Ministry of Higher Education: Awarding of 2 702 bursaries for African students

Browse by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a report by dr. Islam Abul-Magd, Adviser to the Minister of African Affairs and Space Technology, on the Ministry’s achievements in the field of Egyptian-African cooperation during the past 8 years.

The Egyptian-African cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research experienced a major development with the support and succession of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during the period from 2014 to 2022, and it led to an unprecedented quantitative and qualitative development in this sector, and in this context.

The report stated that the total Egyptian grants awarded to African countries amount to 2702 scholarships, and these grants differ from each other. There are grants for cultural exchange programs, grants from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Subcommittee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, grants from Egyptian universities and grants from the Egyptian Agency for Development Partnership.

The report indicated that the research centers use their capabilities to communicate with African researchers to carry out joint research projects, especially in the field of (health, energy, agriculture and water), in addition to the presence of 4 institutes and colleges for Africa. studies in Egyptian universities The Suez Canal, and the work of branches of Egyptian universities abroad in Sudan and Chad were activated, in addition to the Egyptian medical colleges that organized medical convoys to Africa, during which 1360 cases were investigated and more than 980 operations is. exported.

The report added that the ministry, through the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, provided annual awards to young African researchers and innovators. To support the scientific research and innovation process and to support African youth, it was announced that 2 African researchers within the Young African Scientists won state prizes worth $ 10,000 in Egypt.

The report pointed out that 150 postgraduate scholarships were awarded to students from African countries at the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, funded in collaboration between the governments of Egypt and Japan, and 50 scholarships from the US University of Cairo awarded. and 50 scholarships from the British University of Cairo for African students to study in Egypt.

The report dealt with the training of more than 2,300 young pupils from African countries in short training courses, as well as support for the host of the regional office of the Association of African Universities for North African Countries, representing Egypt at the Al-Azhar University houses, to improve harmony and cooperation between Egyptian and African universities And the Association of Arab Universities to connect Arab universities with their African counterparts.

Dr. was fired. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, during the TICAD 7 conference in Japan, “the Egyptian initiative to design and launch an African satellite for development,” in partnership with African countries, and is being implemented under the leadership of the Egyptian Space Agency Egypt also supported the hosting of the headquarters of the African Space Agency, with a sum of $ 15 million to create and operate it; To prepare African cadres with leading expertise in science, technology and innovation.

The report pointed out that the ministry seeks to connect Egyptian universities with their African counterparts, through partnership and twin programs between Egyptian and African universities, where memoranda of understanding are signed, joint action plans are drawn up, and student and academic exchanges are promoted. the most recent of which was the signing between the University of Cairo and John Garang University in South Sudan, and the signing between the University of Helwan and the University of Limpopo in South Africa, as well as the establishment of branches of Egyptian universities. in African countries. Khartoum, Sudan is being rehabilitated, and the Alexandria University branch in Tong, South Sudan has been rehabilitated to open and receive students in the next academic year, and work is currently underway to increase the number of branches of Egyptian universities in other African countries. countries to enlarge. with increasing the efficiency of these branches and increasing educational programs, and consultations are currently under way on the establishment of a branch of Ain Shams University in the Republic of Tanzania, in implementation of Article 11 of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The report highlighted the ministry’s interest in the field of space research and remote sensing, given its critical importance in the current era, and it led to collaboration to qualify many African researchers to use and apply satellite data to general regional environmental problems. to solve through specialized training courses, workshops and exchange of visits. Negotiations with the Republic of China to establish a center of excellence for remote sensing in partnership between Egypt and China, provided that Egypt houses the Center of Excellence to serve African countries, and the ministry has managed to host a center of excellence in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, to be ready for training in fisheries management.

The report indicated that Egypt hosted more than 80 scientific conferences and technical workshops, attended by nearly 2,300 African visitors. This paves the way for the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (Cop 27), which Egypt will host in Sharm next November. El-Sheikh.

The ministry also hosted many creativity and innovation competitions for talented and young researchers; To raise awareness of the importance of education and scientific research as a locomotive for development in Africa, the ministry hosted several meetings of the African Union and NEPAD (the scientific and technical arm of the African Union) to locate technologies and the establishment of companies and entrepreneurship.

In terms of official participation in the meetings of the African Union, the Ministry, which represents the Egyptian state, participated in all meetings of the African Union, where more than 30 ministerial meetings and 65 scientific and strategic meetings were attended. For the preparation and implementation of scientific and technical strategies in the African continent, is a framework for collaboration in medical research and Egypt’s experience in the manufacture of vaccines and serums, and how to collaborate and expertise in this field to Africa countries, also developed in Malawi.

During the Corona pandemic period, several ministerial and executive meetings were held for partnership in plans to address the Corona pandemic and the precautionary and technical measures that hit Egypt in education and scientific research, and dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar has many Egyptian experiences gained by the Ministry, including the reliance on hybrid and distance education, the creation of electronic platforms for lectures and examinations, and the circulation of the electronic qualifying examination system for medical colleges, through a high -accuracy platform, with high cyber security to maintain the confidentiality and quality of exams.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media adviser and official spokesperson for the ministry, said the ministry placed strengthening joint cooperation with various African countries at the top of its priorities through full support to African brothers in the field of higher education and scientific research, or this now at the (bachelor’s or postgraduate studies) stage in all Egyptian universities. In addition to the increase in scholarships offered to students, and the support of the exchange of experiences in various scientific and research fields, and note that the coming period will show more cooperation to support relations with Africa brothers, especially the Nile Basin countries, which emphasizes that Egypt has made no effort and will not spare to support its African brethren, and will always remain so. Her hand is outstretched, for cooperation, construction and development for the sake of all African countries.

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