Zoho prepares to launch its first regional low-code technology conference in Dubai

Dubai: Zoho, a leading global technology company, prepares to launch its global “Roadshow Creator Zoho” user conference for low-code technology in Dubai for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa region. The conference aims to enable organizations and IT teams to exploit the full potential of low-code technology, as well as to enhance the capabilities of more developers without programming experience in the region. The event is scheduled to take place from the 12th to the 13th of this month at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

The event brings for the first time many low-code technology newcomers with experts from the field of information technology as well as experts from the “Zoho Creator”, where it will display the latest innovative features and characteristics of the unified low-code. “Creator” platform, and introduces the importance of adopting technology to automate Custom processes and the creation of complex solutions that are scalable and scalable, which in turn contributes to the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies.

Ali Shabdar, Regional Director for Zoho, Middle East and Africa, commented on the event: “We look forward to launching our first low-code global roadshow in the region and continuing our growing network of developers Expanding around the world This event will provide a crucial platform for business owners and professionals without technical expertise to work together to improve levels of understanding and acceptance of technology, translate their ideas into practical applications, as well as their to hone skills in contemporary technology. ”

Low Code Technology is a cloud-based platform that allows professional programmers, along with users with no real-world experience with complex code, to create applications and automate different aspects of their work through pre-built layouts available as a visual drag-and-drop en-los interface.

Shabdar added: “Creator platform provides cross-functional collaboration between IT teams and multiple departments within the company to automatically create scalable, customized and complex solutions with greater control over management parameters.

security and compliance. It helps organizations and experts to focus on finding solutions to day-to-day challenges and ensuring that goals are met according to KPIs. ”

In line with the UAE’s vision to empower and develop a technologically advanced workforce, the conference will provide a comprehensive experience on low code for companies and IT teams to encourage technology adoption, the capabilities of developers without programming expertise improve and facilitate the application. development process.

The two-day event will feature a series of interactive presentations and demonstration sessions to discuss the different capabilities of the low-code platform and ways to leverage it according to the diverse needs of organizations. The conference will also facilitate the possibility of holding one-on-one meetings with Zoho Creators, which will provide guidance, bribery, training and technical support at the stage of joining the platform.

The conference is scheduled to be held at its next station in Cairo, during the period from 15 to 16 January, at the Westin Cairo Hotel.

Zoho Creator is a low-code enterprise application development platform launched in 2006, which has contributed to the development of more than 6 million applications worldwide for more than 13,000 clients across 180 countries. Experienced and without programming experience from around the world. Zoho Creator is ranked as a high-performance platform for low-code applications in the global report “Low-Code Development Platforms for Business Developers”, published by the independent research organization The Forester Wave. It was also named a Technology Leader in the 2021 Spark Matrix Low Code Application Development (LCAD) Market Report.

Registrants can get a 50% discount on the registration fee by using the promotional code ‘LOWCODE50’.


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