A Novel Pregnancy Unintentional Chapter 4 written by Sarah Ahmed

A Novel, an Unintended Pregnancy, Chapter Four, written by Sarah Ahmed

Ryan is in an unenviable position. What he feared happened.

Link “The secret of Razavi’s heart” When she first saw Rayan with Hanin …. she cried with “overcome … and pain is not described ….

Rayan stands up from Hanin’s side, confused and does not know how to act and not say what ….. and his eyes beg Radwa to forgive ….

He approaches Razavi and his heart beats hard. He wants to escape from his chest while seeing his lover’s tears … His broken look is in her eyes and he is the source …. Razavi is frozen in his place. She does not believe that her lover betrayed her and his old friend …..

She looks at the nostalgia of situations and her tears flow with pain and sadness …. on her friend …..

Ryan approaches her, puts his hand on her shoulder and speaks in a muffled voice and cries.

Ryan: I’m sorry, I swear to God, the circumstances were stronger than me.

He did not finish his speech and found it slipping like a volcano through it …. and his hand away with his eyes was reproached and “shelf … and fell back”

and shouted at him “M.”

Razavi: That’s enough for you to stay. It’s forbidden to you. You broke, “I killed myself,” “I’m Kahr,” Rayan Bakher, “You and Wales.” It’s just his job. And her eyes are begging her … with forgiveness

Razavi approached her and bowed to her as she looked into her eyes with a very deep look of reproach and contempt.

Radwa: You, my girlfriend, my sister, do it that way. You betray me and steal my heart from me. Oh, it’s me. I was so stupid and I did not see your dirty toys. Suddenly her features changed from sadness to me. You got up … and made a promise

Radwa promises: Ali has my love and sincerity, so there will be hatred and slander, or from you and from the neighborhood, and that is … and she gestured to Rayan …

Hanin: Radwa, listen to me first and then …

She did not complete the word because Razavi preceded it by describing it as “a sounding ahh …. do not make my name on your tongue, my right.”

Everyone was shocked about what happened and Rayan was angry about what happened and pulled Razavi out of her hand who slapped Hanin … especially the first time he saw Hanin crying a bug ….

Vij “N Rayan and lights the eyes of anger” b and turns Razavi’s hand and irritates her back … He speaks with hatred of “bna” and warns me

Ryan: Anyone here will despise Hanin, keep his account with me, this is my wife, otherwise he will do it as a goal.

Razavi hurts, any computer, Darei, will break, my curse by saying, my curse.

The first time she said it … Ryan left her and described “About her”

No one insults my wife as long as I live, and now you are all out …

As for you, my uncle Shukria, your account is with me, Asir, you and the “sovereigns are free … He pulled them all out and drove them away, but when Razavi came out, his eyes sent messages of admonition and promises of love. …. He came out to them and locked the door …

Haneen cries while she still puts her hand on her cheek, and her sad sobs hurt the heart.

Ryan did not feel himself except when he took her in his lap … and he beat her without speaking …. Only the hand touched the reporter … The heart did not feel it. … Haneen calmed down and fell asleep in Rayan’s lap ….. but he also fell asleep …..

Get to know Ryan’s family

Grandpa Haider has 3 sons and a girl whom I have married several times.

And his companion in life and the last, Umm Halim and Zina ….. Zina is the age of nostalgia when she is 20 years old … In another trade he is the best of her father …

Of course, Abu Rayan is the eldest son, and his wife is deceased, and there is no one but Ryan

The second, Hassan Abu Mazen, Huriya and his wife, Al-Harbai, “is to blame for the accidents, Shukriah, and the rest we will know from the events.”

Go back to my events

Anger “b” and “l” took control of Razavi’s mind, and he wanted to “send out”, or was it just her job, all her thinking and the nature of his gratitude and freedom, they missed this opportunity … and they kept spraying poison “they are in her mind”

Shukria Bash “R: You’re going to throw a corner at her.” This man, you need to bring Ryan back to me and hold you back ….

And she is nothing but your thirst

Freedom in truth. ” D: You’re Rayan’s only love, this is my grandfather, but he’s deaf.

Their words affect my taste and I am determined to get it back …

Razavi: I have to bring him back to him, and the underground is here, the days of Suda …

And I know who I am …..

Shukriah and Huriya Bashkir smile and are happy that their plans will succeed …..

Shukriah Bish “R: And yet, Yam, hashofi, my zaffa, it’s me. I’m angry with you from the days of Halim …. Haha

The day passes ….. and the evening comes with a storm of sorrows …..

Rayan is in his office. He starts his work until his grandfather does not return from travel, and he is his father and uncle. They traveled for joy due to an important business transaction …..

Ryan sighs sadly as he pulls a photo of Razavi out of his desk drawer and ponders it with love and longing …

Suddenly his phone rings, and he is happy. The first time he sees Radwa’s name, I send him a message

Eagerly open it

My love, I’m sorry for my behavior, but with God, that’s why I’m jealous of you, but I know you’re forced to take this passport. Come, I’m waiting for you in the garden ….

Ryan smiles with joy and runs on the fetus …..

Radwa throws there, and he runs and falls into her lap. Radwa embraces him with your “R …

And in her eyes you said, “He has risen …

Radwa with acting: My love, I forgive you and still love you

Ryan comes out of her womb, and I swear to God I love you and I want to marry you, I agree, I’m without you, with the death of your touch is life, and near his forehead to hair, and his nose around her, their breath became one ….

He watched them and his eyes were hilarious with the cheers of “Uh-huh”.

Shukriah: My soul, freedom, club Ali Hanin Taji watch with us ….

And you actually implement freedom and go to nostalgia

Are you not going to watch them ….. and her heart is hurting ….

The first time I was glad to see Hanin, her eyes shone brightly, “Th

Radwa Bakh “Broadcast: Ok, or her name is Hanin, what will you do with her?

Ryan: It’s nothing for a while and I’ll divorce her, but my grandfather will give you anything that has to do with her and divorce her for a long time.

These words are blood of a soul and a heart of nostalgia …

And with pain you speak

Hanin: How can he not force you to tell you to divorce me now …..

Ryan looks at her and

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