Learn about stars born with spoons of gold in their mouths

Prepared by: Maen Khalil
Football is said to be the game of the poor, and its stars are those who then become its rich, and many stories have long been woven about a radical transformation in the lives of some of them, so that they move from one place to another. others, and there are many examples of great players like Pele, Garrincha, Maradona, Cruyff, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and others who came from poor families but the ball took them to another place of fame and money.
Others, on the other hand, refute the saying that “the poor are the most creative in football”, because some of the stars who left an important imprint in the world of the game were raised in rich families, and were born, as it is said, “with spoons of gold in their mouths,” and come to the forefront of this. The Italian maestro, Andrea Pirlo, was one of the best players promoted by Italian football in the modern era before his retirement, and before that he was his compatriot Gianluca Vialli, the top scorer and owner of the leading professional journey in the country of England. Known for the 2014 World Cup final.
And there were players “born with golden spoons in their mouths”, even in South America, who were always known for their stars’ stories and their poor lives in the early days. And the two led a luxurious life in their childhood.
And if Andrea Pirlo was once called “Prince”, it is undoubtedly a proper name, as he was born into a wealthy family and his father, Luigi, has made a huge fortune in mineral extraction since becoming his own giant. Elge Style “. ”Factory in 1982 in the Breska region, and became a magnate of the metal and mining industry in Italy, and the family business earns 50 million euros annually, as Pirlo revealed himself in an autobiographical book.
Pirlo has always said he does not play football for money, but for fun, and he has achieved this for the fans since he started his career with the Brescia team in 1992, then for big teams like Inter, Milan, Juventus and for the Italian national team, and he was seen in his playing periods as one of the best midfielders in the world, and he is one of the few who managed to reconcile defensive and attacking performance, and he is also known for accuracy of his passing and counting of solid balls, which the Italian fans made him call “The Balance”, while the newspaper wrote “La Gazzetta de losport” about him.
From the palace to the stadium
As for Gianluca Vialli, the former Juventus and Chelsea player, he, like his compatriot Pirlo, belongs to a very wealthy family, and he was raised with his four brothers in a palace of almost 60 rooms, hence the sports hobby who stayed at Vialli. after his retirement in 1999, golf is what he has been playing as a game the rich since his childhood.
Vialli, who lived in a palace, has not been an ordinary player since he was in Sampdoria in 1984, where he scored only 85 goals in the league, and won three Italian cups with him, leading him to the First Division title and European Cup Winners’ Cup, and moved to Juventus in 1992 by agreement. A record £ 12.5m at the time, he won many titles with the “old lady”, the most important of which was the Champions League, and in 1996 he joined Chelsea, England, and at the same time became a coach and became a player for him, and was in his time the only one in Europe to win the three European Cups Main.
Internationally, Vialli represented Italy at the 1986 FIFA World Cup, and during his long career spanning 20 years, he scored 259 goals at club level and 16 goals with the national team.
The third rich Italian from an early age is Mario Balotelli. Although he was born of poor immigrant parents from Guinea, after contracting an intestinal disease that nearly killed him, his parents had to send him to a rich man at the age of three. Italian family to take care of him, the duo Francesco and Silvia Balotelli, where Mario took the family name from them.
Many may not know that the famous Dutch star Robin van Persie, who played for Arsenal and Manchester United before his retirement, comes from a rich family. His father, Bob, is a well-known sculptor in the Netherlands, and his mother, Jose, is a graphic artist, designer and art teacher.
In Germany there are many famous names in the world of football, such as Oliver Bierhoff, who led his country to win the European Cup in 1996 and played for AC Milan, where he was born from a rich family in Karlsruhe, and his father owned several companies to generate electricity, and his father He built a playground next to his house for his son to pursue his hobby with his colleagues, and Oliver earned a doctorate in economics.
As for Mario Goetze, he is the son of Jürgen Goetze, a well-known professor at the Universities of “Yale” and “Dortmund”, and because of his talent that made him a star since his childhood, and his rapid rise in Borussia Dortmund is apparently due to his family’s money.
Gotze quickly became his way to the star, and then he moved from Dortmund to Bayern Munich in a big deal, and he was expecting a lot from him in Germany, but his many injuries caused his level to drop significantly.
rare case
Brazilian Ricardo Kaka is a rare case among South American players as he grew up in a family that belongs to the top of the middle class, his father was an engineer and his mother a professor in a number of high-end Brazilian institutes and schools.
Kaka, who retired from world soccer, is considered one of the world’s most famous soccer players, and previously played for Italian club AC Milan and Real Madrid for a record contract.
There are many cases among other players, Hugo Lloris, goalkeeper of the French national team and the English club Tottenham, grew up among a rich family, his father is a big banker and his mother is a lawyer, and he hoped to become a banker like his father or a lawyer like his mother, but in the end he chose football, specifically goalkeeper and preferred it. At the game of tennis he played on the advice of his father.
Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is a different story. He belongs to a rich family. His father, Duane, is a well-known lawyer and businessman. His mother, Montserrat, was the director of a well-known hospital for spinal surgery in Catalonia. His grandfather, Amador Bernabeu, was a former senior official in Barcelona. Pique is considering running for president of Barcelona after retiring, and his teammates call him “the president”.
As for retired English star Frank Lampard, who previously played for West Ham, Swansea, Chelsea, Manchester City and New York City, he grew up in a football family with technical and financial influence, as his father is a well-known left-back. in the West Ham squad, while his mother’s brother is the well-known coach Harry Redknapp, whom he previously coached at Tottenham and Queens Park, among others.
Frank Lampard completed his studies at the Brentwood School in Essex, which is considered one of the most prestigious private schools.
The list also includes Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, who was a former defender in a number of Argentine clubs, before starting his coaching career. Deputy Governor of Santa.
Xabi Alonso, the star of Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and the former Spanish national team, also gained a great social status. His father, Brico Alonso, was a well-known midfielder for Real Sociedad as well as for Barcelona and played for Spain 20 international matches, and retired from international football after the 1982 World Cup.
As for former England player Sean Wright-Phillips, he was not born rich, but he led a rich life. He was adopted at the age of three by former Arsenal striker Ian Wright.
Shaun Wright played for Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, Chelsea and Queen Park Rangers, played 36 games for England and scored six goals.
Among the famous players who have been rich since their childhoods is the Romanian Cyprien Marica, who at one time was considered one of the best talents in football in his country Romania, before retiring after playing for many clubs like Dinamo Bucharest , Shakhtar Donetsk played. of Ukraine, Stuttgart and Schalke in Germany.
The player’s father Marica was very wealthy, and Romanian newspapers revealed that he gave his son an expensive sports car on the occasion of his eighteenth birthday, so some doubted his success in the gaming world due to a life of luxury, wealth and wealth, but he proved the opposite, as he represented Romania in 72 Suitable, scored 25 goals.

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