s okay, my soul, as you wish

I went to love and attended her lectures

She was sitting with her friends at the cafe

And they talked to each other

Love: For your ears, girls

Kholoud: What are you, darling, we have joined to sit, my daughter

Ashiq: Sorry, Ikhloud, let this go one more time. The days come many

Kholoud Bazaal: Go, my love, at ease

Ashq went and went to her private car with the guards in it

I went up in love with the car..I opened the phone and got a message from Murad

This included the following

Murat: What are you doing, my darling? Do not forget that today we are going down, my soul, to buy an engagement dress.

Love: I do not remember and do not want to think

Murat: listen to the words, my love, because you are upset

Love: stay and show me who will go out with you, Dr Murad

Murad: We only have an account when we meet

Love: It’s in your dreams

Murad: when we see who of us dreams

“after a while”

Ashq arrived at the villa. And she went up to her room so that no one would talk to her to go out with Murad to buy an engagement dress

Ashiq *: love for Jet, my king

King: Oh, Mom, I’m still here now

Love *: Strange, I mean, I got up all the way

King: You may be tired

Love *: I look forward to seeing her and looking after her

King: Go, my love

Ishq went up to her daughter Ashiq’s room

So rest assured

Love *: Malik, my soul, why did you go out on your bed all the time?

Love for acting: I can not, Mom, I feel my brain is cracked and stiff

Love *: May God reveal to you, my love, so that I may be at peace

Love quickly: No, Mom, I’m fine, my love

Love * in amazement: Where are you tired, and where do you say I’m doing well, Mom ?!

Love: What am I when I see you, my love, I was good

Love *: You’re hiding something from me, darling

I’m nervous loving: No, of course, Mom .. I can not hide anything from you

Love *: sure love

Love: Of course, Mom

Ishq *: Come on, my dear, to prepare yourself .. Murad also comes for a while to buy the engagement dress.

Love: Make It Another Day, Mama and the Prophet

Love *: Come on, girl, do not be tempted .. Murad his time is coming

Tight love: Present, Mama, present

She fell in love with the face of herself and wore a very chic black dress and red balloon shoes …. She lifted her hair in a very chic look. She was like the moon


Love *: Hello, Murad

Murad: Welcome … I love her very much, many of you

Love *: all people say it

Ishq went to look at Murad with great anger

Murat: for your permission I will stay so you are not late

Love *: Oh of course please ..

Love: Goodbye, Mom

Love *: God bless you, my love

Murad and Ashke went abroad

Ashg got in the car and got in the back

Murat: I’m not the driver of the handicapper .. you would like to sit here .. he pointed to the seat next to him

Strict love: I sat down and salvation .. Be quiet

Murad furious: Ashshak

Eshq comes from behind … and sits on the seat next to him without saying a word

Murad with a smile: I have to shout, I mean

You looked at him intently and did not respond to him

Murat: When I talk to you, you get sloppy


Murat: Oh love, why are you silent?

I’m nervous love: listen, you know very well that I’m not capable of * k

I’m coming with you against my will … I can not hear your voice

Murad: do you hate me so much, my love?

I love Bakr “H: and much more than that.”

Murat: I’m sorry

Love with irony: let yourself be sorry

Doctor …. by the way, I’ll just keep quiet and explode right away

Murad: Why are you a bomb, and I do not know?

Love: No, and you are the sincere one. I’m a rocket

Murad with a wink: You really are a very solid missile

Love: Look before you instead of growing, “t, and honestly, I do not want to die while I am with you.”

Murat: You’re not scared, my heart

“after a while”

Murad stopped his car in front of a very chic studio

Murad while holding the hand of love to possess

Murad with a smile: Be alone, my love

Love: I’m free to scream and not laugh, I have no invitation

Murad and Ashq climbed the Atelier ladder

Murad entered his Atelier prestige with his hand of love, who tried very hard to keep her hand away from his hand

A girl with a smile: Welcome, Murad Bey, Atelier Nour, with your presence

Murad with a smile: Hello Becky

The girl with a look of admiration: Will you buy a certain thing, Murad with him?

