Novel I Married My Cruel Cousin Chapter Sixteen 16

The second day, Berry, I woke up, I made breakfast, and I went to wake Ibrahim

Perry: Baby, go get breakfast

Ibrahim: What time is it?

Perry: It’s 10 o’clock

Ibrahim: Okay, which moon is the right one for all this honey?

Perry: Ibrahim, but for a solution, come on, and give her health so she can break the fast

Ibrahim: Present .. it’s a solution, my love, come on

Sleep Solution: Yamama Spinney I Sleep

Ibrahim: No, I’m not a mom, I’m a dad, my people. O

Hala got up and sat on the bed: Good morning

Ibrahim: Good morning to all this honey

Hala: why are you correcting me sooner or later?

Ibrahim: Come on, let’s go out today

Solution: you and me

Ibrahim: A Berry

Solution: Ok, I’ll talk to Mom to look after her, because she’s home alone and I’m going out

Ibrahim: Well, talk to her, I will not make a noise

A solution hesitant: Ok

Zeina: Wow, what are you doing?

Hala: Alhamdulillah, what are you doing?

Zeina: It will lie to you if I tell you well

Solution: Yamami Owner

Zina: No, but I was scared of it when I was alone

A Solution: Sorry, Mom, Tomorrow and Haji

Zina: What time do you want to come?

Solution: Everything will work today

Zina: It smells like a ride

Hala: I’m Out of Me, Dad and Berry

Zina: Take care of yourself, how would you be dressed if you did not have clothes?

A solution: Baby Qali, I will miss you

Zeina: Do not tell Baby and ask for many things

Hala: I’m ready, Mom, take my Dad, I want you

Ibrahim: How beautiful are you?

Zeina: Thank God

Ibrahim: You upset me with a lot of things

Zina: Why did something happen?

Ibrahim: First, because Bassem knew where you were and did not want to tell me. And the second thing you say is a solution, do not tell me about Baby, you are not afraid that the company works well and I do not want to sell it because me and my uncle are happy, thank God.

Zeina: First, I did not want to tell you because you are a groom, so I said I will tell you, but then, she has a lot of clothes, so I meant not to ask you about many requests, because I know a solution and I asked for it a lot, not anymore.

Ibrahim: The one who is herself in it is her ignorance

Zina: I’m very upset, o ????

Ibrahim: Do not be afraid tomorrow, I will let her go to my father to see her, and they will come to you, because your base is for one and that is it

Zeina: If it’s his love, she’s coming, I do not care

Ibrahim: Go on, I want something

Zina: No, thank you, goodbye

Berry with others: Ibrahim, let us not break our fast, otherwise we talk a lot

Ibrahim: Jay in any

Berry: I’m late and eating is cold

Ibrahim: Come, come, my soul, wash your mind, and come break you

Solution: continue

Perry: Can you be afraid to talk to Zina, I’m your wife and without?

Ibrahim: You are a fool. What if I loved Zina, I would have kept her with me and I would have been good to her because neither I nor you love her or her and our conversation is over, there is nothing between us but a solution .

Berry: Ok Ibrahim, but I’m not upset and this adversity suffocates me

Ibrahim: I’m ready, my love

Perry: Do you think you can decorate it and Bassem Yatgozo?

Ibrahim: I do not think of a name after the one who saw Zeina and would marry her voice to someone who was in his brother’s lap, so he does not have his dignity

Berry: Love has no dignity, and he loves her.If he was not afraid of her, he would have told you about her place, but he loves her.

Ibrahim with others: Ok, join me on this dialogue, I do not want to talk about it

(Oh, you see Ibrahim, he will stand in a passport in the name of those who adorn him, and he will not allow them to marry)

Perry: Come on, come on, eat me

Get it and eat

In the name of: What, my heart, are you doing?

Zeina: Is she still awake for an hour and broke me fast?

In the name: Ok, I’ll finish a job and promise you

Zina: I do not know what you said to Ibrahim

In the name: You are my word

Zina: I talked about a solution and he took the phone from her to call me

In the name: Ok, prepare yourself for an hour, and I’ll be with you

Zeina: ok goodbye

Zina got up and chose to choose a set like this, a check, to go out with it, and in its name

Zeina: Oh, there’s nothing sweet about it Please wear anything

She preferred to measure a lot and see that it would be better for her until one of her fans settled on him

time counted

Ibrahim: Where do you want to go?

Hala: Yes, even I know nothing

Ibrahim: We go to amusement parks

Solution: normal

Perry whispered: We’ll go to the place and stay up there

Ibrahim: No, of course. I’m at my daughter’s entrance to a place like this, and you do not see the Koran

Perry: Now the place is a monster. You are free. I’m going to have a day with my friend and you and your daughter are going out together.

Ibrahim: Rest in peace, come on

Solution: Shark

In the name of Zaina and Mardesh he came out because she was one of them and was waiting for her under the Arabic language

Zina changed and came down and she was very beautiful

In the name of God he came down from the Arabians and started sculpting Zina and said: What moon is it?

Zaina with a smile: Grace

In the name of Fateh Baba Al-Arabiya for Zina, and I got up, and he rolled and rode in his place and moved

Zina: Where are you going?

In the name of: I took you two places earlier, but it will not work. We’re going to second place. We’ll go to the first one and we have to go.

Zina: Where are we going?

In the name of: You must know

Zina: I hope to walk like that and where will we go?

In the name of: Watch for five minutes and we’ll come and you’ll know

Arrived at the place

Zeina: In our name, why are we Jane here?

In the name of Busy I had to build these two days because we are going to get married, and after the apartment is ready, I will tell my father

Zeina: But in the name of your mother and father, you are all over me, and I do not want to stay near them and be upset, because I am sought after by these lands.

In the name: I know, but my mother and father, with God, change and stay well.You will see me and we will enter the peace and we will walk, but because if I tell them that I want to marry you, they will know that I know where you are, not that I have hidden you, so I understand. You asked me to see your uncle and your uncle’s times

Zeina: OK, but if you get them, they’ll make me a monster. You will not be upset for me. You will not see anything else.

In the name: easier for you

Zeina: Komaan

In the name: Yalla

In the name of knocking on the door and Mustafa Fathlu

Mustafa: How about you, my son, a worker?

In the name of: Alhamdulillah

Umm Bassem: Baby, come to my grocery store, I can see you, come in

In the name: Seconds with me, a guest, would you prefer?

Mustafa and his wife: Yes, who is it?

Or in the name of: Is this Zina ????

Hey, Umm Bassem, how will you work with Zeina and you will stay good and not hateful? And Ibrahim will work, that is, when he knows that I will marry Zina in the name of him.

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