Alwan Al-Shaibani and the dream of the world for Yemen

He has always been so in the imagination of his community, a man of exceptional opportunities, his presence, his ideas, his projects and his activity opportunities spread on his roads to his homeland and others.

My knowledge of this Yemeni diamond name dates back to 1997 AD as a student at Sana’a University who, together with my friends, sought support for our university culture project represented in a university newspaper concerned with culture, whose name (Bashar) is the enthusiasm of a group of adults in their community led by the good man and impact Professor Naji Salah – May God have mercy on him – who used his effort and his high-end network of relationships to support our project and his daughter, Professor Maha Salah, was with us, but the dynamo of our then project. We entered the office of the various businessman, the intellectual and the exceptional warrior who volunteered the capital to serve his values ​​and principles of struggle, and the shark never robbed him of the spirit of the warrior, and this is one of its peculiar aspects However, our simple project did not come out of its office disappointed.

The days passed and he reserved his seat on the map of the exceptional in my mind and my colleagues, as in the mind of those Yemenites who knew him; After that, I worked in the economic press as a television reporter for a number of Arab channels, and I followed years of work in the collapse of the tourism sector due to acts of terrorism on the one hand, and the folly, failure and brutality of president Saleh’s regime in managing all the crises and challenges of the country and playing with it and with the fire that killed everyone in the end.

I met the man quite a few times, despite his special relationship with my wife’s family, but I came close enough to him to honor him and appreciate his role.

While many companies based on the tourism sector collapsed, I was amazed at the steadfastness of its commercial group, which played a large and diverse role in establishing the infrastructure for the tourism sector in the country. the failure to provide security, as well as the political struggle directed against him personally, and ultimately the efforts of those close to and influential in the regime to seize or sabotage the entire tourism sector through unfair and unfair competition.

The man comes from a well-established national struggle intellectual foundation that he inherited from his early childhood.He was one of the youth of the national struggle in his early days before the revolution of the twenty-sixth of September and the fourteenth. October, in the spirit of compassion that grew up in Aden, and spread the wings of his dreams on the two halves of his homeland that were torn apart by division at the time, and then worked to create ‘opportunities’ wherever success took him fit.

He was not satisfied with a prestigious job at Yemeni Airlines that was worthy of his scientific qualifications, which he obtained from Egypt, America and others. His efforts to change and improve undoubtedly made him a white hair in the back of a black bull, got rid of him in an unfair way, he left the country, but it is impossible for such an Alwan to to leave forever and hate him, he came back loaded with so many seeds of success and opportunity to the land he only saw as worthy of the dreams and opportunities he had, and he had so many.

To begin its journey in the establishment of interconnected tourism companies that have grown and sprouted in the International Group, followed by many companies and agencies, which insist on developing this country and its opportunities, for it and its people, in a to develop fundamental degree, otherwise he personally will not be executed and he is qualified and married to a European to find opportunities for wealth in any safe and stable country.

He was the first to establish many things in this country, the first and largest hotels in Ma’rib, the origin and glory, the Belqis Hotel, and some of the best hotels that the Western tourist offered a place that the adventure was worthy. from coming to the land of civilization, Yemen, other airline agencies, DHL agency and “Ritz” car rental, and others. Which I do not claim to know, but I do know that he wanted to bring the world to Yemen and Yemen. (the world) and that is why he called his group.

The man, like all businessmen in Yemen, faced a bitter reality of emptiness, corruption and extreme opportunism. Will he surrender, like any businessman, according to the rule that “capital is cowardly”? Or does he indulge in corruption as cleverness and eloquence, shake hands with corruption and tame the values ​​and principles of winning the polluted shark?

Not this or that, but at the same time he chose work and resistance, worked with what was available in his commercial context and he succeeded, and the radical resistance to the banality of evil and corruption by trying to make change in society by this reformulated society, and like all adults, he knows the shortest path, which is education, so he has made the most of his social contribution and what is needed above. From him in this context, and you will read a lot about his contributions, or so I suppose his immediate community in his region, to which he has given much, will feel a painful difference in the absence of a man of opportunity.

As a free man and every true warrior, the man in his life was subjected commercially and politically to many harassments, which targeted him personally. Many of his assets were frozen after the political conflict in 1994. He resisted, resisted and continued, and he barely recovered from it until the whole tourism sector – his work environment, his project, his dreams and his experience – was subjected to successive strikes of terrorism (The factory is local and regional) and of the deliberate collapse of the security system in the land at times, and of robbery attempts by the influential.

Then it was only years and the story of stopping the postal ban issued by Yemen in 2010 came with that insignificant Gulf conspiracy – a bomb bomb seized in Dubai from Yemen, which Saudi Arabia Arabia reported to the world except for Yemen two weeks before its exit from Yemen! For the sacrifice of Yemen and the obtaining of Obama’s approval, and the insignificant handling of the Ali Saleh regime with that story and its neglect, to add a new burden to its vital field of work. The Yemeni passport is only in ‘ accepted a limited number of countries. A literal siege was imposed on a commercial group whose investments diversified on the principle of connecting Yemen with the world and the world with Yemen.

So the late Alwan Al-Shaibani, as he looked after the thousands of his workers and their fortunes and the fortunes of their families, insisted on finding solutions and ensuring the continuity of the work of his commercial group. sector which, if a real country existed, would have been the most important and inexhaustible economic side branch, which is tourism. It has connected Yemen as much as possible with the world, providing thousands of educational and rehabilitation opportunities, jobs and projects, and this country has continued to face it obstacle after obstacle.

With the outbreak of war, his tender heart was closest to the thousands of Yemenis scattered by forced migrants and exiles with dozens of contributions filling the lack of absence from their state.Waving this sad farewell.

May God have mercy on God Professor Alwan Al-Shaibani and his successor in Yemen, and the Yemenis are the best of his successors, and my deepest condolences to his family and relatives and to Yemen on the death of one of the guardians of opportunity and those who dream of his merits in the world.

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