Murad: Oh, I want a wedding dress that is calm and not tight

The Girl with a Smile: At Your Command, Murad Bey

Love with objection: Please, I want it tight and oh too

Girl: I’ll take both, and whatever you want, take it

Murat: the dress I just said, oh

The girl with a smile: Nani .. my name is Nani

Murad looks slyly at Ashish: Your name is beautiful, Nani

Nani: I can take your if there is any is of course with your permission

Murat: Oh, of course … please

I pressed love with the shoes you wear

At the feet of Murad angry

He dampened the pain he felt

Furious love: what do you get rid of, miss, stay?

You will laugh a lot

Girl: Yes ?? !! …. and what does it mean when I laugh …. Also not what do you think, Murad?

Murad, who gets angry in love: Oh, of course, Miss Nani

Nani: Sure, this is your sister, not so

Love with a raised eyebrow: Sister ?? !!

Murad, try not to laugh: No, Miss Nani …. this is the love of my fiancé

I grabbed her hand and kissed her tenderly

The girl jealous: Hmm … I’m sorry, Miss Eshk.

Love: you do not care

The girl went to get the dress

Love pulls her hand out of his hand

She said nervously: How did you do that?

Murat: what did you do?

Love: you will do, I do not understand or what not

Murad laughed: It’s okay, my lady..You look upset because it was one kiss

Spontaneous love: a little polite

Murad: I swear by God Almighty, I love you crazy nervousness

You looked at him with fierce love and did not respond to him

The girl brought the dress he asked for

And he liked it a lot..he told the girl that he would take it..and pay his due

Murat: wait here, my love, I’ll buy something and come along

love: fast

Murad went to the role of another at the Atelier and recommended another dress he liked

Tight love: What do you say, teacher? I’m on the sidelines, and when the professor who was with me came and said to him, ‘I walked.

Nani Badlaa: You do not want me to leave you for a while

Love as she now looks at the girl: No, I can not sit longer than that

Nani: You are welcome

Ishq left the studio and went abroad

Murat: Where did the lady who was here go?

Nani: I’m not out now, now

Murad did not listen to her speech

And faster on the way to catching up on love

Murat: love

She saw his love approaching, then she gestured for a taxi

I got up quickly and ordered the driver to accelerate

Murad nervous: Go, my love

Murad got in his car and drove it fast until he walked next to the taxi I was in love with

“after a while”

Love with tension: I prefer the money. I do not want the rest

Driver: But it’s too much

Ashkeh got out of the car, rushed out, and her heartbeat preceded her.She was entering a dentist’s office.

Ashiq hurries inside, on his way to the elevator

The fastest Murad is also on its way to the lift

She entered the love of the elevator and she prayed to her Lord not to overtake her

But at the last minute, Murad rode the elevator with her. Shock occupied her entire face, and she almost cried out in fear.

Murad furious: You want to run away from me, my love .. Go, my love

Love with fear: I … a..a..a..a..a..a …. a dowry.

Murat: Give me love so I can understand you

And by the way, you should be punished for what you did

Love with fear: why did I do this … she did not control her nerves and her bag fell out of her hands .. due to her loss of oxygen .. she feels uncomfortable in closed places

Murad with fear: Malik, darling, you are good

He did not complete his speech and found that she was losing her balance .. so he carried her with fear

Murad with fear: love … my love’s love is above me …

Ishq while breathing hard: M … mesh .. Qa. Dr. R. e

Murad looked at her and put his lips to hers, kissing her tenderly .. (artificial respiration)

Shocked love: What did you do?

Murad is still close to her and sees the beauty of her hair that fascinates him

Murad: what did you want me to see you in this view and keep quiet, I mean?

Love: I did not want to change this way, I mean

Murad with a wink: Do you like it or what?

Love as she beats him: Further. You are a sick person

Murad Hob: I’m really sick .. sick and you are my treatment, my love

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