Trimble emphasizes the importance of communication to increase the efficiency of construction projects

The Company Discusses Construction Technology in the Construction Market in the Kingdom at the Saudi Building Information Modeling 2022 Conference and Exhibition

Trimble’s participation in the event aims to raise awareness of the role of modern building technology in the Kingdom

Trimble, the world’s leading building technology company (NASDAQ: TRMB), participated in the “Saudi Building Information Modeling Conference & Exhibition” 2022, held on May 30-31 at the Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel. The event was organized with the aim of highlighting the benefits and advantages of building information modeling technology, and exchanging visions between the construction sector specialists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the light of the steady growth in building and construction activities.

Trimble has been providing its services to the local market for over 18 years, during which it has participated in major projects in the Kingdom, including the Riyadh Metro and the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center. The company aims to introduce design experts and specialists to the importance of Building Information Modeling, and its impact in terms of reducing costs, improving complex projects and handling tasks more efficiently. The company’s participation in the Saudi Building Information Modeling Conference and Exhibition 2022 was in line with its vision to stimulate the construction sectors across the Middle East by encouraging them to adopt technology.

The Saudi construction sector plays an important role in the Kingdom’s development efforts, which revolve around diversifying its economy and reducing dependence on oil resources. Reports released this year have confirmed that the Saudi construction sector is expected to perform well this year, given its initial value of $ 37 billion two years ago. It appears

Also through the growth of construction activities in the Kingdom, including the “Red Sea project” and other strategic development projects such as “NEOM” and “Qiddiya”.

Paul Wallet, Regional Director of Trimble Solutions for the Middle East and India, was one of the keynote speakers at the event and gave a presentation on BIM technology to delegates, representatives of governments, municipalities, infrastructure developers, contracting firms, civil engineers and key industries. delivered. . Wallet also participated in a panel discussion entitled “Future Trends in Digital Technology Adoption and Innovation and Their Implications for the Sector.”

During the session, Wallet stressed that the main problem in the construction sector is the lack of productivity, and stressed the need for a construction solution based on smart communication to increase efficiency.

Wallet said: “The construction sector is moving forward, and we are seeing every day the creation of new solutions and the increasing availability of information in the market, in addition to modern building technologies such as Building Information Modeling, 3D Modeling and Artificial Intelligence Applications. “The construction sector combines these solutions to make a comprehensive improvement. It reinforces the importance of communication and its important role in delivering projects on time and thus ensuring their success.”

Wallet also reviewed the impact of modern technology on sustainability, saying: “The importance of sustainability in projects is increasing day by day, encouraging companies to invest in building technology to increase productivity and improve sustainability, and to explore innovative work methodologies The desired results The scope of sustainability legislation and regulations currently covers 20% The adoption of innovative technologies and methods is expected to extend the sustainability impact to 90% of the projects. ”

Trimble seeks to continue to share its ideas and insights on emerging trends in building technology and the benefits it offers in the Saudi construction market, given the growing awareness of the importance of Building Information Modeling and digital construction data as key factors in improvement of the overall effectiveness of projects.

Commenting on Trimble’s participation in the event, Muhammad Ali Khan, business officer in the Saudi market, said: “Participating in these events gives us the opportunity to share our expertise in construction technology, and the importance of these technologies. “We are always eager to support the Saudi construction sector, and we look forward to continuing this trend in the future.”

The Saudi Building Information Modeling Conference and Exhibition 2022 is the largest and most prominent event in the field of digital construction and building information management technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event was an ideal platform for Trimble to showcase its advanced digital design, construction and maintenance solutions, as one of the leading digital construction solutions providers, helping teams and professionals communicate and better implement construction. The company offers advanced and comprehensive solutions that provide transparency and increase efficiency in construction operations.


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