How to deal with a sensitive person – life is messy

How do I handle a sensitive person? A question that is interesting to know the answer for many people who are dealing with sensitive personalities who are most affected by the treatment and words of others. Sensitive person We also learn about the characteristics and most important characteristics of a sensitive person.

sensitive person

Psychiatrist Eileen Aaron explained in her book “The Highly Sensitive Person” that the sensitive personality in men and women constitutes more than 20% of personality types, and this personality is often characterized by the intense emotions through which they are affected. A permanent positive evaluation is required. It is important to be careful when dealing with a sensitive person so that they do not experience emotional and emotional abuse without the person realizing that they did it to them.

How do I handle a sensitive person?

Human personalities differ greatly according to the psychological energy of each person, his stamina, the width of his chest and his mind in dealing with others. Here’s how to deal with a sensitive person:

Solve problems in the right place

A sensitive person can be exposed to many problems in dealing with those around him, and it is important to choose the appropriate environment that is very calm when dealing with this problem with the sensitive person and to stay away from noises and loud sounds that confuse thinking. and distract. Focus on the topic and intelligence in the meeting and give that feeling.

Be careful when choosing words and phrases

One of the most important characteristics in a sensitive personality is that it pays more attention than others to phrases and the way of speaking, and it affects a lot; Thus, when dealing with a sensitive person, it is important to pay attention to the choice of words and to avoid phrases and sentences that may carry more than one unintended meaning. It is also important to speak in clear language and in a friendly tone that makes the person feel close and loving, and reduces his fears and turmoil, especially when dealing with people for the first time.

Positive interaction with a sensitive person

Sometimes, due to exposure to many situations, a sensitive person may become affected, feeling dissatisfied with his personality and himself. When dealing with a sensitive person, it is important to focus on the positive side of the person and avoid asking them to change their personality or deny their feelings. If the sensitive person is angry or has some negative feelings, the discussion leads gently and calmly to change these characteristics.

stay away from insults

One of the things that affects a sensitive person is to insult or insult someone, even if only in an indirect way. A sensitive person is often distinguished by a high degree of intelligence; It is therefore important to take care of his body, make him feel loved, address his emotional side and talk to him about feelings in a more positive way.

I know about the gut

A sensitive person may feel alienated due to their personality and the lack of similarities or similarities that can truly understand what is going on inside them, and the smart way to deal with a sensitive person is to make them aware. His personality and full understanding of his personality and his feelings, letting him know that strong emotion and dealing with feelings are with other signs of kindness and calmness of heart that many would like to achieve.

Avoid speaking alone in his presence

Under the etiquette of hadith that Islam has taught us is that we only avoid hadith when there are only three, so that the third person does not think that the hadith revolves around him. incident; For this, it is important to prevent the sensitive person from leaving alone and talking to the other person, unless there are a large number of people in the same session.

His sense of the importance and power of his mind

The owner of a sensitive personality often has a lack of self-confidence due to his constant evaluation of himself, his personality, the way he treats others and how they treat him, and one of the smart ways a person increases its power. The relationship with a sensitive person is to show interest in him and his opinion and be eager to consult him on matters, which increases his self-confidence, and at the same time the strength of the relationship between the mentor and the person in the relationship. sensitive personality.

Characteristics of a sensitive person

A sensitive person has many characteristics that characterize his personality, the most important of which are the following:

  • Intelligence and the ability to explore the depths of the personality before them and discover their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Loving benevolence and trying to help and care for others, even at the expense of their comfort.
  • High intelligence helps the sensitive person to adapt to the different topics that people are talking about and who did not attend the beginning of the topic.
  • The consistency and regularity of his speech is largely due to the strong emotion and sensitive feelings that enable him to tell topics and events in a more concise way than others.
  • Loyalty to his friends, benevolence towards them, and eagerness to greatly benefit them.
  • I was touched by the stage scenes and the dramatic and romantic films he watched, even though I know it is not real because of his intense emotions and intense feelings, and many of the owners of sensitive personalities do not prefer horror or war films. to watch.
  • Anger over direct criticism and disgust of people who sin with them, even if the person is in love with the owner of the character.
  • Likes to be alone in many of the sensitive person’s activities, such as traveling, playing sports, or hiking.
  • Introverts are often embarrassed because of frequent exposure to stressful situations that leave a negative impression on the personality.

Characteristics of people with sensitive personalities

There are a number of benefits in owning a sensitive personality, which can be identified as follows:

  • Being affected by small things: A person with a sensitive personality is affected by small things and cares more about them than others, and touches him more, for example old sounds and scenes associated with memories, touch him and make him angry. buried feelings.
  • Strength of observation: One of the characteristics that distinguishes the owner of a sensitive personality is that he is clearly strong in observation, and then he can see small mistakes in any work he does, which makes the sensitive person more effective in the execution of tasks. and the work assigned to him.
  • Accuracy in carrying out the requirement: The sensitive person is characterized by high honesty and accuracy in carrying out the requirement to the full extent, which is evident from his superiority in his studies or work and the success of the studies he supervises or export.
  • Learning speed: A sensitive person is characterized by fast learning, strong intuition and a current mind, which helps him to master the works and works he cares for, and this trait also makes him one of the leading ones who is able to do so. Success and learning from mistakes.

Disadvantages of a sensitive person

Each character has its positive sides and good qualities, as well as negative sides and disadvantages. Among the disadvantages of a sensitive personality are the following:

  • A permanent recollection of traumatic events that affected the character’s owner.
  • Constant feeling of stress, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Fear of expressing opinion in the presence of others to avoid scolding or mocking those around you.
  • Constant comparison with others and those around him and often feels dissatisfied with himself.
  • Avoid entering into new experiences and refrain from entering communities you do not know.
  • A pessimistic view of some events of his suffering and his negative impressions of people in general.

In doing so, we learned how to deal with a sensitive person, and we became acquainted with the most important characteristics in a sensitive person, as well as the most important characteristics that distinguish a sensitive person, and some flaws that can accompany a sensitive person.

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