The novel, The Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter Nineteen 19, written by Hajar Hussein

The novel, The Girl from Upper Egypt, Chapter Nineteen 19, written by Hajar Hussein

Dalia – May God honor you enough for someone here, I’m not ready to be insulted by people either. Everyone knew we were fired, so stay away from me … and I walked and Yunus stood in his place and then walked


Fatima – From yesterday you do not like me, Yunus

Yunus- Do not worry, auntie, I’m fine

Islam – oh what is clear

Younes – Finn Malak

Fatima – Up with my mother

Yunus – okay ……… and he came

Yunus – Angel

Angel – yes

Yunus- Let me want you

Zainab – Where’s Younes?

Yunus- No, Tita!

Zainab- Umm, go with your ease

Younis – I’ll take an angel and go to Dalia

Zainab- why?

Yunus- I knew everything, Tita, but it’s unfortunately too late

Zainab – You should have heard it, Angel told me everything

Yunus- Tita

Zainab – May God break your knot and, if God wills, you will return to one another

Yunus – how did I separate from her with its petals?

Zainab – You said it at once, even if you say it ten times, it will be considered one

Younes with his joy – serious

Zainab – Oh, but it’s after three months, the waiting period for you to return to your infallibility

Younis Basha – This is an enemy of three months ago

Zainab – keep answering

Angel – Hey, seriously, I swear to God, Younes, if you upset her, she and I will kill you.

Yunus- We’ll go back, but I’m not upset by God


And the day of henna has come, Islam and an angel

Everyone was happy, and the man was alone, and the girls were alone

Malak- We are not all girls from Chile, the niqab and your clothes

Dalia- Do not let me be like that, I’m comfortable

Angel – afraid of what, Dalia?

Dalia – I’m scared of your mother, no one but you and my aunt Fatima know I’m pregnant

Angel – you’re in it for the fourth month and you do not want to tell Yunus and do not come back

Dalia- Stay in your tenderness, angel

Angel – ok … one came and caught an angel to dance and everyone danced and happy


dahlia – yes

– Fatima’s aunt said she wants you

Dalia – Just go to her

-in his midst

Dalia- I do not want to go to her ………… and she went out and went in

My aunt, my aunt … Yunus came out of the bathroom

Dalia- What are you doing here and where is my aunt?

Yunus- What will it take for all the joy and my generation is not reasonable

Dalia – I’m coming to my aunt Fatima, one woman said she’s here and wants me

Yunus is near her – do not go down in the kitchen

Dalia – Ok …… She walks with her hand stuck

Dalia- in wat

Younes- I want to talk to you

Dalia – There is no question between us

Yunus wears it on her head

Dalia Baad – The one you treated is forbidden. I am forbidden for you

Yunus came close to her and hugged her – groaned. You do not forbid me as you said, and I will bring you back to my infallibility ……………………… Luckily her stomach is bloated.

Dalia is far – what are you away from me?

Yunus- Are you pregnant

Dalia is scared – you’re a fool, are you pregnant?

Younes approached her and put her hands on her stomach – Dalia, not Bahzar, you are seriously pregnant

Dalia sat her down and left, and Younes came out and caught her arms – Dalia

Dalia – May God Be Satisfied With You

Yunus Sabbah and she left while he was fighting

Younes- uncle, do you know that Dalia is pregnant?

Fatima – Do you know how?

Yunus- When do you know why you said that?

Fatima- Blame yourself before you blame me

Yunus- Oh, that’s why you do not talk to me like the first

Fatima- You did not ask her for three months without asking her or even coming to see her, even if it was a mistake of your life

Yunus- You know he was forced from me and I gave her money and she withdrew it

Fatima – That’s what I could do

Yunus – If God wills, he will make up for all that has been missed

Fatima – I do not think you will go back like the first, upset about the broken buzzer, Yonis, and Dalia are so broken of you because you do not have a chance to hear it, but one day she told you about her divorce , of my nation, and you love your mother so much

Yunus – my mother, no matter what

Fatima – and I said nothing, but I heard it, and then a decision, how many times did you put your hand on it?

Yunus – come back and we will come back better than the first

Fatima – May God be with you and make you happy.I hope for her

Islam – what is it, Yunus? It’s not easy for you to watch, I mean

Younes- see it, but I’ll see Dalia

Islam – Dalia walked and I reached her

Yunus- Those were my words

Islam – I did not know you wanted it, and why did you want it?

Yunus – what do you want in my wife’s

Islam- was


Islam – If I was up, I would not want her to come back to you

Yunus – Okay, do you interfere?

Islam – the one I know, I treat him

Fatima- Do not worry, Younes, but Dalia is dear to Islam, like her sister

Yunus went out and sat with the people

After a while everyone walked and Younes went to Dalia’s house

Dalia sleepy – who’s coming this time ……… she went to the door


Younes- I’m Dalia Younes

Dalia- What do you want?

Yunus – I want you

Dalia- It’s not time for blood to be scared, it’s late and it does not work like that

Yunus- What if you open the door?

Dalia- No, you’re crazy

Yunus – Medicine open

Dalia- No, I will not open, and I would like to walk

Younes – Okay, keep him away … he’s trying to break the door

Dalia- Net mal

Yunus- Ok, open

Dalia opened up and forgot that she was in his pajamas, blowing her hair and her belly

Dalia – What did you want to open?

Yunus – what is this camel?

Dalia – You’re a little polite …… and she will stop putting his leg down

Yunus opened the door and went in and locked it

Dalia with tears – do you want something?

Yunus- Ok, why are you telling me?

Dalia – The one you are dealing with is wrong

Yunus- I came next to you

Dalia- Ok, can you walk?

Yunus- Enough of a good meal, and it’s about to be red

Dalia- Ok continues

Yunus – in one of them she tells her husband to walk

Dalia- Jose, where did we launch?

Younes – but I answered you on my wrist

Dalia- It is forbidden for you to divorce in your mood and return in your mood

Yunus hugged her – give it and that’s enough, you said why are you pregnant

Dalia- After I told you

Yunus- I’m not afraid to tell you who’s pregnant with whom?

Dalia got away from her- do not take ajannet seriously

Younes- Haha Hazar, my love, but I should have known

Dalia- I knew you’d rather go for a walk

Younes- I’m Gifts With My Wife Today

Dalia- But I do not agree that we review, Younes


Dalia- Do you know why?

Yunus put it on his head – I’m sorry my love, I know I did you wrong, and I promise I will not stop you, I know I upset and hurt you, but I told you and I will tell you again.I love you and I do not want anything else


Yunus – With God, nothing of this will happen. I will put you in my eyes

Dalia – according to the flash

Yunus – Before I knew you, I swear

Dalia – and what do you guarantee you can get back?

Yunus- It’s impossible

Dalia- ok goodbye

Yunus – With God, she’s like an angel, but I found an opportunity for her to tease you with her, and then an angel said she told you

dahlia- good

Yunus- I agree, we will go back or not

Dalia- Nee ………

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