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Ramadan Misbah Al Idrisi

The messenger of God, peace and blessings upon him, said: If the Ash’ari were widowed in battle, or their families’ food was less in Medina, they gathered what they had in one garment and then put it under them divided into one container equal in size, so they belong to Me, and I am of them; agreed.

I decided between myself and myself not to write about what is going on in our national political scene, preferring to withdraw from the modern history of the country, and its neighbors who are waiting for revenge and hatred – and in every good – enlightenment for the soul of the silly political discourse, which stone each other.
Ajja not only, and no flour. What is broken, filtered, and kneaded bread, which pleases the spectators before the eaters, is a distraction from it and is left to the wind to scatter; in a play that makes his audience almost gloomy, tired of patience for mediocrity, strikes on stage, the battle of the “holigan” monsters on the ball fields.
Yes, you have moved away from history, even if it does not depart from the present; and you planted poems, gardens of joy, sorrow, and sympathy; but the heroes of mediocrity in our land, do not leave you indifferent, for they are more insistent that you should not escape from them in all your situations; goodbye
released from the ash:
He is a former prime minister, who has had all the psychological conditions – and he has not recovered – to attend the clinic of his colleague – the other prime minister – to seek psychological purification “Catarsis”; All government affairs, and what he was hard on himself, while compiling day after day the office of popular hatred for him, illusion that he is the office of enthusiasm, which makes his party nationally possible, and the Brotherhood’s discourse regionally.
This stubborn in the field of political mediocrity, has returned with his high exaltation to exercise guardianship over all that flies, walks, crawls and swims in this country.
He returned, in a sea of ​​verbal folly, to the presidency of the government over the Prime Minister, and to rekindle the appearance and hearing of the citizens, and to restore his famous shame, as a hero who the regime of collapse, as if the youth, wanting reform, were walking in the streets, driving tanks.
It is as if the many centuries that have laid the foundation of the Moroccan state will cause a swarm of storks to fly, raised by the people of the neighborhood.
He returned – and the Ancient Ahmed – to complete Kalilah and Dimna, from the orcs and crocodiles, to the rest of the other animals, hatched from his sack and others’ sack.
He returned to beat journalists, who did not like this evening and dimna for themselves – in what he whipped, and preferred to explain and expose the political comedy, because it came to us, in complexity and plot, to the divine comedy and the message of forgiveness.
Sir, you are free, free, free to address your disciples and partisans as you wish, but leave the public and administrative matters to you, as you can not be the opponent and the judge at the same time.
You are wounded in your government, how are you adapting today?
Everything that affects the purchasing power of citizens is due to your clothes.
You had to work on the difficult before the easy; to upgrade the standard of living of the poor Moroccans, and then to reform the clean-up accordingly; the first with a wise measure and sincere pursuit, and the second with a late-night decision, such as the decisions of the famous pandemic management.
Today we are not in the air, nor in the air, because we have retained state support, nor do we take advantage of what is provided to the state, after we have given up.
And she was struck with your last statement – indeed, your confession – of spending billions of public money, in exchange for papers you receive from this and that, from businessmen and businessmen, without examining them for accounting, and without first having the experience to do it, and you did not yell at them either.
You agreed and expected, and God was enough for the believers to fight..What is worse than that? And this confession of yours, and he is the master of evidence.
What will the citizen benefit from your recognition today? How do you weep with the shepherd, after attending the massacre?
A man of money, status and fortune:
The head of our government today, and international circumstances have desired, to be a government of economic war, we do not know who is waging it against us and all the poor of the world, even though we know that the peasants of Ukraine have their farms , under duress, and mounted tanks; And if we know that Putin is a force, not a hero.
We also know that whoever is bombarding the giant wheat warehouses in Ukraine is orchestrating a global cause that sees nothing but hunger as its servant and fulfiller.
All citizens know this, and they are able to bear it, as their ancestors endured centuries of oppression, conquest and strife, even humble armies from abroad.
It is not enough to just state it, to justify the frightening price increase that Moroccans have forced into their kitchens, clothes and every detail of their lives.
Sir, you are the head of a warlike government, the captain of a ship in which the sea plays as he pleases.
From my position as a contributor to opinion, from the markets of Al-Bawadi and the joys of the great markets of modern cities, I say to you:
It is not hunger that scares the Moroccans, their ancestors were hungry and patient, and it is not the epidemic that scares them, as they prayed and wandered in the past and left behind the rest of us today.
What frightens Moroccans, and disturbs their lives, is this indifference they observe in every detail and map of this economic war zone in which we are present.
War has its generals, tanks, planes and brave soldiers. Who is waging this economic war? Who edits his field reports every day?
Nothing under the sun:
Politicians, in the mystical sense of the pole, delve into infatuation and greed, surrounded by their disciples.
Business owners, who have discovered the importance of investing in crises, do not cut down a tree to pick it up.
A big confusion confronts everyone who asks:
Is it possible that the great wealth can be made political and turn against it in favor of the poor citizens, who are the majority?
Yes, he is welcome to get rich, wherever he goes, it rains and his taxes come, just as Al-Rasheed exalted his cloud while he was in the gardens of his palace in Baghdad.
But who makes the statesman who overcomes the money man in himself, without compromising his efficiency and his financial function?
This is a very complex Chinese tangram.
Hence the fear this year.
Does not the citizen, when the high prices have bowed his back, find a stick to shake his confusion and loss, before he leans on it?
Citizens are not concerned about anything about foolish controversy, which unfortunately hears from the mouths of statesmen; dignity, wisdom and public and non-public advice, and not insults to women, are assumed in public baths.
We have a model to confront the pandemic, both royal and popular, until it was a pioneering measure among nations.
On that day great fortunes competed, and many horse-bands were prepared to ward off the epidemic, and for the first time a white army appeared, which was not counted.
Our money today is not to stand up with the same spirit and the same ambition to the economic war, so that the citizen feels that he is a protector and protector, and not just a client who in turn must be Ukraine, against which Russia will change.
This is no longer acceptable, and the solution is no longer expected of a parliament that says and does not say is satisfied or satisfied; in his building and not in the citizens’ markets.
As we assure our war generals, an impenetrable dam, the generals of the economy and its war management must rise today.
Corona summoned a national plan, a scientific committee and a white army. Does not the civil war today deserve something like this and more?
Mr Prime Minister, your short graphic eloquence, and that’s understandable, but you are with incomparable financial eloquence, and I do not think, and you are a successful money man, that you are satisfied with the way the high prices are managed today not. , as most of them were well made in opportunistic laboratories.
Of all this, fear today, despite the well-known bravery of Moroccans.
Hence the need to complement the new development model with military economic supplements.
Money is the nerve of war.

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