A Novel, I Loved My Level, Chapter 8, written by Shahanda Imam

Novel I loved my level Chapter 8

Written by Shahanda Imam

Diab: Ha, Salem, agree or disagree

Salem thought for a while and then said

Salem: OK, I agree. I’m sure I would not find my daughter better than Diab Al-Hawari

Diab arrogant: With God’s blessing he wrote the book tomorrow

Salem: What is the need for speed?

Diab cold: I do not take your opinion, I think. I inform you so that you come, because unfortunately your presence is important and with your permission or against you. I would have married her, and by the way, I could not defeat you.

Salem: All right, Hanaji, tomorrow, God willing!

Diab walked without reacting to him

Jamal: What made you agree?

Salem: Because, stupid Fairuz, when you marry Diab, he will close the gates of Hell that will open for us.

Jamal: What do you mean?

Salem: You did not hear him say that he did not like to upset her, and if he knew anything about what had happened, Fayrouz would not be satisfied that her family was in jail and he would not refuse her request.

Jamal: That’s true

Salem: I hope, what do you think?

Jamal: Well, I’m on a journey like this, I’ll finish, and if I can, I’ll come

Salem: Do not go out, I’m like, I’m walking to tell Abir

Jamal: okay

Jamal walked to his apartment

In Jamal’s apartment

I’m really late for the thought

Jamal: Sorry, Hind Ali, you did not know who came to the company today

India: Min

Jamal: Diab El Hawary

Hind shocked: The world’s youngest billionaire

Jamal: Yes, he’s getting married to Fairuz too

Hind: What is it that you caught?

Jamal: No, she did not even go out with him

India: I fell standing

Jamal malicious: What do you say, we’ll spend it talking?

Hind: What are we going to do?

Jamal malicious: Let me tell you

To do what God forbade

by Fairouz se pa

Abe shocked: Diab Al-Hawary once, oh, I hope poverty * What is your happiness in the air, medicine and you have agreed

Salem: Of course I had to agree that I would have been better than him, I mean

Abeer: I cut my arm off from here. Wasn’t she a job because he loved her?

Salem: What did he do, but Fairuz surely loved her and took her mother’s beauty?

Abeer angry: What do you mean her mother was more beautiful than me?

Salem: No, I do not love you, I do not mean

Abeer: What’s important, what will you do with Fairuz, take the factory from her

Salem: Yes, I’ll talk to her, she definitely does not need him

Abe with hatred: Of course you will marry Diab El-Hawary, the youngest billionaire in the world, I mean, you will not need money, and you will continue in yourself tomorrow.

Her mind was interrupted by Salem’s voice

Salem: Where’s Hind, Abeer?

Abeer: Hind went to her owner

Hind at the door: I came here

Salem: Where have you been, Hind?

Hind with imperceptible tension: I was with my company

Salem with artificial anger: If you look again, tell me

India: Yes, Dad

Salem: Prepare yourself tomorrow, we’re going to the books of Fairouz’s book in Sohag

Hind lies: What are you going to marry?

Abe with hatred: Will you marry Diab Al-Hawari?

Hind: Is it possible to look for someone like her, where did you find her?

Salem: She lived with Diab El Hawary

Hind: What, and she treated herself with respect, and she came out to paint on Diab Al-Hawari

Salem: The case is over. Tomorrow, prepare yourself that we will go. I’m going to rest. Come on, Abir.

Hind: I saw it too

Everyone got out of their way

In India

Hind: Hello beauty!

Jamal: Ah, Hind, there is no doubt about you

Hind Baraha: No, thank God, nobody knew anything

Jamal: Well, you will not be late for me, and you know the address

Hind: But we have to get married, Jamal, now I feel relaxed * Shh

Jamal sarcastic in himself: You feel like you’re supposed to make sure you’re gentle * huh

Hind: Where did you go, Jamal?

