Vice President of Assiut University on a visit to a number of national projects. Video and photos

Maha Ghanem, Vice President of the Assiut University for Community Service and Environmental Development, praised what the Egyptian state is leading under the leadership of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, in terms of real continuous achievements in all sectors of the state and the volume of business in national projects completed in a short period of time. It contributes to the achievement of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the sustainable development objectives, the impact of which has extended to all governors of the republic, particularly in Upper Egypt and Assyut, as well as the expansion of Upper Egypt development programs and projects, which contribute to a comprehensive cultural shift and improve the standard of living for citizens, including development and service projects. .

In the same context, dr. Maha Ghanem visits a number of national projects in Assiut, within the framework of the university’s celebration of World Environment Day, organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector “Center for Environmental Studies and Research”. under the banner of dr. Tarek El-Gamal, President of the University, accompanied by dr. Thabet Abdel Moneim, Director The Center for Environmental Studies and Research and a group of faculty deputies and faculty members from the various faculties of the university, as well as workers in the community service and environmental development sector and the management of tourism promotion at the university.

Dr. Thabet Abdel Moneim revealed that the visit began with her Excellency’s orientation to inspect the new Assiut Barrage, where she listened to Ing. Ayman Sayed, Director General of the Central Administration of the New Assiut Barrage, for a full explanation of the site and the project with a quick presentation of the main achievements of the project, as the new barriers of the largest water installations are what was built. It is also considered the third largest water project built on the Nile after the High Dam and the Night Hammadi barrage. , implemented by the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, which cost about 6 billion with Egyptian-German funding, and aims to develop a new storage capacity for the city of Assyut to be closer to the governorates of Lower Egypt achieve and improve the management and distribution of waste water and meet the water needs of five governors (Assiut – Minya – Beni Suef – Fayoum – Giza) and to ensure the water needs of approximately 1.5 million hectares, as well as industrial needs of water and drinking water throughout the year, the development of river navigation and the production of electric power Clean environment by a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 32 megawatts, which annually saves about 100 million Egyptian pounds in the value of the necessary fuel and connecting traffic There is a link between East and West Assyut by building a new axle for a payload of 70 tons above the barrage. .

Thereafter, the Vice President of the University and the accompanying delegation went to the technology zone in the new city of Assiut, and they were received by Brigadier General Mohamed Nasr El-Din, Director of the Region, Professor Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud, Director of operation of the region, and Professor Mohamed Shaaban, supervisor of the operation of the region..

Brigadier General Mohamed Nasr El-Din gave a presentation on the smart town, which aims to spread technological communities in the governors of Egypt to locate the ICT industry and support these centers with the necessary infrastructure in line with international standards and a work environment that contributes to attracting investment, encouraging innovation and raising performance rates. And productivity and increasing Egypt’s export capabilities in the communications and information technology sector, while ensuring sustainable development and providing jobs for large numbers of young university graduates from various governorships, including the Electronic Industries. Complex, the Civil Service Building, the Training Building, the Outsourcing Building, the Company Building, the Creativity Building, office building, commercial unit building.

This was followed by an inspection tour within the village through the Creativity Building to inspect the Center for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Communications and listened to a full explanation from Ahmed Dahi, the director of the center on the services provided by the center, which was established in September 2010. The center stimulates and supports young people for technological innovation and entrepreneurship from the idea stage And even the establishment of the company and its growth, as well as the customer service building .

The Vice President of the University concluded the tour by inspecting the Seiko factory “Sico” Which is the first factory for the manufacture of mobile phones and tablets in the Middle East and Africa, where I inspected the factory’s production line and the different stages of production and manufacturing, and listened to an explanation from Engineer Safwat Haroun, director of the factory, in the presence of dr. Nada Jamal, deputy director of production at the factory, who explained that the factory is built on an area of ​​4520 square meters and is equipped according to international specifications and standards, and employs about 300 engineers, technicians. , workers and 500 employees throughout the after-sales service and points of sale, which contributes to the provision of 4,000 jobs directly or indirectly and exports its products to various countries of the world .

Vice President of Assiut University

One of the projects

Dr Thabet Abdel Moneim

Part of the Vice President’s tour of national projects

Vice President of Assiut University during the tour of the national projects

Vice President of Assiut University on a visit to a number of national projects

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