Pal Sport | Golan Abu Abed: Jerusalem Women’s Volleyball Needs Support, and Federation Federations Must Be Enhanced to Develop Performance

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Jerusalem – Bassam Abu Arra / When problems and obstacles stand in the way of our sport creators, it will definitely negatively affect the sporting march of individuals, clubs and teams to develop, progress and catch up with Arab and international sports in all sports, male and female.Difficulties and obstacles to creativity, due to the lack of real interest in it by the officials in each union, in addition to that, there is a brutal profession that plagues our lives in all its colors, including sports life, so how about this sport practiced by female players and clubs, the scope of the problems will be much greater.

Women’s sports urgently need the support and assistance of all, especially the Jerusalem women’s sport which is suffering from both problems. Everyone is expected to support, support and care for to continue and develop for the better.

We have models of the players who are creative in their games and sports despite the lack of official and civic interest and the lack of necessary support for them all, which leads to them taking the initiative even though they take their clubs on their own cost share. to play their game they love.Golan Abu Abed, 23 years old, is a model player who loves the game and very much wishes for Jerusalem and Palestinian volleyball to reach the world.

Golan says: My beginning was from a young age, where I always loved to play fairy tales and play soccer and volleyball with my cousin, and he was the one who made me love volleyball in the beginning until my coach, Jabr Omaira came to our school to study physical education, and that was in 2013, and then Omaira selected female players from the school to create the volleyball team and I was among the selected players for the team, and my love for volleyball has did not stop at volleyball, but I learned the sport of swimming, but I preferred the game of volleyball in which I see myself in a more creative way.

Golan adds: One of the difficulties that stood out to me at the beginning was my father’s objection that I was playing the game before he was convinced, and he allowed and encouraged me afterwards, but my mother was the first and strongest supporter for me to play the game because she was convinced of the women’s sport as it is also a men’s sport, and of course my coach, Jabr Amira supported me. He supports the team and gives us incentives to encourage us to continue training and then participate in sports tournaments with the club.

Golan confirms: There is no support for Jerusalem women’s players or for Jerusalem women’s clubs for the game, and there is no funding, sponsorship or even interests, and that means we do not have to develop going forward, and in this case we will remains secret, “even the team’s uniform in many cases pays us for it, let alone us.” As for the “rent” of gyms, because there is no gym for the club, which makes us go to rented halls, and it costs us a lot as players and clubs that are not financially supported by any party.

Regarding the development of the game, Golan adds: There is a clear development in the level of the players and the extent of their integration in the game. The place of training has also changed to a better place and closer to the town itself, but we still need to develop new categories and discover talents with new players so that they become an effective and supportive addition to the team.

And about the official interest: I honestly see no interest in volleyball for girls. It is possible that our society is a patriarchal society that depends only on masculinity in sport, despite the presence of female creators and sports material in all games, and they can perform better than young men if given the opportunity as young people is.

On the level of her team, Tire Baher Club, she said: The team’s level is in a remarkable development from one game to another and from one championship to another, until the team becomes one of the leading women’s volleyball clubs became in the West. Banking management, although most of our players are young and we strive to be the first team in the country.

Golan continues: The tournaments organized by the Games Federation are mercifully inadequate for women’s clubs and players, and they need more tournaments to develop the game and the players and find a team that can participate externally, even if it does not. to not. a great technical and physical level because the women teams in the game have to go through These participations are very women volleyball in Arab countries because no team can benefit without external participation.

Golan concludes: I hope to wear the national team shirt and represent it in Arab and international championships in the future to elevate the name of our homeland Palestine high above, and I wish all Palestinian teams and clubs success.

** Player Card: Golan Abu Abed, 23 years old, Volleyball, Coach: Jabr Amira, Sur Baher Al-Maqdisi Club.

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