Jamal with a lie: If God wills, my love, the world will be bound with me, and it will offer peace

Hind hello

And lock up with each other

Jamal: Ha-ha-ha-ha, Hind, I think I can look alone, like you, my aunt, I do not know that I took what I wanted

(One of the most important things is that you are not confident in the words of any boy who tells you I love you, because if he really loves you, he will knock on your door and ask you for halal.

by Diab

Hala: Thank God for your safety, my son

Diab approached her and basked her hands

Diab: May God bless you, Yama

Fairouz: Thank God for your safety, Diab

Diab: May God bless you, Fairouz

Hala: What did you do, my son?

Diab: I went to the company and told you I wanted to apply to Fairouz Bento, and he agreed and wrote the book tomorrow.

Hala: May God be with you, my son

Diab: Guests are coming for dinner, Yama

Hala was surprised: Who is my boy?

Diab: One, his name is Nader Raafat Al-Damanhouri, the doctor is Btaa Fatima, my cousin. He and his family are coming. I’m going to call Qassem. Tell him to warn Salim, come today.

Hala: Do not worry, my son, I will tell them that they are present. May God help you, my son

Diab: Lord, go up

Hala: You too, Fayrouz, you were drenched in the morning, my father and roses, she helped you, but she went back to college, so the pregnancy stays on you.

Fairuz: No, it’s okay, Mom, I’m not tired of working from home

Hala: Look a little so you can rest a little while people come for a while

Fairouz: I’m ready, Mom, for your ear

Fayrouz came out while she was trying to clean her. I was surprised by someone pulling her hands and locking the door

Fairuz and her appearance in the doorway: What, Diab, did you get for me?

Diab as he besieged her with his hand and whispered in her womb: I miss you

Fayrouz is ashamed: Diab is far from you, I will vote and you must go home

Diab: Well, I’ll leave you on one condition

Fayrouz does not understand: what is it?

Diab while Peshawar on the cheek: I want a kiss

Fairuz was shocked: No, of course, please, it will be built

Diab provocative: Well, you will not leave here

Fayrouz with a tearful face: Please, it will be built

Diab laughing: Okay, let’s go outside, it’s hard for me

Fairuz quickly opened the door and ran while laughing at her

Fayrouz in her midst

Fairuz: It’s a little polite, but a moon is destroying his house. What am I saying?

events speed up

at dinner

Diab, Salim and Qassem stand next to Nader and his father and mother

Diab: You are welcome. Would you like to visit Mandara Qassem Khad Al Harem? They went into my mother’s house.

Qasim: All right, brother

Qassem took his father Nader to his mother and brought tea

In the men’s mandarah

Diab: Ok, Hajj Raafat

Raafat: Well, if God wills, we ask for closeness to you

Diab: With God, we have the glory, but who are the girls?

Raafat: on behalf of Miss Fatima asked Nader and when I said what?

Diab: I swear to God, Mr. Nader is dear to men, but the opinion also made me happy

Raafat: Take your time to think, and hopefully it will be good

Diab: If God Wills, Hajj Raafat

Raafat: We ask permission to stay, but sorry, let someone call the harem from within

Diab to Selim: Go to the harem, Selim

Selim: I’m ready, Diab

Diab to Raafat: I sat for a while, Hajj Raafat

Raafat: Again, Diab, my son, and hopefully we will have many visits

Diab: Inshallah

Nader and his family walked

Diab: Of course I did not talk to you, why is there an atmosphere here?

Hala: o my son

Diab: What do you think, my uncle is dead, this is your groom?

Samia: I swear to God, what you see is correct, my son, you are also her older brother

Diab: God, the boy and his family are respected, but I will accept Fatima’s opinion

Where is she

Hala: My soul, Samia, Fatima calls from above

Samiya left and then went down with Fatima

Fatima: Do you want something, Diab?

Diab: There’s an advanced groom for you, Fatima. What did you say?

Fatima: ……

Chapter 9 is here

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