A Novel, I Loved My Upper Egypt, Chapter Fourteen 14, written by Shahanda Imam

Novel I loved my level

Chapter fourteen

Written by Shahanda Imam

Diab malicious: Where do you want to explain?

Fairuz: You did not tell me I think you want money

Diab got up from his seat and approached Fayrouz

Diab: No money, what else?

Fairuz: Do you come close to why Diab?

Diab Bass and saw him and Fairuz will still run to see how Diab caught it

Diab: I do not think you can deceive Diab Al-Hawari

Fairouz: Because My Mind Will Be Built

Diab: I’m not going to leave you, but I want to po * sa *

Fairuz approached and kissed me * I did not cheat

Diab raises an eyebrow: What?

Fairuz innocent: Bo * sah

Diab: No, Albu *, it’s not like that, Diab came near her and before * ha

Suddenly the office door opened

Qassem: Diab, I have my visa …

Qassem was shocked: What did you get at the wrong time, or what?

Diab to Fayrouz and Fayrouz I hid in his arms

Diab is angry with him: Do not knock on the door, Hayo * that you and then you are hidden and doubt why it is I who broke you

Fayrouz as she hides and she’s in his arms: Shut up, you’re the reason

Qassem laughed: Well, with God, I did not know I think you explain to her

Diab: Go away, Qassem

Qassem laughed: Okay, come on out, but do not forget when you have finished explaining, wipe your horn from the crook

Qasim comes out laughing

Fayrouz came out of his arms: Do you like it?

Diab: I know where he will go in without making a mistake

Fairouz: I know I’m going up

Diab: What are you looking forward to, but what do we say?

Fairuz: Believe me, I was a respected thought of you

Diab laughed: I am respectful of all people except with you, and you will not leave here until I have taken the full explanation.

Fayrouz with a weeping face: It will be built in the time of Qassem, so he exposed us outside

Diab: It’s hard for me, let’s go out

Fairuz, Diab and Qassem laughed

Qassem laughed: I completed an explanation, Diab

Diab: Oh, brother, you’re done

Fayrouz embarrassed: I’m going up

Fayrouz came up

Diab: Ha, Qassem, what did you want me to do?

Qassem: My visa expired, and I wanted you to put money in it, but I found that you are not empty

Diab with a yellow smile: I will finally close your visa to rest and educate you.

Qasim laughed: By God, uncle, I did not know that your explanation was like that

Diab laughing: But what do you think of my explanation?

Qassem laughed: To be honest, you are not in the explanation. Oh, have mercy on me

Diab: Oh right, I hope your salary, where are you a brigadier general, I mean, your salary is good

Qassem: We’re still in the middle of the month and the salary is done, and then you’re a bass in the salary

Diab: Oh uncle, I’m looking for you, your musty

Qassem: Indeed, it’s the love of the sisters. You will put money for me

Diab: It’s okay, it’s okay, my order is God’s

Qassem: Yahya Al-Adl, come on, I’m looking up

Diab: Come on, I’ll see with you

After a month of exams

result day

Yunus with joy: Praise his God, I succeeded, and the second one went to college

Hala: Congratulations, Younes

Yunus, who is Beybus, supported her: May God bless you, Yama

Qasim: Congratulations, Younes

Yunus: May God bless you, Qasim

He answers with joy: I also passed and the third came out

Hala: Congratulations, Ward

Answer: God bless you, Mom

Younes: Congratulations, Ward

Ward: May God bless you, Yunus

Qasim embraces her: Congratulations, my beloved brother

Answer: May God bless you, Qasim

Fairuz came from above

Fairouz: What did you do?

Yunus: Praise God, we have succeeded. I came out the second, and the third came out

Fairuz: Congratulations to you, Amal and Laila, what did you do?

Qasim: I called Laila, she said it’s five o’clock

Yunus: And I called Amal, and she said she’s four

Fairuz: Congratulations to them, and I called Fatima, and she told me she was coming out the third time

Yunus: And you saw your result?

Fairuz: No, Diab told me he’ll see her in the same college, but I do not know why I’m late

Diab: I came here

Fayrouz eager: I got a camera

Diab, acting: Whatever the outcome, we must thank God for it, and you are the supporter. Many circumstances have happened to you.

Fayrouz unhappy: It’s me who brought some animal

Diab, lead role: Unfortunately you went to university for the first time

Fairuz with joy: What do you say?

Diab: Oh, God, I got it from the same college

Fayrouz beats Diab in his armor with Hazar: It is forbidden for you to fight against me, I swear by God

Diab took her in his arms: Congratulations, Rose

Fairuz with a smile: May God bless you, Diab

Qassem: What, Diab, are we here?

Diab: If you have blood, walk

Yunus to Qassem: Oh, what is the manioc in which you are, Hazem?

All of them bless Fayrouz

Diab is in my hand as a gift to Fairouz: Take my happiness

Fairouz: May God bless you, but what is it?

