Chwamini .. a “talker” who lives out his father’s dream and fights racism

Aurelien Chuamini lived out his father’s dream, which failed to reach a professional level during the world of football, and decided to take the adventure again by his eldest son, and the “talkers” today have one become one of the most prominent talents of the game and a valuable catch for the big clubs.

And press reports indicate that Real Madrid will announce the kidnapping of the Monaco jewel and its official annexation within the next few hours.

His upbringing and his father’s dream

Aurelien was born in January 2000 to his father, Fernand Chawamini, who worked in the field of pharmacy as a factory manager for the manufacture of vaccines, and his mother, an educational consultant, in the city of Rouen in northern France, more than 130 kilometers from the capital, Paris.

He grew up comfortably as a middle-class French citizen of Cameroonian descent. His love of football emerged from his early childhood, as he was always interested in watching his father play on the green grass and his matches with watching great passion, Fernand even said that his son was his number one fan, but the father could not realize His dream and get a professional contract.

Child Chwamini was not irritated to go to school like other children, but he has another defect of which he said: I will not say that I was annoying, but the truth was I was very talkative when I was young, i always loved talking to my classmates the teachers told me: Aurelien, shut up a little! But over time, that trait became obsolete and treated.

Start of his career

With the start of his career at his neighborhood academy, Chwamini quickly became known as one of his team’s most prominent players over time, determined to ensure a better future for his family as a footballer, and above all, a dream of being what his father could never live.

The main player’s position on the field was a spearhead at the time, but his coaches noticed his quick ability to regain the ball and possession of the opponent, in addition to his physical abilities, and so they decided to move him to midfield.

The player caught the eyes of Bordeaux scouts and quickly invited him to Tests to join the team’s academy, and indeed Aurelien moved to Bordeaux at the age of 11 to take another step in his football career, and contrary to expectations, he did not have a good start, having sustained two horrific injuries before reaching the age of 14. In addition to the loss of his team to the junior championships, and there was no one around him to support him after his parents moved to Lyon, such loneliness was the main negative factor affecting his level at the time.

His career in numbers

Chuamini made his debut for Bordeaux’s first team in July 2018 at the age of 18 years and 5 months, when he acted as a substitute in the 89th minute during his team’s 1-0 victory over Ventspils of Latvia in the European League. qualifiers, and his first goal came against the Ukrainian team Maripol less than a month later.On the first participation and in the same competition.

Chuamini defended Bordeaux’s colors in 37 games (2,701 minutes), during which he scored one goal and assisted another, receiving 8 yellow cards and never leaving the field.

Less than two years later, Monaco bought the player’s contract for about 18 million euros, and he appeared in 95 events in the white and red shirt, scored 8 goals and provided his teammates 7 assists, earning the award for best young player in the local league for the 2020-2021 season.

Internationally, Chuamini made his national team shirt debut last September during France’s 1-1 draw with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European World Cup qualifiers, after which he played eight other matches, during which he only recorded. once, and was crowned as the European Nations League title.

family role

Chwamini is a family man, his parents play an important and crucial role in his life, and it was clear during their interview with “France Football” magazine Fernand says: For a while I noticed that he was not doing well and that he was satisfied with the minimum I talked to him for two hours during one of his holidays, And I asked him why I suddenly became a regular player, and he said: Well, you will see.

On the other hand, his mother does not care about his level and whether he played a good game or not, but is always focused on the condition of her son, whether he is healthy or not.

The player added to “France Football”: After the matches I interview my father and ask him if I was okay or not, but when my mother calls, I realize that she is going to ask about my condition and health. Currently her interest in football is increases, and I think she’s making progress in understanding the game.

The player again stressed the importance of his parents during his interview with “CNN”, saying: When I was young, they told me that I can do what I want, but I have to be the best at what I do, if I wanted to work in a company, I had to be his manager, if I wanted To be a chef, I had to work in the best restaurant, that attitude helped me get to where I am now.

move racism

During the qualifiers for the final edition of the Champions League, Chuamini was subjected to racist chants in the Czech Republic during his team’s match against Sparta Prague, and he said of her: It was not my first experience with racism, I always had received this kind. from comments on my Instagram account, I always think I should avoid it, even if I found it difficult.

He continued: What happened to me in Prague was different, because I became a little mature and wanted to find a solution, I called the officials of the European Union to a meeting and discussed what could be done, something like brainstorming sessions, I can certainly not say that racism will end in 10 days, as athletes we must We fight these things because our impact is greater.

The indispensable notebook

Chwamini has a notebook he always keeps, and admitted it during a press conference before explaining the importance of the notebook to him during his interview with the official website of Monaco: I try to write down a bit of everything, I have quotes from the great athletes and great personalities of the world, their words inspire and motivate me, I also write my goals for every game, whether with the club or the national team, according to the next opponent or the general context. Each game has its own details I am very attentive and like to write down everything I see and hear.

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