Mahmoud Yassin .. The first screen boy and star of October wins

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A big star whose roles alternated between good, evil and romance. He also starred in religious and historical works. He is a producer, writer, actor and singer. Out of the beauty of his voice, the musician of generations, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, called him and said to him: Your voice is sweet, Mahmoud, I want to sympathize with you.

He is the one who shocked the viewers in the Souk Al-Asr with the character of Helmy Askar and blinded his audience in Abu Hanifa Al-Numan, and the children sang with him, Sweet, Zuba, Tomorrow the flowers bloom , the first screen boy, the big star Mahmoud Yassin, whose birthday we celebrate today since he was born on June 2, 1941, and the portal monitors the most prominent stations in his life.

Mahmoud Yassin was born on June 2, 1941 in the city of Port Said and obtained a BA in Law from Ain Shams University in 1964. He worked as a lawyer at the beginning of his working life. He joined the National Theater after submitting his exams and refused to appoint a workforce for him in Port Said. This period in many plays, including (Suleiman Al-Halabi, Layla and Majnun, Al-Zeer Salem).

In the seventies of the twentieth century he became one of the prominent stars in romantic films, the most famous of which is (The Thin Thread, the story of a girl named Marble, Love and Pride, the bullet is still in my pocket ). As for the nineties of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium, his work in television increased significantly, and he did not completely move away from the theater and his television works (Abu Hanifa Al-Numan, Against the Current, Souk Al -Asr, Rebellion).

He has done voice-over at many national events.

He also played the role of the narrator in the movie (The Message) by Mustafa Al-Akkad.

The 1970s witnessed a period of abundant artistic production, reaching more than 80 films in the period 1970-1980.

His first movie “Something with Fear” was 5 pounds.

His first appearance was through a small participation in the movie (3 Stories) which was produced in 1968 and embodied the character of a police officer in the first story, and his name appeared in the introduction as (Mohammed Fouad Yassin), no Mahmoud does not.

He is married to a famous actress, and they have children, the actress and presenter Rania, the actor and screenwriter Amr, and Rania is married to the actor Mohamed Riad, and Amr is married to the broadcaster Ayat Abaza.

He chaired the jury at the 1998 Cairo Radio and Television Festival.

He has worked with his wife, Shahira, in 14 films.

The artist Mahmoud Yassin participated with the artist Faten Hamama in three films: The Thin Thread 1971, Habibibi 1974, Fowa wa Rabbit 1977.

The late artist Mahmoud Yassin has participated in 3 films with artist Soad Hosni: The Love That Was 1973, Where Is My Mind 1974, Whom We Shoot 1975.

The artist Shahira participated with her husband, artist Mahmoud Yassin, in 16 artworks, including 11 films, They are Forbidden Pictures 1972, Me, My Daughter and Love 1974, A Question in Love 1975, Apartment in Downtown 1975, Life Lost My Child 1978, The Journey of Misery and Love 1982, The Age of Love 1986 The session is secret 1986, Nawaem 1988, Lail and Khouna 1990, The Return of the Fugitive 1990, including 3 series: Al-Qurain 1978, The Legacy of Anger 1981, Certainty 1990, including two plays, the beginning and end of 1985 and The Return of the Absent.

With star Najla Fathi, he formed a successful duo in more than 20 films in the period 1971-1986.

The artist Mahmoud Yassin participated in the artist Naglaa Fathy in 19 films: My Sister 1971, Emotion and the Body 1972, Love and Pride 1972, Youth Burning 1972, The Devil is a Woman 1972, Nose and Three Eyes 1972, Shadows on the Other Side 1974, Great Loyalty 1974, Role 1974, Love is sweeter than love 1975, no, you were my love 1976, first year love 1976, Sonya and Majnun 1977, Oblivion Journey 1978, Remember me 1978, Al Shra 79, Al Shra 79 , Al Shra 79, furnished cemetery for rent 1986, divorced wife 1986.

He was the first candidate to star in the movie “The Choice” in front of Soad Hosni, but he chose to star in the movie “We Do Not Plant Thorns” in front of Shadia, so the lead role was assigned to the artist Ezzat. Al-Alayli instead, and this caused an unknown crisis between him and the great director Youssef Chahine, and they later did not collect any work.

He first met his wife, the famous actress, during the filming of the movie (Forbidden Pictures), directed by Madkour Thabet in 1972, and a long love story developed between them during the 6 months of the filming of the movie, which ended with an engagement before the completion of filming, and then the marriage a few months later.

He was the head of the Giza Artists ‘, Writers’ and Media’s Association, an association dedicated to voluntary charity work.

He died on October 14, 2020, in the month of victories, as his name is associated with the victories of October. He presented 8 films about the war, including a song in progress, the bullet is still in my pocket, the great loyalty, the wall of championships, Bour, and others. He left with his body and his works still remain in the conscience and history of the Egyptian film. In 6 films in the list of the 100 best films in the memory of the Egyptian film, according to the 1996 critics’ poll: The Man Who Lost His Shadow 1968, A Thing of Fear 1969, A Song on the Corridor 1972, Night and Bars 1973, On Whom We Shoot 1975, Climbing to the Abyss 1978. God bless Mahmoud Yassin, who despite his departure will remain the first screen boy.

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