The literary productions of young people are rich in content that the self explores, despite the rabbit’s disadvantages

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Books is an inexhaustible flowing river. With each movement there are new ideas and topics that eventually express human creativity, which are manifested in different forms and methods, which may be similar, but the ways of expressing it remain diverse and numerous, as can be seen from the books, which is successively issued to a group of young people in a country The Emirates, including what was recently released during the last session of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

The various publications that express a creative and intellectual state also express an industry shared by the author, publisher and cover designer, so that the book ultimately comes as a fruit of this collaboration, and readers, critics and authors can compare what has been previously released, and between these new versions, and thus launch Judgments, which centered on a special investigation by “Al Bayan” in which a number of stakeholders participated, between the suitability and effectiveness of the products of this Emirati literary youth creativity, and that it is variable that keeps pace with developments, and is in harmony with the spirit and tendencies of modernity and beyond, and between haste and lack of experience and the need for more depth and focus To get out of the mantle of pure subjectivity and documentation. on the way.

transient literature

Dr. Maryam Al-Shinasi, founder and president of Dar Al-Yasmeen Publishing and Distribution, says: The creativity of young people has not changed from what was offered in previous years, so we are still talking about the same generation, and most of the works are characterized by haste and lack of experience, as some young people who have the ability to write document what they see in their reality of events. It’s about the student community, which we may not know, and which is not free of differences. and jealousy, and most of the topics do not deviate from this framework as a passing documentation. Al-Shinasi believed that “the continuity of young people in their writings is determined by the extent to which they expect such literary experiences, so do the young people. Man expects to continue as a writer or has he passed With the documentation process it is over .When we grow up, we sometimes have to reveal what is inside us, so some writings may remain perishable, but it is possible for some of them to continue, and if they stop for years, they may write again. ”

youth segment

Abdulaziz Mohammed, a young writer, founder and CEO of Qassa Publishing and Distribution, said: “During the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair we had 18 new publications, including 10 for Emirati Youth, and as a publisher I focus on this segment of society, as there are new faces, who have presented their experiences in the field of novels and texts and short stories, and in this content we see the difference in the experience of each of them, because each of them has its own message a story. ”

And he added: “Given the age of social media, we are looking through the house to present a distinctive cover that attracts the reader, and for this we are eager to have a leading designer in the house who, working on the design, gives the author an overview of his book, enabling the designer to present a cover in harmony with the content of the book. ”

He pointed out that his knowledge of young people’s need for a publishing house to adopt them, that’s what motivated him to establish this house. He said: I am 25 years old and I have published books 3 times about my experience in cancer treatment, and when young people complained to me about publishers’ dealings with them, I decided to start a publishing house under the title ” The beginning of everything is a story and your story is worth publishing. ”

Continuous development

Writer and critic Abdel Fattah Sabry said, “It will be noted in the narrative, whether in the story or the novel, that there is an acceptance of discourses and content. She observed the transformations.” He added: “A new generation has emerged. From the eighties of the last century and at the beginning of the new millennium, which changed a lot in the discourses, and the woman appeared as a hero, a rejector and a rebel against exclusion, who were in the stories and writings of men, including: Aisha Abdullah and Fatima Al Kaabi.

With this new wave of new writings, new content and discourses emerged, as the writing tended to explore the self and man and his issues and suffering in general, and new names such as Maryam Al-Saadi and Salha Obeid appeared.

He continued: The novel also came to the fore not only to touch on human subjective issues, inner and desires, just like Fathia Al-Nimr, Tahani Al-Hashemi, Lulwa Al-Mansoori and many others who went to the writing arena went to represent the human self. . On a technical level, the art of storytelling saw changes, for example, the short story changed into the very short story, and an important accumulation began to be noticed in this direction, in addition to the use of new writing methods such as e.g. cut time and the stream of consciousness and others.

And he added: The Emirati novel has taken a long road to post-modernity, so has the Emirati narrative, and the translation of these modern or new writings comes in this context, which always changes according to the variables of life .

Continuous support

In a related context, critic Dr. Ahmed Aqili pointed out that there is a difference in terms of content in the topics presented, which tend to be modern, and continued: There is a case of being affected by the internet, which is therefore reflected. in writing.

He said: The entry into culture and creativity in the UAE stems from the love of literature, and from the continued support for the cultural movement, especially for what the youth provide A number of poetry collections Most of these collections are for young people.

And he added: “The constant encouragement of workshops, seminars and festivals has attracted young people and everyone to show their experiences, and it is positively reflected on the creativity of young people, but at the same time they are expected to continue.

Saif bin Suroor Al Hammadi, who released his first book entitled “The Journey of Ascension”, said: My book is a collection of personal experiences I have had since I was a child, I have had a dream carried in my heart to become a trader, because I was influenced by my father and grandfather, until today I became a trader and I have my own business in the market away from the mantle of father.

He added: I did not present things from the imagination, but rather a set of strategies I learned and the stations I lived through, which I wanted to present to the reader so that he could distinguish from them what was in his own journey. can help What is written by that pen consumes ideas, but the effort of the author and the way he has formulated the topics make each literary version its uniqueness and distinction.

He continues: Because I was the publisher, it was my responsibility to pay attention to all the details, and because I consider the cover to be one of the most important marketing tools for the book, especially in the era of technology and social media, as the impact of things visually increased on people.

Therefore, my interest came in the cover, and with a close look at the cover, the reader will find that I have certain details that I love, such as the rosary in my hand, my favorite place to read, the book in the other sit. hand, the appearance of the eyes, indicating to look forward to the next The appropriate image, then we have the overall design of the cover by a specialist book cover designer.

first edition

Muzna Al-Amiri, poet, broadcaster and ambassador of the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Award for Motherhood and Childhood, and a member of the UAE Parliament for Children, recently unveiled her first collection of poems, “Muzna Poetry”, published by the Supreme Court issued, signed. Council for Motherhood and Childhood It expresses my experience in writing poems since I was 7 years old, and in these poems I have covered various topics, including what Union Day expresses or poems by the leaders of our country.

She added: I intend to continue writing poetry at a time when I am pursuing my dreams of studying political science in the future, and in pursuing a high position, and I also intend to write new volumes of poetry. publish.


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