Novel I Married My Cruel Cousin Chapter Fourteen 14

A novel, I Married My Cruel Cousin, chapter fourteen 14, written by him, Abdel Aziz

Berry: Baby, talk to people who want you

Ibrahim: People who hit the first Zeina hospital: Zeina

Zeina: How are you, Ibrahim?

Ibrahim: Thank God you’re doing something

Zeina: Thank God

Solution: How are you, Baby?

Ibrahim: I miss you

Hala ran and hugged him: you miss me too

Ibrahim: Do you want something to drink?

Berry other: drink any

Zeina: No, Amar, I’m not here to bother you. It is not necessary. I just came because of a solution. He told her how many days she wanted to see her father. She said it would not help to answer him because of the newlyweds, but she cried and wanted to see her father.

Berry: No, this is her house

Zaina with a smile: Grace Ibrahim, I want to talk to you about a topic

Ibrahim: Do you want money or something?

Zina: No, I do not need you, I need you

Berry: I’m going to do something to drink

Zina: Find a solution with you, talk to each other, get to know each other more

Perry: Come on, my love

Ibrahim: Wherein?

Zaina: Hala, I want to sit with you for two days, and I refused. It came on the day of your wedding. I knew you would get married. She said I want to see Dad. I told her it would not work. We are going now and he is married. She chose to follow me and not eat or drink. His tears came down. The doctor said, try to make her happy. I tried to get her to eat from the outside. I would still like to take him out, but she refused and she wanted to talk to you all the time, but I refused because you are a new groom and she wants to sit with you because you is her animal and I will not stop her because of this. Your daughter while she was sitting with me against her, then I said I would answer her, but I did not want to tell you, but it was a solution. It hurt my heart and I felt it because Daddy cursed at me and died. So I do not want my daughter to live so far away from her father, and you stay, of course

Ibrahim: Where have you been? Where are you? Where are you?

Zina: Our Lord appreciated me and I could see an apartment while the world was not running

Ibrahim: Did you marry me?

Zeina: Not yet, but soon, if God wills

Ibrahim: Congratulations, but you changed, I did not know you

Zeina: It’s okay, I’ll keep forgetting her in myself

Ibrahim: I have your opinion

Zina: I’ll take a solution with me today, and for a week you’ll come and take it

Ibrahim: Do not keep her away

Zeina: Sorry, because your wife is still a bride, and no one will accept it, and I came to show you her and for a week to do your homework.

Ibrahim: Do not give her a solution. If you go, you’d rather harass her, just leave her for two days

Zeina: OK, but I ask your wife so you are not harassed

Ibrahim: OK. Berry

Perry: Yes, my love

Ibrahim: What do you think if you decide to sit with us for two days?

Perry: I do not care, my love

Hala: Mom, what did you say to my door?

Zaina with a smile full of pain: Of course, you do not sit with my door yourself and I can not stop you, my soul, but for two days and you come to understand ????

Hala: I’m ready Listen to Ibrahim: I love you, honey

Ibrahim embraced her: I love you too, O eyes of my door

Zeina: I’m going to stay away because I’m late

Ibrahim: Zeina, where do you live?

Zeina: No, there is no fatigue or anything. Thank you. Keep your mind on a solution. This is the treatment for her. You’ll take it on time, and I’m on the day of the medicine.

Ibrahim: I’m ready to tell you my dad wants to see you

Zeina: Soon, if God wills, sorry, because you will be late, because the road is still long

Ibrahim: Why do you live where?

Zeina: In Maadi

Ibrahim: Okay, take care of yourself

Zina: Yes. Can I stay in a hug before I walk?

Hala hugged Zina and adorned her with tears in her eyes, but I held her forever

I went down and went to her house, and the first time I went in I chose to cry loudly

Zeina: My heart aches that you can not divorce me on a day I will not be able to sit without you

His cell phone rings

Decorate it with tears: Wow, how are you, Basem?

In the name of: In any solution is there a need?

Zina Bayat Jamed: It’s a good solution, but I’m not good

In the name of: Well, I’ll give you half an hour, and I’ll be with you

Zaina chose to cry, and after a while, in the name of Jah

beaten through

In the name of Khadda: Malik

Zina Bayat: suffocated, I die in the name of

In the name of: I give you a good solution

Zaina with tears: a solution for her father

In the name of: Her father left my nation

Zina: I’m not here right now

In the name: Why did you love her?

Zina sat down and put her hands on her face and cried

Basim; answer me

Zina Bayat and Zaiq: You can not sit with me.

In the name of her cheek in his lap: Can you calm my mind

Zeina: I can not sit or sleep without others, and she is not with me at home

In the name of: I have nothing to give for all the days. It’s two days and I’ll give it to you

Zina: No, why are you bored and say you do not want me to come against you?

In the name of: You can cancel Ayat, I do not want to see you like that, I swear to God, I will answer her personally against her

Zina wipes away her tears: No, Bassem, let her be happy, so I can not let her suffocate while she is with me.

In the name: It’s good I’m ringing, so I did not know you were gone

Zeina: It’s okay, but I rang, I mean

In the name of: To be honest, I said I would like you, as if I was trying to find a solution and see you my work

Zeina: What did you do?

In the name of: In our passport

His client: in the name of

In the name of: Zeina, I love you, miss me next to you, say any approval, right, right

Zaina smiled and shook his brain.

In the name of: OK, choose my nation, and we will marry

Zeina: Good

In the name of: I’m marginal because we are you two and the devil is next, so do not miss me

Zeina: okay ????

In the name of: Do you want to go down and roll a little in Arabic? Unfold a little

Zaina: No, I can not

In the name: No, come on, wash up, and let’s go

Zina: Believe me, in the name of God, I do not have a soul to leave without a solution

In the name of strangling him: I say, I swear, by God, if you did not come with me, I would go and seek a solution.

Zina: Do not be ashamed if you die, Ibrahim will bring her

In the name of: He knew where you lived

Zina: Oh, because if I want a solution, I’ll come to her

In the name of: Well, come on, go to the bathroom, do not cry, and come down. I do not have anyone to eat and it will not help. You and I are sitting here, and I will leave you. Willa.

Zeina: I’m ready, I’ll go down

In the name: Mashi

Zina changed his clothes and closed the door of the apartment, a young man behind him

Young man: how are you, ma’am?

Zina: Who are you?

Young man: I do not remember

Zina: No, I do not think of you, and stay away from what brought me down

The young man held her hands: Take a scent here, where is it?

Zina: Protect your hand, animal, and you are the owner. Where can I go or come from? I was my guardian

Young man: You look like one of them, and I make you simpler too

Zeina was reluctant, but she found the young man who took a box and fell to the ground

Zeina: In the name of ????

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