Video American Baccalaureate celebrates graduation

  • The former head of the Chamber of Commerce indicated that “Corona” is a train, walked and passed, and we must think about the future, after we have emerged from the crisis and entered a new era.
  • Ali Al-Ghanim: The government must realize that there is no civilization or culture without good education
  • Dr. Fayza Al-Kharafi: The American Baccalaureate School is eager to teach morals and preserve ideals
  • Areej Al-Ghanim: “Double Units” is an educational application that allows students to register for subjects at university level
  • Bader Al-Humaidhi: We feel proud to have raised these students and achieved this level of success and excellence
  • Ali Al-Rashed: This is a stage in the lives of children, moving from relying on parents to trusting in themselves

Hanan Abdel-Maboud

The former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Uncle Ali Thunayan Al-Ghanim, stressed the importance of quality education and added that “there is no culture without new education, and we are proud that the American Baccalaureate. School has set very high standards and as a result its graduates are at a high level. ”

This comes within his statement on the sidelines of the twelfth graduation ceremony for students of the American Baccalaureate School ABS for his fourteenth group, which was held in the Arena Hall in Mall 360 under the protection and presence of Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al -Ghanim, in addition to a group of high-ranking officials in society, parents of graduates and faculty members and school administration.

“We are celebrating new graduates, and we wish them success,” he added.

Al-Ghanim called on the government to be aware of the importance of education, and stressed the need to increase the level of education in Kuwait. He said: “There is no culture in the whole world without good education. There is no civilization or culture. Without good education, especially children.”

In response to a question about the return of studies after a two-year hiatus due to the Corona pandemic, he asked: “Do you still think of Corona? The subject of Corona is a train, a walk, and it “Let’s think about the future and note that Corona had consequences, but praise be to God, we have come out of this crisis and are entering a new era, and God is giving everyone success.”

perseverance love

In turn, the former Director of Kuwait University and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Baccalaureate School ABS, dr. Fayza Al-Kharafi, expressed that the American Baccalaureate School is eager for its graduates to be distinguished by their love of perseverance and community service, and that they are motivated to serve their country.

During her attendance at the graduation ceremony, dr. Al-Kharafi confirmed that the American Baccalaureate School was keen that the graduation ceremony was based on zeal and zeal, and expressed her congratulations on sponsoring and attending the graduation ceremony of a new group of school graduates.

She pointed out that after public gatherings were stopped for two years due to Corona and the graduation ceremonies were stopped, it was clear that parents were interested in returning to this celebration.

Dr. Al-Kharafi stressed that since its inception, the school has been keen on education, morals and the preservation of ideals, and congratulated the graduates, their parents and faculty members on the degree of this group and made efforts to achieve this result.

special bundle

In turn, the principal of the American Baccalaureate School, Areej Al-Ghanim, said: “Today we celebrate the graduation ceremony of a new group of the American Baccalaureate School. With a semi-comprehensive return, and despite the difficult conditions, we have insisted that education be in the classroom so that we can provide the best for our students, and they are excellent students who have put a lot of effort into achieving what they are now, and for this they deserve appreciation, praise and thanks for all the efforts they made, so we celebrate with them today and always wish them success.

Al-Ghanim indicated that in the last period, in view of the outbreak of the Corona crisis, there have been many obstacles involved in the consequences of this crisis, and many negative things that have occurred as a result of the suspension of studies for two years, which is a very difficult matter that has reflected on the performance of our students, and there is an educational gap and educational loss, We tried to make up for it and develop strategies, but one year is not enough to make up for what is missing. year, we hope to continue to implement these strategies and develop our plans.We are also setting up a summer program for students so that they can follow what can be compensated and be more prepared for the coming years.

It is certain that the previous years have had a very negative impact on the performance of the students, but with the will, determination and desire to continue, give and take care of our students, we are able to make up for what was missed.

Areej Al-Ghanim also unveiled the implementation of a new educational program called the “Double Units Program” which allows the student in a second phase to enroll in subjects at the university level, and this is done in collaboration with the American International University, so that the first part is in school and then joins the university, and these subjects are counted for him as college subjects.

She pointed out that during the Corona crisis and its harsh conditions, there was a meeting with students more than others, and pointed out that the “kombuk” was introduced years ago, which is one of the computers in the classrooms, where each student from third grade to twelfth grade has a device so that there is Interaction between the teacher and the student in the classroom and the delivery of assignments and activities in the classroom, which has helped us a lot in distance learning.

Guidance and care

Afterwards, student Dajan Al-Hamad, the first in the bundle, and Abdullah Al-Ghanim, the second in the bundle, gave the graduates’ speech, thanking the school administration and teachers for their efforts in good governance, guidance and care, and their families and colleagues for the support.

This, and former MP Ali Al-Rashed took part in the celebration on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of his son Faisal, and on the sidelines of the ceremony, he told Al-Anbaa: Today we celebrate the graduation ceremony of a group of prominent students, and I thank God for the success and excellence of Faisal in light of the circumstances that have overwhelmed the world, and he has worked hard in the last year. and this is a very important stage in the life of the children, since the transition from the stage of dependence of the parents to the stage of independence, our parents are enough and loyal to the end of high school, and at the university stage the children grew up and are dependent on themselves and choose The field to specialize in.

About the college where Faisal wants to enroll, he said: “He still chooses between the rights I strongly encourage him to enroll to be with me, and business management, and I wish him success in his life.”


In turn, former Finance Minister Bader Al-Humaidhi expressed his joy at attending this precious event, which is not repeated many times when we celebrate the graduation ceremony of our grandchildren in high school. For us, we feel proud that we raised these boys and girls and that they have achieved such success and excellence.

In turn, Hamad Al-Rakhees congratulated his cousin, the graduate Hamad Muhammad Al-Rakhees, on the occasion of graduation and excellence, and wished him lasting success in all aspects of life.

Graduate Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Ghanim said: It was good for us to fully attend to the Corona crisis as we were glad to be back and found support from all teachers, educators and specialists.

In turn, graduate Hamad Mohammed Al-Rakhees, the graduate, said: “Today, with the graduation ceremony, I am very happy and I have forgotten all the fatigue I have been going through in recent years. I wish everyone success and a better future, God willing. “

He expressed his hope to enroll in a medical school in the UK, pointing out that he loves this specialty as a role model for his family (his father, mother and aunts), and that most of those who contributed to his love of medicine his aunt was precious.

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