Diab: open and see

Fairuz opened the gift and found a gift phone

Diab: I said I’ll get you a phone instead of stealing from you

Fairuz with a smile: Thank you very much, Diab

Diab with a smile: I mean, I did nothing, and since you succeeded, what do you think, to our delight, that you work with me in the company, and you do not care?

Fairouz: Of course I do not care

by abir

Abeer: Come, Hind, so we can visit your father and Jamal

India: Komaan

They went to the department and visited Salem and Jamal

Abeer: What are you doing, Salem?

Salem: Alhamdulillah, well, what are you doing, Abeer?

Abeer: Okay, what’s your news, Jamal?

Jamal: As usual, as you can see

Abeer: I talked to a good lawyer about your case

Salem: It’s okay, Abeer, but why are you so yellow, Hind?

Hind Tawer: No, I take it as a cold

Jamal: Do not talk to anyone, we will know what to do

Hind is hurried and stupid: No, we have to talk to get you out of jail, and you also have to go out to find a solution to the disaster you made me.

Abeer Karsat Hind in her arms

Salem: Surprise: What’s wrong with you, Hind?

Abeer: No, there is nothing wrong ….

cut it off safely

Salem: I’m saying, you’m not in trouble, what do you say?

Hind: What are you talking about, Jamal, why are you silent?

Jamal Bard: You mean you’re a relaxed and comfortable woman, and she gave herself to me. taken me back.

Military: The visit is still not enough, prisoner

Jamal: Uncle, I want to go now

The army arrested Jamal

Salem unhappy: Why are you doing this, India?

Hind with tears: I thought you would marry me

Salem puts his hand on his heart

Abeer: Malik, Salem

Salem: No answer

Abeer shouts: Someone answers us a doctor quickly

events speed up

The ambulance came and took Salem, and he was with him and Abeer, and they took him to the hospital

In his house, Salem

Salem while speaking well: Go outside, I do not want to see you, you are not a girl, and I do not know you, and you, Abir, call Fayrouz, let her come immediately.

Abeer eng: What do you want her for?

Salem weak: You are the owner of my calling and salvation

Abeer narrow: I do not have her number, but you have Diab Al-Hawari’s number on your phone, and I have the phone to call him and have him answer

Salem: Do anything, the most important thing is to arrive as soon as possible

Abeer eng: Come, Hind, let’s go outside

by Fayrouz

They were all sitting on the TV, and suddenly Diab’s phone rang

Diab: Hello!

Abeer: Diab Al-Hawari is with me

Diab: Oh, who’s with me?

Abeer: I’m Abeer Murat, Abu Fairouz

Diab angry: What do you want?

Abeer: You can owe me Fairuz, but I want her for something

Diab: Are you with us when we last see her?

Fairuz picked up the phone

Fayrouz: Hello!

Abeer: Oh, Fairuz, right? Your father is tired and wants to see you. It’s necessary and we’re in the hospital now.

Fayrouz Bakhda: Which hospital?

Abeer: Hospital ******* Come on, there’s no time

Fairuz: I’m here now and I’m locked up

Diab: Where are you going?

Fairuz: Daddy’s tired and I want to go, why?

Diab: And you want me to hear you, why right? No, of course I do not agree

Fairuz, please: For my sake, Diab, I must go here, no matter who my father is

Fairuz was looking for Diab, please so he would agree

Hala: She is my son, this is also her father

Diab with impatience: My soul is saved, but I will go with you, my soul, prepare yourself as I prepare myself

Fayrouz: present

Fairuz prepared, Diab prepared, and Fairuz told Diab about the name of the hospital

in the hospital

outside Salem’s room

Abeer: You do not like what we’re in, Dad, I was planning to marry you Diab El Hawary, and you’re going to watch Jamal.

Hind: Okay, what happened?

Their words were interrupted by the arrival of Diab and Fairuz

Fayrouz to Abeer: Pappa Finn

Abeer: Is he in this room?

Diab to Fairouz: I’m here

Fairuz understood Diab and said: Okay, okay

Fayrouz enters Salem’s

Fairouz: How are you, Dad?

Salem tired: How are you, Fairouz, what are you doing?

Fairuz: I thank God and you

Salem: I’m fine, but I feel fine. Forgive me, Fayrouz, for every thing I have done to you. Forgive me for not being able to compensate you for the tenderness of a mother you did not live with.

Fairuz with tears: I forgive you, God

Salem: And let Diab forgive me also. I know I have deprived you of his father, but may God take vengeance on me. He came with you.

Fairouz: Oh, you’re sitting outside

Salem: Medicine and I want to

Fayrouz: present

Fairuz came out and called Diab, and after I convinced Diab that he would go in, he went in

Salem: I know I do not have the eye to tell you, forgive me, but believe me. May God take your right from me. I ask you now to forgive me, not for me, for the sake of Fairuz

Fairuz looks at Diab, please forgive him

Diab with red eyes: …………………………………

Chapter fifteen here

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