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Patrice Kane: Cybercrime is now more lucrative than drug trafficking, delivering three times as lucrative worldwide.

Paris – Muscat – Khaled Orabi

Thales International Group recently organized its “Media Day 2022” under the title: “Cybersecurity: New Threats, New Challenges”, in the French capital, Paris. The day, in its third issue, included an opening session in which: Patrice Kane, CEO of Thales Group, and Guillaume Boppard, CEO of the National Agency for Information Systems Security, followed by a presentation of Thales Handbook on Cyber ​​Threat, followed by a number of discussion panels covering various sectors related to cyber security, including airport security, aviation sector, identity security and others.

Patrice Kane, CEO of Thales Group, said: “Since the start of the pandemic, our societies have experienced a significant upsurge in malicious cyber activity. Almost directly with the pace of digital transformation. The more connected the world becomes, the bigger it gets. An increasing number of companies are connecting their providers to their organizations’ IT systems to increase speed and efficiency, which can offer cybercriminals new ways to break data by finding weak links in the supply chain and accessing information systems for large corporations and state institutions.

“Cybercrime is becoming more and more profitable which explains the increase in recent years, the cost / benefit ratio of cybercrime has become increasingly favorable to criminals. The latest issue of Thales Threat Data Report, published in March 2022, confirms this recent trend as: He says that one in five companies is willing to pay the ransom demanded in extortion programs.Cybercrime is now more profitable than drug trafficking, which produces three times as profit worldwide, and what distinguishes it is that it is much easier to gain access and take less. risks.The risks are great The total cost of cybercrime between 2020 and 2025 was measured in trillions of dollars.Fertile for the explosive growth in the number of cyber attacks.

“Conflicts around the world are another factor driving the growth of cybercrime,” said Patrice Kane. “The current unfortunate geopolitical pressure is opening up new cyber battlefields, where global powers are competing for dominance just as they are doing their land, sea and air force battles. In the traditional theater of operations. But the characteristics of the malicious cyber activity are very specific. described in the Thales Handbook on Cyber ​​Threats, the nature of attacks tends to be carried out by private groups acting on behalf of government agencies, making it difficult to distinguish between military operations and criminal prosecutions, and the boundaries between war and peace fades further. Strategic goals such as intelligence gathering or destabilization can now be more easily confused than ever before with cybercriminals’ thirst for financial gain.

Another reason for the increasing threat situation is the emergence of new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and quantum technology, which of course offer many benefits but can also be exploited in many ways by cybercriminals. All of these geopolitical, technological, and economic changes form a very dynamic cyber landscape, which is why we decided to dedicate this third issue of Thales Media Day to the topic of cyber security.

Lasting commitment to cyber security

Mark Darmon, Director of Secure Communications and Information Systems at Thales, said: “The only way to a better future for cyber security is to share the information we have in order with trusted partners and work with them to enhance our collective capabilities. in improving digital risk management .. That’s why we joined as a member of Cyber ​​Campus.New in Paris, a Center of Excellence inaugurated in February 2022 by Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of Economy, Finance, Industry and Digital Sovereignty Cyber ​​Campus is a center of cyber knowledge and international experience with the critical role it plays in supporting synergies between the business world and the public sector.Information System Security Agency (ANSSI) and other companies in the sector.

“It takes a lot of effort and focus to mobilize resources to address the full range of cyber issues, detect and identify threats, respond to and mitigate incidents, and prevent risks – while developing the sector very quickly,” he said. Darmon added.

He stressed, “A few weeks ago it was announced that Thales had acquired two of Europe’s most respected cyber security personnel, S21sec and Xylium. This is our sixth acquisition in the digital security sector in recent years, after Gemalto and Vormetric, which are part of a Long-Term Strategy to Strengthen Our European Leadership in Cyber ​​Security and Data Protection As the attack surface expands, the threat level rises, while at the same time there is a greater awareness of the risks involved.

Darmon emphasized: “Cybersecurity is an integral part of the three main drivers of growth for Thales business, civil space, defense, security and digital identity. With expertise spanning all airspace (air, land, sea, space and cloud)) .

He noted: “The Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Teams recently published the Thales Cyber ​​Threat Handbook, a comprehensive atlas of cyber threats and hacker profiles around the world, detailing where they are located, how they are organized , and the techniques, tactics, and procedures they tend to use.Being building on this research and lessons learned from 24/7 monitoring of our customers’ systems, we have limited it to a clear offering based on three main product groups:

• Cybels, a comprehensive range of services, including risk assessment, training, simulation and attack monitoring and response.

• Sovereign, a range of products that includes encryption and sensor solutions to protect critical information systems.

• CypherTrust, a digital platform for data protection, cloud security and access management.

This offering has attracted more than 130 major global organizations, government, critical infrastructure service providers and administrations, 19 of the 20 largest banks in the world, 9 of the 10 largest internet giants, as well as thousands of other companies.

In addition to the above, Thales acts as a defense contractor providing cyber security to armed forces and critical systems in 50 countries. Thales was also selected by NATO to provide an operational situational awareness system with full protection against cyber threats. We also secure the Galileo satellite navigation system in the strategically important space market in Europe.

space system protection

Massimo Mercati, Head of the ESA Security Office, Silvia Diana, Bidding Officer, Thales Cyber ​​Defense Solutions), Sylvain Barbier, Director of Cyber ​​Security Products, Thales Cyber ​​Defense Solutions, and Frank Perrin, Head of Cyber ​​Security , platform and infrastructure, Thales Alenia Space, on: Do we have the right technology to protect space systems today? They agreed that “the space field is transforming, and that ensuring cyber security in space, how to protect space systems from major vulnerabilities, major threats to space infrastructure and how to prevent terrorist cyber attacks is now an urgent necessity. is.”

While Rafael de Cormes, Vice President of Thales Digital Factory, Claire Gudron, Director of Strategy, at Thales, Beatriz Matisans, Director of Innovation, Microwave and Imaging Subsystems, at Thales, Phil Seely, Director of ABI Research, testified: How does cybersecurity enable citizens to act safely in their daily lives? ” They emphasized: “The public health crisis has accelerated the digitalisation of our societies and changed our daily lifestyle in many ways. Thales’ highly secure, encrypted data solutions support customers in many sectors as they enhance their digital transformation, creating new opportunities to drive growth and deliver new services. We also explore together how Thales solutions can simplify people’s lives on a daily basis while ensuring high levels of security, with examples of healthcare services and digital identity.

Over the past 12 months, the number of cyberattacks and extortion programs has exploded (+ 150%), and these types of threats are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is now essential that we improve our knowledge and understanding of cyber attacks in order to combat this threat effectively and collectively. Since 2019, the cost of cybercrime to the world economy has doubled.

Thales Overview

Thales is a world leader in advanced technology, investing in digital innovations, “high technology”, connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security and quantum technology with the aim of building a promising future that is critical to the development of our societies. The group provides its clients with companies, organizations and governments in the fields of defense, aeronautics, space, transportation, digital identity and security with solutions, services and products that help them perform their important role, given that the individual is the driving force behind is. all decisions. The Thales group has 81,000 employees in 68 countries. In 2021, the group generated sales of 16.2 billion euros.

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