Three young people tell their experience..Syrian entrepreneurial projects incubated by “Core Istanbul”

“After all the events that took place in my life, including my study interruption, my brother’s martyrdom, asylum, and the loss of everything we had, I worked on my father’s will and started learning and academic opportunities. to utilize, which coincided. with my entry into the entrepreneurship path, and after 13 failed attempts, one of the applications succeeded and reached millions of users, and an annual income of more than 40 thousand dollars. ”

With this short story, Yasser Alyan, a 29-year-old Syrian entrepreneur, explained his successful journey in the country of asylum, from a student who stopped studying, did not own anything, to a graduate student in Islamic economics, and the owner of one of the five winning projects in the opening of the “Kore Istanbul” Foundation ” for Arab Entrepreneurship in Turkey.

The Turkish economy is suffering from unprecedented levels of inflation, which has caused a general rise in prices, the high cost of fuel and transportation wages, coupled with the dollar’s breach of the 16.5 Turkish lira limit. Daily workers, few jobs.

Most of the Syrians work in Syrian fast food restaurants, or needlework shops, or in Turkish factories and factories. Due to the exhaustion caused by work, and the lack of prospects for improvement at financial level, many of them, especially those with business ideas, want to enter the field of free trade activity, Without knowing the best way to do it.

He lives in Turkey, according to another Statistics The number of Syrian refugees under “temporary protection” is about three million and 763 thousand people, of whom about 544 000 are in Istanbul, according to the website of the Turkish Immigration Administration.

Syrian projects within “Core Istanbul”

Yasser began his successful journey from Lebanon in 2016, embarking on the Academic Learning and Entrepreneurship (AUL) tracks, specializing in Islamic studies, and other training courses in programming and interior design.

As for the entrepreneurship career, Yasser explained to Enab Baladi that he also started it in Lebanon in 2016, where he joined a 15-day mini-training course, and then became active in participating in competitions and programs for entrepreneurs, where all his efforts failed. , until he reached the 13th attempt, when he won The competition, but his project did not succeed in the Lebanese market.

Yasser did not give up, despite all previous failed attempts, after gaining experience that led him to create an application that reached one million users two and a half years after its launch, and ‘ an annual income of more than 40 thousand dollars.

In 2021, Yasser traveled to Istanbul, where he began studying for a master’s degree in Islamic economics, when he joined the “Kore Istanbul” Entrepreneurship Initiative, and despite his previous experience, the initiative contributed to a ” paradigm shift “in his Develop his project and give him the necessary training to advance his project in all respects, according to what he told Enab Baladi.

Among the 20 pioneering projects that reached the final stage of the initiative after the liquidation of many other projects, five projects of Arab pioneers succeeded during the opening ceremony of the “Kore Istanbul” Foundation, on June 4, and Yasser’s project was under they.

The idea of ​​Yasser’s project is based on the “Halal Lottery”, which is an application for mobile phones, in which the user looks at commercial advertisements to get a ticket of the application, which enables him to enter a daily draw to write to win $ 100. Coming to the App Store next month.

According to Yasser, the owners of successful projects for the next three months will enter an advanced training period on quality and investment management, and how to launch projects in the optimal way. The owner of each of the 20 projects will also have the opportunity to offer his project to investors and businessmen during two separate days, as one of the steps of “Kore Istanbul” to connect investors with entrepreneurs.

Yasser advises all Syrian workers in factories and needlework shops, who want to develop their standard of living, invest the financial and time margins in their lives, to seek educational and training opportunities, and to develop and work on their ideas. no matter what obstacles and problems they face, according to what he told Enab Baladi.

From the moments of the announcement of the five winning projects at the opening ceremony of “Core Istanbul” – 4 June 2022 (Core Istanbul)

In another Syrian project, Abdul Rahman Kanfash (34 years old) started establishing his own leather company in 2019, and Abdul Rahman worked to ensure the quality of his products, to achieve a quality that surpasses international brands, by fair prices, according to what he told Enab Baladi.

Abdul Rahman joined Core Istanbul for six months, during which he learned how to market his products within the local and international market, and how to ensure the continuity of selling his products to customers through excellence and product development.

Saw the openingKern IstanbulThe grading of the first group of the twenty incubated pioneering projects, the announcement of the five winning projects in the first incubation program, and the list of 25 entrepreneurs and projects accepted in the second group of the incubation program over the next six months, which 25 projects were.

Among the upcoming accepted projects is the “Violet” project, which combines psychology and the violet color derived from the color of the violet “lavender” flower, whose aromatic properties give a feeling of relaxation, according to which the owner of the project , Alaa Zino, told Enab Baladi.

The name also comes as an expression of the owner of the profession in terms of adding the suffix “G” in the Turkish language to the name, as Alaa studied psychological counseling at the University of Kayseri, Turkey, and the project was launched for the first time in 2018.

The project began with its orientation to children and their families, and then opened its doors to all segments of society, in the form of psychological treatment and counseling sessions, awareness lectures, support outings and psychological downloads, in addition to training courses for psychology students to enable them set to specialize, by specialists.

Alaa hopes that this will be one of the winning projects in the next session in “Core Istanbul” and that it will achieve distribution and reach to clients by supporting financial investors.

The opening saw a group of young entrepreneurs present a number of projects in various fields, including electronics stores, digital platforms and others, and they waited for the current businessmen to support and finance them, while the investors toured and to listened to information about these projects by the entrepreneurs.

What is “Kore Istanbul”?

Enab Baladi met the CEO of the Foundation, Salam Ahmed, who explained that the initiative was launched in September 2021, with the aim of developing 40 Arab start-up companies in Turkey annually, and attracting leading youth to economic to achieve development inside and outside Turkey. .

The projects were selected after succeeding in the first phase of a committee of experts and businessmen to select 50 projects to complete the second phase out of about 750 projects that applied for the initiative. training camp has the committee select 20 projects for the final phase, which will last for six months.

In the final stages, marketing experts, training consultants and business developers work to develop and support projects, and teach their owners the best way to market the project, according to Al-Ahmad.

At the end of each incubation program, a special session is held between the final stage projects and the investors, according to Al-Ahmad, who expected to invest in many incubated projects, which will be announced in the coming days, and the administration plans to expand the initiative in different cities inside and outside Turkey.

And “Cor Istanbul”, according to its official website, is known as An institution specializing in the Turkish-Arab entrepreneurship sector in Turkey, founded by a group of Turkish and Arab youth, with the support of businessmen and international organizations, and working for economic empowerment for Turkish and Arab youth in various economic sectors, inside and outside Turkey.

According to its location, Core Istanbul has the largest Turkish-Arab joint workspace, and its services are designed to meet the requirements of forming a system of human resources and capabilities that can enter the commercial market, forming a community specialized in the entrepreneurship sector in Turkey, establish and develop companies, as well as work at The level of career leadership.

Reception and exhibition hall for the incubated pioneering projects – 4 June 2022 (Core Istanbul)

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