This is how Washington imposes its hegemony on the world!

Over the decades, the United States of America has built up a wide network of allies between countries around the world. It was able to reach this network through a wide range of factors, the most important of which is the geographical location of the continent, which kept the United States away from the center of wars on the European continent, which contributed to its rapid prosperity. and far from crises.

The geographical size of the United States, its natural wealth and its demographic balance, which it has accumulated over the years, are no less important. Through it all, Washington was able to attract all brains and opportunities and thereby the first steps of world hegemony.

With the development of this pioneering role of the United States economically and politically, Washington established what is now called “globalization”, which changed into a “dominant culture”, and then into a mandatory global lifestyle, which in turn changed has, with time, to be part of global civilization, sometimes through encouragement and other times through intimidation. .

All of this has produced a semi-universal culture that is the culture of the United States, or what became known as (The American way of life). This culture has been invading the world since the 1980s. It invaded it in food, drink and clothing, especially in the consumption pattern of goods, electronics, telephones, means of communication and so on.

Then this pattern later developed, and spread and expanded horizontally and vertically, until it reached all levels of society and state institutions and sectors. Today, the American approach has become a method of governing the state, beginning with the implementation of democracy and economic policies, managing state agencies, private sector institutions and banks, controlling money and assets, and combating what Washington sees as terrorism and not classify terrorists … and the achievement of crisis resolution, then global institutions and aid funds such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization … And the list goes on and on.

The volume of trade and the wide network of interests with the United States, in addition to Washington’s dominance in the field of information technology, the Internet, and the “dollar” currency – which was and is largely a deadly weapon in the subjugation of all countries of the world – in many of the times brought us to the United States by force and coercion to lead the world.

Moreover, this pattern imposed something like a unified medical “prescription” that applies to all “sick” countries, if the description is correct! However, things did not stop there. Due to its penetration into the peculiarities of countries and their social, ethnic and cultural composition, the United States itself was able to weave a wide network with the opponents of these allies.

The United States has found in these opponents an opportunity to subdue allies, or to force them to submit to more submission, so it has a “in every country and every ally regime around the world.” back party “, made a” counterpart “. , or a “suspected enemy” waiting for his turn to be a partner or ally, when the clock strikes. This party represents the “stick” with which Washington threatens the allies, especially if they do not comply with his will, therefore it gives them a choice, when necessary, between “the root and the stick”.

There are many examples of this, the most recent of which is the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine on Ukrainian territory. This war is the result of Kiev’s intransigence and Washington’s admonition to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Washington is urging Ukraine for goals related to the attempt to undermine Russia and remove it from its circle of geopolitical and economic interests, thus enforcing its control over the global energy market.

After Washington failed to achieve this goal militarily, it imposed economic and financial sanctions against Russia, and these sanctions in turn did not bring the desired results (at least so far), which its European allies and forced non-European countries to impose sanctions. Russia in the field of oil and gas, and when this strategy failed. Washington also hired those he until recently considered “enemies” and classified them within the “axis of evil,” all to increase oil production and prices.

Iran is one of those countries that will allow the administration of US President Joe Biden the flow of its sanctioned oil to world markets, even before the revival of the nuclear deal signed in 2015, especially if the need to lower US gas prices mid-term dominates elections scheduled for the end of this year. .

Also among them is Venezuela, where oil companies will begin transporting their oil to Europe under US sanctions early next month, to compensate for Russian oil and reduce its dependence, and after these companies received a “green light” from the US . State Department, to resume shipments suspended for about two years.

The United States has been able to control many countries of the world through these policies, as well as through a group of international institutions that have come to dominate their decision-making mechanisms. Through scientific, secular and even religious institutions and through “charitable” programs that have invaded many countries, especially the less developed ones, they have been able to influence the public awareness of the people of these countries, and them with intimidation or the magic of American culture!

Therefore, it can be said that the history of American foreign policy clearly and unequivocally shows Washington’s ongoing efforts to impose its social, cultural, political, and economic vision on the entire world. Here, some analysts return to explain this authoritarian tendency by what the United States itself has gone through, in terms of the destruction of the Native Americans of the American continent, and the destruction of their culture and history.

All of this is evidenced by documents and facts on the Internet and in many press websites, which show a lot of material that testifies to the practices of the US State Department, and reveal attempts to interfere in the affairs of many countries of the world.

Some of this material is available on an information portal under the name (, on this site a group of hackers has published information material under the title (White Book), which shows in chronological order and facts what Washington’s efforts to do in to mix the home affairs of many countries around the world.

Among these efforts are also the organization of armed coups and preparation for colorful revolutions, as well as the unleashing of bloody wars in some entities, the financing and arming of terrorist organizations …

These records list historical facts of American practices in more than one country on more than one continent, and refer back to events and dates to the crimes committed by the United States against the Native Americans themselves.

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